Iconic Clock Sneak Peek and Supply List

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[Update: it's here!!]



I can't wait to show you the "full reveal" of this "WOW-factor" project!!

Sneak Peek


The Iconic Clock project is a REAL working clock (uses one AA battery) and wait until you see it ALL. LIT. UP!!

It was inspired by the enormous, iconic clock faces of the Elizabeth Tower in London (i.e. "Big Ben")! This paper project is pretty impressive size-wise too, at 11.4" x 11.4" x 3".

The Iconic Clock project is part of the Cherry Tree Lane SVG Kit, which should be ready by the end of this week. I'm currently working on filming its step-by-step Assembly Tutorial video for our YouTube channel.

Supply List

In case you're curious, here are the supplies necessary to create the Iconic Clock project.

Clock Mechanism

The clock mechanism can be purchased on Amazon here. Its exact name on Amazon is “Mudder DIY Clock Movement 2 Hands, 3/10 Inch Maximum Dial Thickness, 4/5 Inch Total Shaft Length.” The hour hand is 4.5” long and the minute hand is 5.9” long. The shaft is about 1/3” in diameter (4/5” long).


A mechanism of these dimensions was NOT available at the craft stores I visited in person (Michaels Stores and Hobby Lobby). The clock mechanisms they had were much smaller.

LED "Tape Lights"

I illuminated my clock using an adhesive strip of LED lights. As you will be able to see in the upcoming Assembly Tutorial video, the adhesive backing on the strip of lights is very strong. They get affixed in a continuous loop around the interior of the four sides of the project. A cord with a standard plug comes out of a reinforced hole in the back of the clock project and plugs into a standard outlet. You can turn them on and off and change the colors with the little remote.

You can find them on Amazon here. The exact name on Amazon is “PryEU RGB LED Strip Lights 2M Waterproof Color Changing IR Remote Control 5050 SMD with 12V Adapter for Room Bedroom Kitchen Cabinet Bed Wardrobes Ambient Lighting (Double Coated Tissue Tape)."


The strip of lights is about two meters long. I also purchased something similar in person...


...at Home Depot which worked very well: 8 ft LED Color Changing Tape Light with Remote by Commercial Electric. (Plain warm white is also available.)

12x12" Vellum

This project uses two sheets of 12x12" vellum. I usually purchase my 12x12" vellum at my local Michaels craft store, however this vellum on Amazon is also very nice!


It seems to be slightly lighter-weight than what I usually find at Michaels, but for this project, either will work well. I don't see why it wouldn't work perfectly for any typical vellum application. :)

Unfortunately, trying to shrink the entire project to accommodate using smaller sheets of vellum would probably make some of the other project details too small to cut well. Hence, the 12x12"-sized vellum is necessary.

I had a hard time locating the 12x12" vellum at my local Michaels store a few weeks ago, but was able to get some help finding it. I think they might be moving some things around.

Gold Mirror Paper

This project uses one 12x12" sheet of gold mirror paper. Personally, I usually buy my 12x12" mirror paper by-the-sheet at my local Michaels craft store. But, this package of 24 sheets of gold mirror paper also works well and works out to be a better deal ($/sheet) than what I usually get. (I'm excited to have plenty on-hand, and I also plan on using some of it as part of a giveaway!)



To create the Iconic Clock project, you'll also need nine sheets of 12x12" black card stock paper. Generally, most kinds of available card stock paper will work well, but I have some more specific information about my personal preferences (AC Card Stock) in this blog post: "What Kind Of Card Stock Is Best For SVGCuts Projects?"

As usual, I used my favorite glue (Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive) to assemble it.

Your Cutting Machine

In case you're new to our site, I should mention that in order to create our projects, you'll need a personal electronic cutting machine that has the ability to cut SVG files, such as:

All of our designs come in SVG file format and are not designed to be cut by hand.

Other Projects

Other projects in the upcoming Cherry Tree Lane SVG Kit include:

  • Nanny Boot (Edwardian/Victorian-inspired high heel boot)
  • Day Hat (cute little box shaped like a "lady's hat" with some flowers, etc. on it)
  • Park Bench Box Card (a card shaped like a park bench that folds flat to fit inside its envelope)
  • Kite Box (a cute little one-piece box shaped like a kite which has a petal-style opening)

You can visit us on Instagram to see some sneak peeks of these projects! Click/tap on the little "Sneak Peeks" highlight (circle).


Stay tuned for a giveaway including the supplies mentioned above when the Cherry Tree Lane SVG Kit goes live! The giveaway will also include the Practically Perfect paper collection by Carta Bella, which I used for the other four projects...


[pauses to fan-girl over Steven Duncan!!!!]

...as well as some useful black brads (the Nanny Boot project uses 10 brads for its "buttons").


Mary-Rudakas-SVGCutsThere will be three identical prize packages that include items shown in this post. Yay!!

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Thanks for being excited for new projects! I can't wait!!!! :) ~Mary

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