Star Box and Tree Card by Chantel Shroeder

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If you're like me and love all things Christmas, you're sure to like this cute little Christmas tree.  Not only can it be used to decorate your home or workplace, but each box can be filled with goodies so it would make  a great gift too!

SVG Collections Used

Stars and Stripes SVG Kit
Santa's Visit SVG Kit
Ice Cream Birthday SVG Kit
Free SVG Cuts Bow (2/25/12)

Supplies Used

  • Craft Paper
  • Bo Bunny Snowfall Collection
  • Rhinestones/Pearls
  • Brads and Buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Sticky Dots


drum1.svg 11.500"W x5.523"H Craft Paper
drum2.svg 11.500"W x5.500"H Craft Paper
drum3.svg 11.500"W x5.500"H Craft Paper
accent_panels1.svg 11.500"W x1.920"H Dotted Pappern paper
accent_panels2.svg 11.500"W x1.920"H Brown Pappen Paper
rim_accents.svg 11.500"W x3.487"H Pattern Paper
Star Tree Top
box_bottom.svg 13.791"W x 12.192"H Craft Paper
box_lid.svg 13.791"W x 11.736"H Cream Pattern Paper
box_bottom.svg 12.391"W x 10.995"H Craft Paper
box_lid.svg 12.391"W x 10.545"H Dotted Pattern Paper
box_bottom.svg 11.316"W x 10.004"H Craft Paper
box_lid.svg 11.316"W x 10.004"H Striped Pattern Paper
box_bottom.svg 10.007"W x 8.847"H Craft Paper
box_lid.svg 10.007"W x 8.516"H Brown Pattern Paper
box_bottom.svg 8.006"W x 7.078"H Craft Paper
box_lid.svg 8.006"W x 6.813"H Checkered Pattern Paper
bow.svg 6.000"W x 2.643"H Pattern Paper
card_base.svg 6.300"W x 11.389"H Craft Paper
interior.svg 11.430"W x 13.435"H Plain Cardstock
large_star_top.svg 6.300"W x 5.992"H Striped Pattern Paper
large_star_bottom.svg 3.400"W x 3.244"H Blue Patteren Paper
small_star_top.svg 2.700"W x 2.573"H Brown Pattern Paper


  1. Tree Trunk: Cut out and assemble the drum per measurements in table above. Set the completed drum aside for later.
  2. Tree Top: Cut and assemble all five star boxes as per measurements in table above.  Stack on top of each other and tie together with ribbon/twine of your choice.  Cut and assemble the bow and a small button to the center.  Adhere on the
    ribbon knot with some hot glue.  Place the stacked boxes on top of the drum base.  (You could adhere the drum to the bottom of the largest box to make it more sturdy but I didn't find it necessary).
  3. Bow: Cut out as per measurements in table above and assemble as usual.  Embellish with a small button to finish it off.
  4. Card: Only cut out the pieces noted in the table above, no resizing required.  Adhere the large_star to the card_base and then tie a ribbon.  Adhere the large_star_bottom directly onto the small_star_bottom and then adhere over the ribbon with some pop dots or dimensional tape.  Add a matching button on top of the bow with some hot glue.

Design Tips

Chantel - SVGCuts Design Team

  • As you can't see the bottoms of the star boxes, use plain cardstock or craft paper for these parts and save your pretty paper for the bits that you can actually see when the tree is assembled.
  • You can mix up the set by making a different SVG Cuts card in coordinating papers and colors.  There are so many to choose from!
  • Depending on your paper choice, you can add some ink around the edges to give your project a vintage look.

This project would be perfect for the workplace.  The star cards are so quick and easy to make so you could whip up a bunch in no time.  Use the tree to decorate yourdesk or counter and then surprise your colleagues by giving them each their own card and star box filled with treats or a small gift just before Christmas.  Hope you enjoyed the project!



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