"What kind of glue should I use?"

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I haven't tried TOO many other glues, but sometimes people ask me what kind of glue I use.


I've been doing paper craft projects regularly for about 10 years, and my absolute favorite is Scotch Tacky Glue. It comes in 2 oz. bottles and 4 oz. bottles.


It used to be called "Quick-Dry Adhesive." The packaging has changed a little bit within the last year, but I can't tell a difference in the glue itself.

I like it for several reasons.

Dries Quickly

You do have time to adjust things before it's too late. But it does dry nice and quickly (within about 10 seconds).

Doesn't Wrinkle Paper

You have to press down and smooth down what you're gluing together a bit as it dries. If you do that, it won't wrinkle your paper. If you put too much on, it may wrinkle your paper. After you use it a few times, you'll get the feel for how much is "just right."


I've gotten it in lots of different places. Michaels, Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby carry it, and I've gotten it on Amazon as well as from one of my favorite online craft shops, A Cherry on Top.

Precision Tip

I like the nozzle of it. I think it's just the right size for paper crafting. If you let it sit un-capped for too long, and it gets clogged/dry you can just clear it out with a straight pin.


All of the projects that you see at SVGCuts were made using this glue! 🙂 Including some of my favorite Fall projects, such as this lantern from our Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit:


Tip: this glue works great on vellum too. I only put a very small amount on, only where absolutely necessary, and then I press down to flatten everything out as it dries. That way it doesn't wrinkle.


If you would like to learn more about what kind of paper I recommend, check out this blog post I wrote.

Hope that was informative! Thanks for stopping by and "Happy Crafting!" 🙂


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