Mary's Corner - Autumn Invitation

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Project Information

Who wouldn't love to receive this fally invitation!  We plan on inviting a special friend to go apple picking with this invite.  It would be perfect for a lunch or dinner invite, a pumpkin picking invite or even just for a fun shopping trip or as a "walk in the autumn woods" invite. It uses a few elements from our favorite fall SVG collections as well as our free "You're Invited" caption.


Here's the exact shapes, sizes and colors that we used.  The SCAL Shapes Library refers to the basic shapes you can see when pressing Control+3 in SCAL. Clicking on the name (in white) will take you to our store where you can purchase the necessary files! The SVG dimensions given in the chart show width and height. Size each SVG file to the exact dimensions listed.
Stitchable Shapes SVG Collection
rect_small.svg* 4.6"w x 6.5"h Patterned Yellow (welded to Rectangle Shape)
SCAL Shapes Library
Rectangle Shape* 4.6"w x 6.5"h Patterned Yellow (welded to rect_small.svg)
envelope.svg 13.5"w x 10.4"h*** Patterened
Free SVG You’re Invited Caption
youre_invited.svg 6.36"w x 2.10"h Dark Brown
youre_invited.svg 6.36"w x 2.10"h - with Shadow Blackout 0.75 Tan
Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
crow.svg 1.6"w x 1.2"h Dark Brown
Gourds Galore SVG Collection
pumpkin_vines_top.svg 5.6"w x 2.3"h Orange
pumpkin_vines_bottom.svg 5.6"w x 2.7"h Sage Green
* To make the card base, place rect_small.svg (stitchable rectangle) next to a rectangle of the same dimensions on your virtual mat.  Click on the stitchable rectangle and enter ".35" in the "Y" field in the Properties window.  Then do the same for the regular rectangle.  This means that they're lined up at the top with each other.  Now overlap them a tiny bit and click on them one a time, checking the box next to "Weld" in the Shape Properties window.  If you click on the "Preview" button, you'll see that together, they now form one piece (the card base). ** Use any of our envelopes, except for the Square Envelope. *** Size with envelope shape situated symmetrically, THEN rotate to fit on mat.

Design Tips

  • Add some sticky gemstones (bling!) to the pumpkin vines for a nice touch.
  • Rub a brown inkpad around the edges of the card as well as the bottom layer of the caption for a nice touch.
  • Use 3D dots or Zots behind the caption to make it pop off the card.  Ours just looked better this way!
  • Any coordinating yarn or fibers will look great for the stitching.  We used three pieces of common yellow, brown and orange embroidery floss.  To make "stitching" easier, wrap a piece of tape around the end of your yarn (sort of like the end of a shoelace).

Paper Suggestions

  • DCWV Indian Summer Fall Stack
  • DCWV Indian Summer Fall Cardstock Stack
  • AC Cardstock

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