Frequently-Asked Questions


All of our designs come in SVG file format. Each download also includes a handy PDF Menu (Guide). Furthermore, each project's assembly instructions are shown in a corresponding Assembly Tutorial video on our site.
An SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) file is a type of vector graphics file format that is used for two-dimensional graphics and can be scaled to different sizes without losing quality. Unlike raster graphics, such as JPEGs or PNGs, which are made up of pixels, SVG files are made up of mathematical equations that describe the shapes and curves in the image.
Check out its PDF Menu and Assembly Tutorial video.
Each download comes with a handy PDF Menu guide. This shows diagrams, information and tips. You can print it, or look at it on your device of choice.
Each project has an accompanying Assembly Tutorial video on its page on our site.
To find the video for your project, simply visit its page on our site. Scroll down to the Assembly Tutorial video, where you can click on its white title to open it directly on YouTube. From there, it's easier to pause and navigate.
In the video's description there, you can jump ahead to your project's portion of the video. To do this, click "Show More" to see the full Description. Then click on the time stamp next to your project's name.
SVG files can be used with a wide range of cutting machines that support vector-based designs. Some of the most popular cutting machines that are compatible with SVG files include:
  • Cricut Explore and Maker
  • Silhouette Cameo
  • Brother ScanNCut
  • Glowforge
  • Siser Romeo and Juliet
  • Pazzles Inspiration Vue
  • Skycut
  • Craftwell eCraft
We've omitted machines from this list that have been discontinued by the manufacturer: Sizzix eClips/eClips2, Janome Artistic Edge, Bosscut Gazelle and Black Cat Cougar/Lynx. We have also omitted machines from this list that are geared toward cutting vinyl (USCutter, Graphtec, Roland, Mimaki, PrismCut, HP, Summa and Vulcan).
Technically, you could certainly try, but we don't recommend it.
The process of downloading and importing SVG files into your cutting machine software varies depending on the specific software you are using. However, here are some general steps you can follow:
  1. Find the SVG file you want to download, for example, this Free Design from our site.
  2. Download the file to your computer. It is in a ZIP file format, so you will need to extract ("unzip") the file before you can use it.
  3. Open your cutting machine software, and look for an option to import or open a file. This option may be located in the "File" menu.
  4. Browse your computer for the SVG file you downloaded and select it.
  5. Depending on your software, you may need to adjust the size, orientation, and placement of the design before sending it to your cutting machine. Cricut Design Space users must change solid score lines' Linetype to Score and Attach them to their corresponding shapes. Learn more in our Cricut FAQ.
  6. Once you have the file set up, send the design to your connected cutting machine to begin cutting.
It's important to note that specific steps vary depending on the software you are using and the cutting machine you have. Some software, such as Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or Cricut Design Space, have specific import options that are tailored to their respective machines. You may need to refer to your machine's manual or the software's help section for more detailed instructions on how to import and use SVG files.

Some computers display SVG files within a folder as HTML files. It's weird, we know. They're actually SVG files.

Your computer might think that a browser is the best way to open an SVG file, so it may display SVG files as HTML files. 

You can still use the SVG files as usual with your software of choice. Please open them from within the software, because double-clicking directly on them may not launch the correct program.

For example, if you're using Cricut Design Space, go to New Project, Upload, Upload Image, etc., and navigate to the SVG file.

To use an SVG file with your Cricut machine (Explore, Maker or Joy), you can open the Cricut Design Space software and click "New Project" to start a new project. You can then click "Upload" to import the SVG file, and adjust the size and position of the design before cutting it out. You must change solid score lines' Linetype to Score and Attach any multi-layer shapes. Upload the project's "entire" file (in its Extras folder) to save time. Learn more in our detailed Cricut FAQ below.
Using SVG files with the Silhouette Studio software requires an upgrade. We recommend the Designer Edition and may offer a store credit to help offset the cost of the upgrade. Just reach out, and we'd be happy to offer more details. To use an SVG file with your Silhouette Cameo, you can open the Silhouette Studio software and select "File" > "Open" to import the SVG file. You can then adjust the size, orientation, and placement of the design before sending it to your cutting machine. Learn more in our detailed Silhouette FAQ below.
You can create many types of projects with SVG files, as they are versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications. We love working with paper. Here are some of our favorite projects:
SVG files offer a wide range of possibilities for creative projects and are particularly useful for personalizing and customizing items. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless!
Yes, but there are some factors to consider. When resizing or editing SVG files, it's important to maintain the proportion of a project's shapes in relation to each other. In other words, if you size part of a project to 150%, the rest of its parts need to be sized to 150% as well for them to fit together as intended. You should also be mindful of the level of detail in the design and how it may affect the overall look and cutting quality when scaled up or down. Furthermore, making a project larger can result in some of its parts being too large to fit on your machine's cutting mat.
Sometimes we do--please reach out and we would be happy to assist.
Approximately "80 lb" weight paper is great, but thinner or thicker is perfectly fine. Our favorite solid-color card stock paper is AC (American Crafts) Cardstock. For glue, we like Scotch Tacky Glue best.
We do offer quite a few of our projects individually. We are working on making it easier to find them on our site.
For now, you can see if a Kit’s projects are available individually by looking on its page just beneath its Dimensions information. If its projects are available individually, they’re listed there as clickable URLs to each project.
For example, you can see projects listed individually on the page for the Fun and Games SVG Kit
Baseball Cap
Gift Bag
Golf Bag
Soccer Ball
Tennis Card
Alternatively, you can search our site for a project’s name to see if it’s available individually. For example, you could search for our Baseball Cap project to see that it’s available individually.
You can use the Search function on every page near the top right corner at
We are working on making all of our designs available individually, but some aren't yet. Please let us know which one you have your eye on and we'll do our best to make it available individually soon.

We just updated the mobile version of our site, and currently, the “remove” button during Checkout is only visible when your device is oriented horizontally. 😣 In other words, you can rotate your phone so that it's "sideways" to see the remove button/s. We hope to have this fixed soon.


Use the file named entire_project.svg in the Extras > Solid Score Lines folder.
Here's a longer explanation. By default, any design we offer uses dashed score lines, which are meant to be cut by a machine's blade. This is because our designs are universal and can be used by a wide and ever-changing variety of cutting machines on the market.
One neat benefit of the current family of Cricut machines (Explore and Maker) is that they can score. Cricut scoring tools such as the stylus and wheel press a firm solid line into paper, making it easy to fold.
Nearly every project on our site comes with optional solid score lines. For any shape that's accompanied by score lines, you'll find an alternative in the project's Solid Score Lines folder, which is in its Extras folder. Simply substitute these alternatives, and to save time, use the "entire" file that's there. Its name will be "entire_project.svg" but instead of the word "project" the word or words of your project's name will be substituted.
The software must be told that the solid score lines are not meant to be cut. Simply select one or more and use the drop-down Linetype menu to change their Linetype to Score.

The Cricut Design Space software generally seems to upload/insert our SVG files at the "correct" size. The correct size for each part of a project is shown in its PDF Menu document, which is included in each download we offer. You can certainly double-check sizes for the shapes in the software using the PDF Menu as a guide. We've found that no re-sizing is usually necessary, but it's never a bad idea to take a peek.

You need to go back and use the Attach button.

It sounds like you're in the "Prepare" portion of Make It.

  1. click Cancel
  2. select both a shape AND its score lines
  3. click Attach (bottom right area)

When you click Make It, you'll see that the shape and its score lines are together on one mat.

You'll need to do this for any multi-layered element that needs to "stay together." Generally, that would just be a shape and its score lines, although sometimes an additional third layer exists. In that case, simply select all three and click Attach.

No. That's no fun.

Instead, use your project's "entire" file. 

The "entire" file is a single file that contains the entire project. You can find it in the Extras folder.

For Cricut Design Space users that are using a scoring tool (stylus or wheel), we recommend using the "entire" file that's in the Extras > Solid Score Lines folder.

Use the "separated" file in your project's Extras folder.

Cricut Design Space doesn't easily let users "break apart" multi-part shapes. But sometimes you need to work with just one small part of a file. If you can't seem to delete shapes without deleting too much, you may need the "separated" file.

The "separated" file is in your project's Extras folder. It is named "entire_project_separated.svg." Your project's name will be part of the filename where the word "project" is. 

So for the Baseball Cap project, its "separated" file is named "entire_baseball_cap_separated.svg."

The "separated" file contains all shapes for your project saved "separately." You can upload/insert it into Cricut Design Space and then delete the parts you don't need.

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Your download is available immediately after Checkout.

It's also available on your Order page. 

Navigate to your Order page by clicking on the URL in your Order Confirmation e-mail.

You can also get there by visiting My Account, where you can explore your orders. Click the View button to see an order's details and your download's button.

If you're not seeing a Download button, the download may have expired. We are always happy to re-enable anything you may need, just reach out

Unfortunately, some of our downloads expire five days after they're ordered, but we're always happy to re-enable anything you may need--please reach out. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on changing our system so that they don't expire. It's currently set-up that way in an effort to combat filesharing. 

Gift Certificates

Code Redemption
  1. Visit the Gift Center.
  2. Enter or paste your code in the Redemption Code field.
  3. Click the Redeem a Certificate button.

The value that was associated with the code is now associated with your account. You no longer need the code. You can use part or all of the amount at any time, and it does not expire.

Using Your Balance
To use part or all of your Gift Certificate balance, simply enter an amount during Checkout. 
  1. Enter the amount you'd like to use in the "Apply Amount" field in the Gift Certificates section of Checkout. Your available balance is displayed below the field.
  2. Press "Enter" on your keyboard to apply it to your order.
  3. Proceed through Checkout.

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No, you don't need to have a website to be an SVGCuts Affiliate. You can promote our products on social media, through email, or in any other way that's allowed by our Referrer Terms and Conditions.
Our commission rate is currently 15%, but can vary. You can find the commission rate in the Orders and Payments area of your Affiliate Dashboard.
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In practical terms, being PCI-compliant means that a website has implemented a series of security measures to protect against data breaches and other security threats. These measures may include encrypting sensitive data, regularly monitoring and testing the security of the website, and ensuring that all employees who handle cardholder data are trained in security best practices.

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