Using SVGCuts with Cricut Machines & Cricut Design Space


Have questions about using our SVG files with your Cricut Explore, Maker or Joy machine and the Cricut Design Space software? Check out the frequently asked questions below, if we don't have the answer you need, please feel free to Contact Us.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Use the file named entire_project.svg in the Extras > Solid Score Lines folder.
Here's a longer explanation. By default, any design we offer uses dashed score lines, which are meant to be cut by a machine's blade. This is because our designs are universal and can be used by a wide and ever-changing variety of cutting machines on the market.
One neat benefit of the current family of Cricut machines (Explore and Maker) is that they can score. Cricut scoring tools such as the stylus and wheel press a firm solid line into paper, making it easy to fold.
Nearly every project on our site comes with optional solid score lines. For any shape that's accompanied by score lines, you'll find an alternative in the project's Solid Score Lines folder, which is in its Extras folder. Simply substitute these alternatives, and to save time, use the "entire" file that's there. Its name will be "entire_project.svg" but instead of the word "project" the word or words of your project's name will be substituted.
The software must be told that the solid score lines are not meant to be cut. Simply select one or more and use the drop-down Linetype menu to change their Linetype to Score.

The Cricut Design Space software generally seems to upload/insert our SVG files at the "correct" size. The correct size for each part of a project is shown in its PDF Menu document, which is included in each download we offer. You can certainly double-check sizes for the shapes in the software using the PDF Menu as a guide. We've found that no re-sizing is usually necessary, but it's never a bad idea to take a peek.

You need to go back and use the Attach button.

It sounds like you're in the "Prepare" portion of Make It.

  1. click Cancel
  2. select both a shape AND its score lines
  3. click Attach (bottom right area)

When you click Make It, you'll see that the shape and its score lines are together on one mat.

You'll need to do this for any multi-layered element that needs to "stay together." Generally, that would just be a shape and its score lines, although sometimes an additional third layer exists. In that case, simply select all three and click Attach.

No. That's no fun.

Instead, use your project's "entire" file. 

The "entire" file is a single file that contains the entire project. You can find it in the Extras folder.

For Cricut Design Space users that are using a scoring tool (stylus or wheel), we recommend using the "entire" file that's in the Extras > Solid Score Lines folder.

Use the "separated" file in your project's Extras folder.

Cricut Design Space doesn't easily let users "break apart" multi-part shapes. But sometimes you need to work with just one small part of a file. If you can't seem to delete shapes without deleting too much, you may need the "separated" file.

The "separated" file is in your project's Extras folder. It is named "entire_project_separated.svg." Your project's name will be part of the filename where the word "project" is. 

So for the Baseball Cap project, its "separated" file is named "entire_baseball_cap_separated.svg."

The "separated" file contains all shapes for your project saved "separately." You can upload/insert it into Cricut Design Space and then delete the parts you don't need.