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I love this site and these products and now I love this customer service! Thank you!

— Barry S.

In a day when customer service doesn't begin to measure up to what it used to be, it is SO nice to find an organization that not only understands but practices what customer service should be. You went above and beyond to solve a problem that had nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. Thank you again.

— Karen

Hi! I just wanted to say I LOVE your newest SVG Kit, Hearts Aflame! Your products are outstanding - I have NEVER had an issue with any of them, and people LOVE the gift items I make them! Thank you for such an outstanding product line!!

— Deb D

I would just like to tell you I think you and your business are AMAZING. I absolutely love your designs and how easy they are to complete. And you are so generous with your free gifts and offerings. Like, just today I got an email with a free treat box - and I made three of them right away - and then it almost brought tears to my eyes how cute they are. And they were FREE. Because you are so generous! And for Christmas I made several of your projects and my friends and family were blown away and how great they were! I sincerely THANK YOU with all my heart!

— Darla K

I just want to say a HUGE Thank you to SVGCuts for their files. They are incredibly easy and easy to download and fun. Thank you for all your hard work.

— Karen C

Thanks so much for the awesome customer service. So many companies, large and small, have a lot to learn from you and Mary. Great job!

— Deana

I wanted to let you know that I just bought your box card designs and tried the flower box one today. There are lots of steps and cuts, but went together beautifully. I am very impressed with the quality of your products and the videos! I will be back. Thank you!

— Ginger

I would just like to say thank you for such informative videos on how to download SVG files. I was about to send my cutting machine back but found your site, it was really easy to understand, I will be ordering from you very soon. I have found other sites too hard to understand. I love my craft but am not great on computer but after watching your tutorials I have mastered it. Keep up the excellent work I know I will have many happy crafting days to come thank you.

— Patricia C.

I love your products, info sheets and online tutorials. Your designs are so cute, easy and fun to make. I just wanted to say I cannot wait to share these with my family and friends...thank you!

— Karla C.

I have purchased from other sites and nothing compares to your product! Not only are your designs excellent, but they always load into Cricut Design Center correctly, and your instructions are perfect. Thank you for delivering such an outstanding product!!

— Deborah D.

I've just completed my first 3D project, the bewitched cabin, and oh my I'm hooked. I love all your stuff, and and I'm now going to start another project for christmas. Thanks very much! Your products are excellent, cheers from Gina in Liverpool!

— Gina G

I wanted to tell you how great your files are. They are the best paper cutting files I have seen. I have a Silhouette CAMEO, which I love, and before I came across your website I thought they were awesome [Silhouette Online Store Files]……they are good, but your files are truly awesome! The tutorials are PERFECT, what a great job you do in showing all the steps to putting files together. I have purchased 11 files since mid-August and will continue to buy, especially if you keep creating such intricate designs. I love love the box cards, they are definitely my favorite and I have purchased everyone you have created so far. Keep them coming!

— Connie G

I just want to let you know that you are spectacular, wonderful, fabulous, awesome, great, outstanding, and fantastic!!! I just purchased a Cricut Explore, and my friend suggested I check out this website!! I was totally overwhelmed with the machine and where to begin to use it...SVGCuts not only gave me spectacular options, it gave me videos with the BEST instructions I have found!! Really, without SVGCuts, I would not have had as easy of a learning curve with my machine!! I have been told that you have wonderful sales, but even full price, your prices are fantastic!! The projects exceeded my expectations!! I was proud to present a friend with a box card I made from SVGCuts!!! Thank you!!!!

— Sandi S

Hello! Once again I have to start out with how much I LOVE your patterns, but I love everything else that goes along with it almost as much --- your excellent previews so I can see exactly what I'm getting, your wonderful PDFs and of course the incredible tutorials! Perfect!

— Lori H

OMG!! That was so fast. Thank you so very much. You are the best! You & Mary are the greatest team ever. Your customer service is beyond the greatest. SVG Cuts are simply fabulous. Again, Thank you for all that you do. A super excited & loyal customer!

— Karen H

What a wonderful gift to honor your free gift coupon even though I am a day late in placing my order. It's so refreshing to see a company go the extra mile to make their customers happy. May I also say how much I love your tutorial videos. They are so pleasant to watch, straightforward and clearly explained. I think I may have learned more about my Cricut Explore on your video than I did on theirs! I am new to paper crafting but you will always be the first place I come for new products and information.

— Diana E

First of all I want to tell you how much I enjoy your website, your tutorials and your trailers! Your work is amazing and I am totally in love with your site! I have enjoyed the cards I have been making lately and absolutely love the quality and effort you put into each and every detail! I have shared your site over and over and love your work!

— Lori D

I think what you guys do, is just so amazing. I have been crafting for 12 years now and I’ve tried everything, and to be honest, I never stick to one thing. I’m always looking for something else to excite me. I’ve been completely taken off guard with your site. Bought the machine, watched all your tutorials, and about 2 months down the track I’m still overawed by at all. I think its the best thing since sliced bread. I cant wait for something new to come out. Not that I need anything more to do, I’ve still got heaps to play with. I just get so excited about your stuff.

— Lorraine M

I have only had my Silhouette Cameo since December and I am new to the wonderful world of Silhouette/SVGCuts. Because of the excellent instruction you have given in your videos, I have been able to purchase and download Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, download kits from your website, update my silhouette to version 3 (which I like better than version 2) and have learned how to cut your kits with my silhouette. I have learned more about my cameo (and my computer!) in the last few weeks from your website than I have on my own. I would never have been able to update/change/download anything without frustration. I fully understand why your customers write so highly of you and Mary. I am now a fan and look forward to seeing what you two come up with next.

— Dawn S

Love the new Fun and Games SVG Kit. You make crafting so easy. Your files are categorized so nicely. I cannot believe the amount of detail you put into each one, for the price you charge. I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Thank you so much!!

— Sara B

I am a paper crafter. I have been considering purchasing an electronic die cut machine for quite a while now. After I saw this wonderful guitar while on a blog, I knew that I just had to get a Silhouette Cameo. I purchased it from the Silhouette Store tonight. I will be purchasing the Vintage Valentine's kit from your site too! I've browsed your website and am excited about all the different possibilities of different creations to make! Thank you! Looking forward to being a long time customer of yours!

— Melanie R

I'm so glad I ordered from I always thought their 3d crafts were adorable but was worried I wouldn't be able to figure out how to assemble them. Then I discovered their video tutorials are awesome because they actually do a live demo of the assembly. I had a question on something I was doing with one of their files and discovered their customer service is just as awesome too. Not only were they quick to respond, but they were very patient and attentive to my question. Customer Service means so much to me and they have it well covered here. Top notch service! Thanks SVGCuts!!!

— Yvette H

I have purchased items from your site for years. I always get the weekly freebie. It is the highlight of my week to get the newsletter in my inbox. They are always so well done and useable. Your generosity in offering the freebie .svg item frequently draws me in to buy other products you offer. I wish these products were around when I was teaching. My classroom would look more inviting and stimulating and my students would have had additional learning tools that would help them to achieve their goals.

I feel good about spending money with SVGCuts because I feel I get more than my money's worth with each purchase. Your specials are appreciated and add value to your site.

Thank you for offering such quality artwork and for your fine business practices that make me feel at home on your site.

— Fran S.

 I read through the majority of all of the testimonials and found myself nodding positively to all of their experiences.  I couldn’t imagine that I could add anything else.  So I decided that I just couldn’t let it go until I shared with you how much I appreciate the two of you and admire your talents that you so freely share.  You truly are the best online site out there!  My mother is 80 years old and loves to create, paint, read and learn and has always been such a fine example to me about always trying new things.  I couldn’t just trust her to anyone but feel confident that if I can get her a cutting machine that she will be soon creating beautiful things with your files and that I know that she would be treated with respect and care.  That means a lot to me.  I can say all of these things because I have experienced them myself.  You know there just aren’t very many businesses out there that care like you guys do!  I hope you know how blessed you are with all of that talent and the amazing ability you have of making all of us love you and your products.  I am so happy that I stumbled across your sight!  Thanks again for being such fine leaders in the business and crafting world!

— Mona

In this day of little to non-existant customer service, I just want to say that you guys have restored my faith. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty! And you are prompt and beyond courteous! I used to be a big papercrafter, and over the years, have given it up. But finding your website inspired me to start it up again. I purchased the set Thank you for the music set, I started off with the topiary, and going by the video, I made my purchases, and discovered that I bought too big of a styrofoam ball. You not only quickly made the correction on the video, you also gave me a gift certificate for my troubles! I totally didn't expect that, and it was a pleasant surprise. I did finish the topiary, and I'm very happy with the results, and have gotten many compliments on it and people are amazed that it's made of paper! I then made another purchase and for one reason or another, never got around to downloading it before the expiration date, you then very quickly changed it so that I could download the items. I am beyond happy with your products and services! I will definitely be making more purchases, and creating more cards, decorations, and just having fun!

— Roxann P

I really do love your videos. I've watched every one. You both have done an excellent job and I spend a lot of nights watching instructional type videos. The intros are adorable and Mary does an excellent job on the instructional part. The videography looks very professional. The SVG's are absolutely adorable and I'll get more when I can. I'll definitely tell anyone that I know have cutting programs, about you guys. Thanks for your work!

— Carla

My first SVGCuts project was the 3D Tea Pot (Tea For You And Me SVG Kit). I could not believe how easy it was to assemble. All of the pieces were numbered and there was a video that walked you step by step through the process. Mary has a way of delivering the assembly process that gives you confidence that you can do it too. People are amazed that the pot was made from paper. I've since purchased 3 more 3D Kits and am so excited about getting started on those projects. I just love the design and the support that is available from SVGCuts. I am a customer for life. Great Job SVGCuts!

— Evelyn R.

My little step-grandson just had his 1st birthday last Saturday and I made the Ferris Wheel since it was a Circus-themed party. It was a big hit!!! Everyone kept running up to it and couldn't believe I had made a "paper Ferris wheel" that actually worked! I also had some fun with the card and it turned out soooooooo cute!!! And I played around with the envelope and it was soooo cute!!! Wow! Soooo intricately put together and definitely wowed the large crowd!

— Kathleen T.

I never thought I would become a paper crafter, but your wonderful designs have won me over!! I received a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas so I could make templates for my machine embroidery designs to add crystals. Then I discovered your website and I haven't made a template yet!

— Margo M.

WOW! What great service! This did it for me [updated a setting for Silhouette Studio] and you are now on my list of places I will surely do business again with. I’m impressed and that does not happen often!

— Judy K.

I just made a cute vignette for my office using the Cotton Tail Village SVG and Hippity Hoppity SVG kits. Oh my gracious! The compliments I have received. Both kits were fun to do and incredibly easy! And the #1 favorite by far is the 3D carrots. And they were the easiest to make. Awesome! Your creations made it springtime here in gloomy St. Louis. Thanks!!

— Candi A.

I just wanted to let you know how amazing you are to have how-to videos. I was nosing around one day and saw where you basically designed a whole scrapbook page on the mat and then could cut the different layers. Now this may sound dumb to you but I was super excited when I tried this and saw where I could place my items on the mat and basically what it would look like when it was all done!!! Again, another reason SVGCuts Rocks!!!! Thanks Leo!!! You make my life so much easier!

— Kathy S

Just wanted to thank you guys for all the great SVG projects that you create. I am having so much fun using my eclips with your great projects. So keep up the great jobs that you are doing.
I look forward for new projects in the future. Thanks also for your great videos they are so very helpful. You are not afraid to try you projects because you can just watch the video as many times as you need!!!

— Tina O

Let's see, your cuts always cut perfectly, they are creative & original, they get me excited to craft and make projects, you give us awesome tutorial videos and you have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

— Emily C.

I love every aspect of your business. Your professionalism and mostly how you treat your customers with RESPECT. Love u guys!

— Susan A.

The only place I buy files from!!

— Pam G.

I love the variety of images! SVGCuts makes my crafting life easier and much more fun! I feel so creative! When I use SVGCuts to decorate or to use for making gifts, everyone thinks I'm amazing! I really like feeling amazing!! Thanks!

— Monique Z.

I am not very talented and have very little creativity but with your files I have a lot of people thinking I am the most creative person they know. Seriously I love everything about you!

— Tracy T.

You guys make this whole experience so personal. I thoroughly enjoy the whole process of waiting for new files and I also love what the design team comes up with. I always go to the inspiration page to get ideas. Even if it is just an embellishment or a color scheme I always come away with a new idea. You guys are the blue print for how business should be conducted. I like how you involve us and make us part of the process. Not to mention the files are always amazing. Just thank you!!!! Oh yeah and you make me look like a genius!!

— Kelly L.

You have helped me keep papercrafting after I grew tired of scrapbooking. I love making so many fun new things. Everyone thinks I am creative!

— Ardith H.

I love that everyone thinks I am so crafty, I have to keep telling them that I wish I could take the credit and say that I'm so amazing at what I do, but its really you guys! Thank you for everything that you guys work hard on, I have enjoyed every project that I have made. I'm so glad that my aunt introduced me to you guys and my husband for getting me a Sizzix eclipse! Yay amazing! Keep doing what you do best, because I enjoy the amazing out come! :0)

— Cailey B.

I just want to say thank you, I've been doing paper crafting for 22 years. Your products give me the opportunity to take my crafting to the next level. For Halloween I made the small bottle from the trouble and toil selection, and my friends went crazy. Thank you again for making crafting fun and easy, you are the best!

— Sonja B.

Thank you SO MUCH! As usual, SVGCuts has the most amazing, most efficient customer service online!! This is one of the reasons why I continue to shop SVGCuts. Besides the awesome cut files that are far superior than any others I've found, I love the attention to detail in all your files! I always get compliments on the projects I make when I use SVGCuts files! You've brought my crafting to a much higher level and I make projects now that I am very proud of!

— Michelle S.


LOVE all your SVG's! Bought a compatible machine just to be able to use you files. Great customer service as well, thanks again.

— Kellie S.


For me to be able to get up this morning and have a response from you on a Sunday morning is beyond the best customer service ever!

— Debra B.

Your website is the most professional looking SVG site of any I have seen. Leo, your photography is stellar, and Mary, your designs and engineering are beautiful and accurate. It is a pure pleasure to work with your kits. Keep up the excellent work. I am happy that you have so many free designs. It gave me a good idea of how they would work with my Pazzles, and the quality I could expect from you. I will be ordering more kits from you in the future.

— Cheryl B.

You two are amazing! You have amazing designs that satisfy the scrapbooker as well as having challenging 3D designs that grab me, the 3D achiever. Every week I just look forward to your designs & videos! I don't know how you both do it, but you both are headed for gold! As an art teacher for 28 years, again, you both are amazing!

— Rose S.

Thank you so much for all the videos. They are a real confidence booster and one of the things I love about your site. I will be purchasing SCAL all due to your great customer service so job well done!

— Summer W.

Your customer service is awesome, meaning YOU are awesome! Thank you! I really appreciate your prompt and generous service!

— Jeanette D.

Your customer service ROCKS!!

— Anna Jo B.

I have purchased a few files from Lettering Delights, Lori Whitlock and A Little Hut. But honestly, there is no comparison with SVGCuts. Your videos, Leo, are outstanding!! Really, the best out there. I just appreciate your professional touch! The organization of your files is so helpful, elements in their own folder. The PDF is a nice reference, as well as the photo of Mary's finished projects. No one else offers that! And the svgs....well, I rarely use any of my Cricut cartridges anymore.

— Linda

I love the photography and videos on your website. They definitely create a reason to buy the files. You guys do a great job!

— LaTricia K

I am loving the 3D creativeness of your lovely lady [Mary]. Watching her show how to make things is part of entertainment online now! I just love the clarity of the video, the editing and the clever designs. I wish I had time to create more with the lovely designs you two create, keep up the great work!

— Tilly P

First of all, I must say how much I love your website and products. I'm new to your website and placed my first order last week or so. I am now "hooked"!! The quality of the SVG files are fantastic, the prices are reasonable, and the quantity of files are over the top. I never expected the extras when I first bought one of your kits. I love the 2012 graduation files. And the fact that you included 2013, 2014, 2015, etc. was going the extra mile for customer service. I also enjoy your articles on photography tips and your tutorials as well.

— Sherry P

You guys ROCK! I just want to let you know you guys are the best, talk about customer service that is #1! I had a problem with paypal and it only took you five minutes to reply and send me a gift certificate to re-buy the files. You made my day!!!!

— Karen O

I was a proud owner of a Cricut, which now has been relegated to the closet! A friend purchased a Sizzix eclips and told me I might be able to use SCAL 2.0 for my Cricut. I started searching online; once I found your site I was fascinated and watched all of Mary's videos. This past weekend I purchased an eclips and eCAL and then went to your site and purchased 16 projects. I love Mary's creativity and especially the videos! Leo's instructional videos are so professional! I can only hope you plan a busy 2012 with lots more projects! Thanks so much for the beautiful 3D projects!

— Dana S

I just want to tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your files. I get so excited each time you post a new file. The files are great but so are the tutorials/videos and the PRICE! Wow - you have such high quality products for such a great value.

— Mary H

It is so nice to do business with a company that actually takes care of its customers in a very timely manner...thank you so very very much!

— Jan H

I just got your latest collection (and some from my wish list) and wanted to say how impressed I always am with your attention to details. You guys really stand behind your products! Your videos are always informative and clear, Leo's tutorials are the best, and I absolutely LOVE the PDFs that come with the files. It's a big part of my pleasure when I get a new set to print that PDF and look at all the details and options. This kind of info is invaluable, and I cherish my big binder with all the PDFs. 😉 I really appreciate the quality of services you provide. You guys rock! 😀

— Bee B

I want to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with your customer service. Every time I have had the least little problem (even though the problem was caused by me) you are always on the spot with a prompt reply and positive solution. SVGCuts is probably the best vendor I have ever dealt with in terms of exemplary customer service. I will continue to purchase your fine products and recommend your website to all of my crafting friends.

— Dottie M

I can say for sure that SVGCuts provided the best service I think I've ever gotten from an on-line vendor. I bow to you my friend! 🙂

— Liz S

Thank you for your generosity on top of your already excellent designs, professionalism, and outstanding customer service.

— Brenda S

I am so loving all the svg's I have purchased from you. You have the best on the market. Your designers are amazingly creative. You have reawakened my passion for paper crafting. Can't wait for the next new svg. Keep up the the good work.

— Julie R

Would just like to say thank you for the speed with which you have dealt with my problem [accessing expired downloads], if only all sites were this quick to respond. You deserve a huge pat on the back for your "EXCELLENT" customer service!

— Kath R

I just made your tree box. What a wonder in engineering! It looks so hard, but is so easy! Thank You!

— Susan B

I am always amazed at how easy you make it to put your SVG kits together. I don't think I've ever had a template that worked so perfectly.

— Christine O

Your products are wonderful, this would be only the second time I purchased something online, and with your help I managed to do it successfully! Why did I purchase your products? Your unique ability to service all that you sell. It may seem like something normal to you, but in reality, most companies quickly forget the needs of their customers. Before I decided to purchase from your company, I researched online and saw many other sites that offer products, but in my opinion no other company offers such wonderful customer service. To me that is very important! Also, the majority of your products have a video tutorial, that's important to me (It is such a wonderful teaching tool). Finally, you offer so much more for such a great price! All of us at one point or another have had tear-able customer service and swore to never purchase in that store again, it appears to me that you go above and beyond to assist all of your customers, even if its about something you don't sell!

— Judy A

I did want to take just a minute to tell you guys how awesome your whole program is! I mean there really is nothing else like it on the market. Not only do you provide amazing cut files, but you provide very nice professional instructional videos that help me step-by-step! It's like taking a class or something. I also love how you've brought the papers to life with all of the 3D projects! I can decorate my whole house for any holiday or just for day-to-day decorating with your files and my personal touches! I really can't say enough. I just hope you will continue to offer these awesome files for years to come! I haven't even mentioned what an amazing value your cut files are goes without saying, but there is just no comparison. And I do speak from experience because I regularly purchase cut files from "My Scrap Chick", "Lettering Delights" and many others, as well as the occasional Cricut cartridges. While I do enjoy the other products, they just can't hold a candle to SVGcuts! Obviously, I'm an avid fan and I await anxiously for each new file! Love, love, love SVGcuts!

— Michelle S

Wow! I don't remember when I downloaded this project, but am I glad I did. Your files are so much easier to cut and use than other website products and the finished products are soooo cute. Thank you so much for such great quality.

— Diane W

I want to royally thank you for your inspiring tutorials, videos, and beautiful creative work! I just made my first purchase with SVGCuts and was more than amazed at the quality of the downloads. They are complete with pictures, instructions and variations that need to be made with different cutting sizes. I thank you also for the little tidbits, LOVE the tip about putting the glue bottle upside down in the lid while I'm working on a project! You'll now save me an hour of shaking the bottle while I'm gluing. Your information about where you obtain paper and the products you use are also very helpful. Mary and Leo you are both awesome! Thank you!

— Heather G

I've bought several files from SVGCuts and wanted to tell you how great I think they are. I used Santa's Visit and made the sleigh as a center piece. I was really impressed with how easy it was to make and wanted say thank you for doing such a great job.

— Georgia H

I have purchased SVG files from other sites, have to say yours are the BEST by a landslide! They are easy to use, the files look great, you get great value for your money! I bought one from another place, the score lines turned out as cut lines. When I wrote them about it, I was told to go back to inkscape and try to change the lines myself! This was after paying 8.99 for a file! I know this would NEVER happen with SVG Cuts! If I ever have questions or difficulties, you have always assisted me in a very timely manner. Keep up the good work! Your creativity is awesome! Thanks!

— Laura B

You all are the greatest! Not only is your product awesome, but your customer service is outstanding as well. You have a great team and in today's marketplace with customer service waining (especially after the sale) - it is refreshing and safe to have you all there for us! And did I mention that you have AWESOME products/creations? I mean the most awesomest!!!

— Christine M

Without you guys and your amazing videos and AWESOME SVG files, my cutter would probably still be sitting there, but now Im crafting crazy! I was a newbie till I found you! Also, your Facebook page is THE place to be!

— Karen M

I wish to say how I have, and continue to enjoy the lovely files created by your very talented designers. Mary's tutorials are second to none; comprehensive and very clear. I am looking forward to trying my hand at the new Christmas files.

— Annette H

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the SVG cuts I bought today. They are the best files ever! Have made the Santa card, sleigh and 10 envelopes in varying sizes so easily. Thank you!

— Hazel V

I just bought my first sets of SVG Cuts. I am really impressed! Everything is so easy with the pictures and the directions. Your designs are just what I was looking for this evening when I was hunting the internet. Thanks for your product!

— Gerri M

I have only bought SVG files from two other sites and I can promise you they do not even measure to SVG Cuts. I told my daughter-in-law I would not waste my money on any other sites. SVGCuts has the best files, tutorials, and PDF [instructional] files. The other ones may try to copy but they just don't compare. And you have the best customer service above all. Thanks for all you do.

— Debbie T

You two and your designs have sparked my interest in creating again! I haven't used my Cricut this much since I bought the thing! I'm having too much fun making your projects and just wanted to say thanks!!

— Lisa J

You guys really are the greatest! You're so warm and friendly! And you're REAL - genuine. It's like 'being home' or 'being with family' when I watch your videos.

— Cindy H

I love the spooky house I just purchased. I cut it all out last night and put it together quickly! Love your designs, keep them coming! I will make many purchases to come!

— Shelley

You guys are awesome! Your products are fantastic and your customer support is five stars!

— Jacki C

I bought my first kit from you this morning, and I wanted to just say thanks for such a lovely one! The extras (such as for the 6 x 12 mat - wow!) and superb workmanship of the files I've opened and converted so far are just beyond my expectations. All that in a beautiful kit, plus the gorgeous video showing how to put it all together makes your company an outstanding example of what makes America great. The professionalism and hard work demonstrated by you and Mary is a delight to behold! I will certainly pass along my recommendations to the 1,000+ membership of Silhouette Plus, where I am proud to be a moderator.

— Barbara G

I wanted to let you guys know how amazing you are! I'm pretty new to this paper crafting world, but have been a crafter most my life. I have been a huge fan and follower of your blog for a while now and have used your files for many projects. Also with you're wonderful tutorials I have learned how to create my own SVG files, that's huge for me as a year ago I just knew how to use [Microsoft] Word on my computer! Thanks for your wonderful SVGs!

— Ilda

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you doing a free SVG each week. I can honestly say that your designs are the best looking ones on the web and I always look forward to what you'll come up with next. I've never had one single problem with downloading them or using them...they are perfect. And your willingness to give something to others is a trait that is hard to find in most of the world today.

— Lori M

I absolutely love the butterfly luminary and I hope Mary comes up with a design for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I made the butterfly and gave it to a friend for her birthday. She loved it so much she almost cried. Your creative team and your wonderful, easy website totally inspired me. I was never into anything paper.

— Karen

Yours is the best site on the web because of your skills, attention to detail, and dedication to giving your clients (friends) the absolute best.

— Kathy B

Your website, blog, designs (both free & for purchase) and videos are the bomb! And your video tutorials are the absolute greatest! Earlier this year I bought SCAL 2.0 for use with my Cricut Expression for it's ease of use, wide variety of functions & capabilities and Leo's tutorials! I have never ever ever once regretted buying it! I've downloaded almost every one of the freebies and have purchased a number of the file sets from (I still want plenty more of them!!) I visit your sites practically every day; sometimes just for the 'eye candy' appeal! The tutorials are so wonderfully presented and informative. Keep 'em coming!!! Love all that you do - "Thank You" seems so lame but I genuinely appreciate all your work & offerings. Please don't stop!!

— Cindy H

As my daughters would say, "You guys are sick!" (That means fantastic, in case you don't have teenagers.)

— Julie L

Just a quick note to let you know how much I love your products. Your videos are also great and I just followed the directions on the pop-up cards video and produced an amazing birthday card! I hope my friend will be as impressed with me as I am with you!!

— Heather B.

Thanks also for having a kick ass site with great files for all of us creative people. I always come to you first before buying [cartridges] because of the affordability and selection.

— Noreen

I am fairly new to SVG cuts but I can truthfully say that they are so easy to use, professional at the highest level, imaginative, detailed and reasonably priced.

— Brenda

You guys make my life so much easier. All my friends and family think I'm so crafty and creative with all my cards. Little do they know I have secret "card making gnomes" in Illinois cranking out these wonderful creations!

— Jacki

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the SVG files, especially the card kits!! Mary Rudakas' cards & how-to videos are the very best!!! I love how they go together. I have many other card files [competitor's files] that I have to fool around with in order to get them to fit together, and some I just give up on. The new Edisto Island cards are really special!!

— Neva

Thanks for the great video tutorials, Leo. I've been a tech/geek my whole life and figure things out on my own, SCAL was no different. However, as I get older I've learned that actively seeking instruction for something you are "sure" you know is advantageous. I've been going through the videos because I realized that I learned at least one (if not more) great tip about SCAL that I might not have found in my every day, limited because of the two little kids, use. You really do learn something new every day especially if you seek it out! ;o)

— Joy

Thank you so much! I absolutely love this site and all that you offer. I tell everyone about it. And now I can add that the customer service is top notch as well.

— Pam

I think you have absolutely the BEST customer service on the planet! 🙂 I don't think there was even ten seconds between my sending my e-mail and your reply.

— Reva

Leo, your files are wonderful and cut so well. Thanks to you and your staff and your designers. Keep them coming!

— Marty

I want to thank you both for all of the free files (very creative and that Girly BDay card once just a "wow") as well as your VERY helpful videos. I cannot tell you how helpful it has all been to someone who is new to all of this. Your videos are very clear and direct without talking down to those of us who had never heard of a SCUT or a SCAL before all of this. Simply put...thank you very much for all you do.

— Lyndy

I just wanted to say how happy I was to come across this website! I am getting my Cricut next week and I already have Sure Cuts A Lot. I thought I would try to see what help was out on the web. I did not expect to get such a high quality of service! Your site is awesome and who ever does the tutorials is great. Talks clear and I can understand perfectly! Just wanted to say thanks and I have a feeling I will be on this site a lot!

— Kathy

Wow! It hasn't even been 24 hours since my first download from your site and I AM IN LOVE! I've made 2 cards (and I've never made a card before) and started three new pages since I got home from school and I don't want to quit! I love Mary's style - it's so elegant, crisp and fun at the same time, and that's hard to pull off!

— Dora

Hi Leo & Mary, I have a real problem…I am absolutely ADDICTED to your new files! I just love them! Today for my birthday, I decided to do exactly what I wanted to do, which was get out my new Cricut Expression, and papercraft!!! And I did exactly that! And I got so much done! I got all of my daughter’s Valentine cards and envelopes cut, extra hearts for them, and 8 birthday cards and matching envelopes, plus some liners for the cards as well! I just had to share my jubilant day with you guys, as I just LOVE SVGCuts…and I admit it…I completely addicted!

— Gabrielle

My husband bought me a Cricut Expression and SCAL for an early Christmas present. I have wanted a Cricut for years, but hadn't heard of SCAL at the time. I started watching videos on YouTube to learn tricks and techniques and discovered it. We both thought it sounded like a great program. He surprised me and bought it. Well . . . . unlike my techie/computer geek (that is a term of endearment in our home with a 13-year old following in his Dad's footsteps) husband, I don't "speak" the computer language. Now the point of this note: THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Because of Leo's video tutorials, I now know how to download SVG files, unzip them, import them, weld phrases and I am having so much fun! Thanks so much for your great website, helpful tutorials, beautiful collections and free SVG's.

— Jill

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmas & thank you for all the freebies I have downloaded over the last few months, since buying my Cougar cutting machine. I have bought lots of your kits & am delighted with them all. I have just ordered again to take advantage of your free set, Thanks so much. I look at your site almost every day & just love it.

— Audrey

I just wanted to thank you for the [Mother's Day Flower Pot] Card Kit. I made some for my four neighbors that I adore. My son's friend came over this morning to wait for the bus and he wanted me to make one for him to give to his mom. Now I have to make 6 more for my son's other friends. It is so cute having 14yr old boys lovin' a card. They wanted to pay me, but I told that they didn't need to. Just now I heard the lawn mower and weed eater. All 6 of them are doing the yard work. They just love me so much and I love them. Great group of boys. Thank you so much again for your great creativity and sharing it with us. Thank You

— Celeste

I purchased your set right after I had purchased another set that was quite a bit more $ but not nearly as cute!! Thanks for all the great files and your daily freebies! Your prices are so reasonable.

— Maureen

Besides saying thank you, I want to comment on your quality. These cuts are always so clean and professional; no wavy or broken lines. Anyone making a purchase of your files couldn’t go wrong! Thanks again.

— Donna

How frustrated I was with my cutter until SVG'! Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Mother Earth and Celtic card, can’t get any better than Mary’s exquisite & intricate designs & Leo’s great tutorials and customer service. Thank you guys, oops, y’all for your work!

— Carolyn

I love your SVG cuts. I tried the clover card and it came out great! Thanks.

— Christine

This is by far the coolest thing [Bunny House Treat Bag] I have found to use with my SCAL program. I absolutely love this box and had a blast making it! It couldn't be easier and the video tutorials were very helpful. The cuts are very clean and everything matches up perfectly. I hope you make more project like this. It's a great value and a ton of fun! Thanks!

— Amanda

I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m in love with it. I love all Mary’s creations too. I’ve already bought in her store. All of them are amazing!

— Renata

I got SCAL for my birthday a few weeks ago, and now thanks to your tutorial I finally know how to use all the features! I’m sure I will get a lot more use out of the program now. I look forward to seeing more tutorials in the future!

— Sophie

I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on various aspects of computing and this was one of the best I’ve ever seen. The pace was great, it included plenty of detail without being verbose and clearly, clearly, clearly (did I say clearly) instructs the newest newbie on how install fonts. (I already know how to install fonts, but watched it anyway and learned a couple of things that I never noticed before.) Great job!

— Jules

What a nice surprise to be greeted with a bouquet of flowers! You are exceptional people! Thanks to both of you, I am learning how to make beautiful creations from your tutorials. We need more people like you in the world!!! I’m going to make this lovely flower bouquet for my 93 year young mother so she can put it on the calenders she makes with her computer. She will be soooo happy! Thanks and have a Great weekend!

— Misty

Love your cuts! They work GREAT!

— Christine

What a great price for all that you get!!! Mary does such super files--how could you not want them all. SCAL is such a super product!! And her SVGs are just the ticket for that program and I love being able to use all the true type fonts available! I'm like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to all this stuff, if you haven't already gathered! And your tutorials and computer expertise with the files bring all this full circle. I replay them when I've a free moment and always learn something new and the files/folders are so easy to work with!

— Diane

I just want to say how much I appreciate your web site. I have purchased several sets and have loved everyone of them. Your sets are so easy to use and just wanted to say thank you for all you do.

— Reatha

Just got SCAL, and wow this site is fantastic love it, great files and cuts brilliant, and a great price too.
Will be buying more. Love the tutorials makes life easier for a beginner like me. Thanks for the great freebies too. From a very happy customer.

— Betty

I have to tell you Leo, friends have come up to me asking when they’re going to receive their next invite to our next party b/c they like the invites so much (thanks to your collections!). I keep pointing them in your direction and telling them to get a cutter.

— Jenn

Thanks so much for all the WONDERFUL instructions, making it so simple for all of us to enjoy these SVGs to their fullest!

— Gabrielle

Leo, I wanted to say thank you so much. The last order I did I had to call you and you sent me a e mail with a link on how to cut layers...thank you so much for that...its been a great help. I have managed to cut several things for my cards these last couple weeks and I'm so happy. I am not good at catching on to new things but the info was great and I did it step by step with your video and I got it done...sooooo thanks for helping a old woman to learn something new...your the greatest!!!

— Pam

I have purchased files from your site, downloaded free files, and won files. I'm so happy with all of them! Card files are sized and ready to cut and assemble, but elements of them can be easily resized for use in other projects. All of the files cut smoothly, and all are wonderful when complete. On top of that, help is available very quickly when needed. Keep up the good work, and thanks so much!

— Annie

Your site is awesome! - The videos tutorials and the craft zone are the most awesome!! Thank you for making it so great - I have already got my of my friends to buy the software and some of your sets too - she called me to tell me thank you and that you guys are awesome as well - just thought you'd like to know we think you're doing a great job.

— Grace

Hello, I am just writing to tell you that you have some wonderful things. I love them all and if i could buy them all you know I would. You both are really great, I enjoy all the videos both the teaching and the tutorial and just wanted to say thank you.

— Shana

WOW! I can’t say enough what a GREAT company this is to work with! After purchasing SCAL2 at I was unable to cut. My next stop was at their wonderful tutorials at I was able to easily follow them to make the necessary upgrades. Unfortunately I was still experiencing problems. I contacted them and they truly know the meaning of customer service and do not hesitate to practice it. I fully anticipated being placed on hold, transferred, probably having to wait for yet someone else to contact me, or just flat out not receiving any service, but that did not happen. Leo personally provided the customer service I needed from start to cutting! And now that I am functioning properly I am happy to say the files they provide at are AMAZING! Thanks to PumpkinCartCrafts and SVGCuts, I have software that provides versatility I could have only imagined, files I could never dream of creating, and customer service that stands in a class of its own! If you are looking for a complete, 1st class company to work with, you are at the right place! Thank You for keeping the customer first in all areas of your business. Happily cutting.

— Jenni

My husband bought me a Cricut Expression and SCAL for Christmas; I must admit I was apprehensive as I left work [in a primary school] many years ago when using anything as technological as a photocopier was only a dream. Anyway I'm just emailing to let you know how helpful I have found your on-line tutorials. I have also downloaded several files and found it to be not at all scary - very easy in fact! I think I may have caught the bug; today I found myself standing in a very chilly and damp bus station here in the U.K. looking at a National Express bus and wondering what the font on the side of the bus was and how it would look welded! I don't expect any reply - just wanted you to know that I am a very satisfied customer.

— Sheila

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your Memory Garden Designer Page kit and your Christmas kit. My husband bought me a Cricut Expression for Christmas. He bought it on Black Friday, but I didn't touch it until Christmas. While I was waiting, I bought Sure Cuts A Lot from you. I love it and your great tutorials. I had done very little scrapbooking in the last few years, even though I had a KNK. These wonderful pages kits have given me the push I needed to get going again. I was up until 1:30 this morning cutting them out. They are so much fun and easy to cut. I especially love all the scalloped edges on the frames in the Memory Garden kit. I really hope you do more page kits in the future. I'll be the first one in line to buy them. Thank you so much for everything you do.

— Margaret aka Maggi

I would just like to say how cleanly your designs cut and how well thought out the designs are,much appreciated.I will keep your website in mind and recommend you to friends.

— Daphne

Just wanted to say that is the best site for SVG's. You are the reason I purchased a Cricut and SCAL! Beautiful artwork! 🙂 Thanks so much!

— Jessica

I purchased SCAL about 6 months ago, don't remember from who or what version I have. I just happened to be watching some youtube when I came across you're video's. W O W ! ! You guys are GREAT. Make's me want to start using my SCAL. The reason I purchased SCAL is to use it for my embroidery machine. Haven't figured out how to do that yet, you sure gave me inspiration! I don't even know where to start!!!! Just wanted to say thanks for the video's.

— Renee

Wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding customer service. I was going out on a limb one Friday night when I finally decided to buy SCAL2 (after watching so many of your videos); during online checkout, I asked if there was any way I could get the activation code so I could download SCAL2 immediately and play with the software over the weekend -- knowing full well it was after business hours and you were closed for the weekend. Moments later, I got a phone call from Leo, addressing a minor concern I had with the purchase, AND giving me the activation code and instructions for my new SCAL2! I was thrilled, packaged software arrived on Monday! Wow! Not to mention the awesome SCAL video tutorials -- they are so clear and concise -- so easy to follow. Leo is obviously dedicated to his business and customers, and in this day in age of huge craft store chains, what a delight to receive that kind of attention. Mary's amazing designs have seemingly endless crafting possibilities; she's in a league of her own in svg file creation. Combine those factors and you've got a guaranteed repeat customer in me! Thanks, you guys...and keep up the AWESOME work!

— Maggie Oglesby

I just bought 3- sets, one being the cuddly animals. I really enjoyed the free cuddly mouse so I was enticed to buy a set. WOW!!! I can’t wait to try the other set of downloads I bought. Your photo diagram and instructions are easy to follow and read. Most of all, the results are fantastic! Thank you so much for the quality work. Now I must buy more sets!

— Rodeth

I thought I'd share with you that it's because of your clear instruction on your videos, and great site that I went with a cricut and SCAL! I am a total newbie to cut files, but your site has answered every question I've had! Thank you for that, and your great and otherwise.

— Marla

I just want to say how much I LOVE your website. I am completely in awe at the quality of cut files you keep releasing. Truly a unique and beautiful style. I am an SVGcut fan for life!!! THANK YOU!!!!

— Andrea

The fact that I have over 30 collections I hope would tell anyone how wonderful the Svgcuts store and merchandise is. When I lost my info on my hard drive and lost several of my svgcuts collections the customer service was fantastically quick to respond and help me. I have always received quick responses to technical programs which by the way had nothing to do with my purchases. I have NEVER had a problem with any cuts from any collections. The pdf and jpeg files are an added free bonus. I have received over 150 FREE svgs from How awesome is that!!! Oh, one more thing. Customer service LISTENS to the type of collections we want. They stay in the "now" and seem to always be looking into the "future" to meet their customer needs, wants and desires.

— Cely

I love SVG CUTS!!! I love the fact that I can look like a professional when in reality I am an amateur crafter. Thanks for making me look good and for all the ideas!

— Lisa

SVGCuts products are great, but I think one of the things I love the best are the videos and the personal help I can get. Anytime I have a problem all I need to do it shoot out an email and Bam, I have an answer in a couple of hours. WOW where else can you get that kind of customer service with a great product.

— Sue

The SVGCuts is the best website that I have encountered. A couple weeks ago, I had trouble downloading some files that I had purchased. After a few emails and still was not working, a customer service person called. They walked me through it step by step. Also showed me some things about the program MTC that I did not know. I was very impressed with the service that I had received because of that service I will recomend SVG cuts to everyone. The boxes I made are adorable! Thank you SVG Cuts!!

— Kathy

Mary and Leo are awesome designers. Their files are clever and easy to use and have universal appeal. I agree that their customer service is A-1. I have used their designs on cards, in scrapbooks and even inhome decor. Keep 'em coming and I'll keep buying.

—Anna Marie

I love your collections, cute content, reasonable prices,, the tutorial videos for the flower collections,, the list goes on and on. Customer service is great. For example, I ordered the same item twice and Leo was kind enough to switch the duplicates for me after I provided the original order number and date. I love the ... See Moredigicarts they are always so organized and easy to understand. To everyone I know, I always pass the word, "Check out". is one of my top ten favorite sites. Keep up the great work!

— Crystal

I have told all that I know that are bug lovers that SVG Cuts is a must have website and resource. A week doesn't go by that I am not using SVG Cut files or buying a collection. I have already sold 5 of my friends on using your services. Keep up the good work and the wonderful SVG free files.

— Andrea

I found SVGcuts a week after I purchased my Cricut. Have not needed to buy another cartridge. Bought the SCAL software after seeing the tutorials that Leo has done. Having so much fun learning! The prices are reasonable, the cuts are great!

— Laura

Of course I love the wonderful designs of the cuts, but what I really love about SVG is the service I receive from Leo and Mary. They are so friendly, extremely fun and very personable!

— Thienly

I've been buying svg collections from for two years and I am thoroughly satisfied with all the cuts I get. If I ever need to make something, SVGcuts is the 1st source for me. There is no other place who offers as many svgs in one collection for such a reasonable price. The most I like about is the personal customer ... See Moreservice I get. Mary is such a wonderful designer. I can always count on her for the latest and greatest designs and Leo is always there to help with whatever questions or problems we have. His tutorials are very easy to understand and are first class. Thanks to all you do

— Carmen

All I can say is AMAZING .... everything about SVG cuts

— Inga