Christmas Lantern Street Lamp by Thienly Azim

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I’m sure that almost all of you have read the book or seen the film, "A Christmas Carol". It has become such a successful Christmas classic and has become a part of us and the holiday season. This project was inspired by the Charles Dickens classic. I'm loving the spin I put on the ever popular lantern file by making it a lamp post!

SVG Collections Used

Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit
Spirits from Christmas Past SVG Kit
French Ironwork Flourishes SVG Collection
Santa’s Visit SVG Kit
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit
Christmas in the Village SVG Collection
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection
Santa’s North Pole Workshop

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Vellum
  • 3” Twig wreath (from Michaels)
  • Snow glitter
  • Pearls (for inside poinsettia)
  • 6” Wooden dowel
  • Ribbon trims
  • Linen cord (used for leash)
  • Raffia twine
  • Empty roll (mine was from Parchment Paper)
  • Punkin’ Patch Stamps – Gingerbread Kisses
  • Foam tape (used to adhere the mail/parcels together while creating dimension)
  • Double sided tacky tape
  • Heat glue gun


3D Wintergreens SVG Kit (Poinsettia)
petals1.svg 3.25" wide deep red
petals2.svg 3.25" wide deep red
leaves.svg 3.25" wide moss green
Spirits from Christmas Past SVG Kit (Storefront Card)
cedar_foliage.svg 3.0" and 3.5" wide moss green, sage green
green.svg 7.0" wide (delete foliage) light brown
bicycle_top.svg 7.0" wide dark brown
French Ironwork Flourishes SVG Collection
sign.svg 3.57" wide (cut 2 and glue together for reinforcement, I cut the "corner element" portions out) black
Shaped Christmas Cards SVG Kit (Holly)
green_leaf.svg 1.7" and 1.9" wide (both blackout) cut 7 each in both sizes using 3 different greens
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit (Cardinal Hideaway)
bird.svg 5.47" wide deep red
blacks.svg 5.47" wide (delete 3 circles) black
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit (Scottie Dog)
bow.svg 9.82" wide red
sweater.svg 9.75" wide moss green
dog.svg 9.61" wide black
Christmas in the Village SVG Collection (Snowflakes)
flake1.svg 1.17" wide white
flake2.svg 1.26" wide white
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit (Crate )
crate_board.svg (1-4) 3.04" wide light brown
crate_bottom.svg (1 & 2) 3.04" wide light brown
crate_face.svg (1 & 2) 3.04" wide light brown
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection
snowflake.svg 1.25" wide white
airmail_white.svg 1.75" wide white
airmail_red.svg 1.75" wide deep red
airmail_green.svg 1.75" wide moss green
box_brown.svg 1.25" wide, 1.8" wide by 1.25" high, 1.1" wide by 0.85" high kraft paper
Santa's North Pole Workshop
snowflake3.svg 1.50" wide white


Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit (Oak Leaf Lantern)
lantern1.svg 9.5" wide (break apart, delete the flourish window and replace with frameless window.svg) black
lantern2.svg 9.50" wide black
Spirits of Christmas Past SVG Kit (Storefront Card)
window.svg 2.20" wide (break apart, delete the frame and regroup) (bring this over to the lantern1.svg and lantern2.svg files - see diagram)
window.svg 2.20" wide dark grey
snow.svg 2.20" wide white

Lamp Post Base

Santa's Visit SVG Kit (Quick Box)
box.svg 11.50" wide black
SCAL Shapes Library - circle
circle 1.30" wide (bring this over to the box.svg - see diagram)


  1. In the lantern1.svg and lantern2.svg files, break apart and delete the flourish window. Open up window.svg file, break apart, delete the frame, regroup, and bring that over to one of the lantern sides. Copy and do that to 3 sides.
  2. Take the empty roll and wrap black cardstock around it using double sided tacky tape. This will become the post. Measure the diameter of your empty roll. Take the circle.svg from the Shapes Library and adjust it to your diameter. Place that circle in the center of the lantern base (see diagram). Cut.
  3. Print vellum yellow using your printer. Then cut the vellum to approx 2” x 3” rectangle – adhere to the back of the lantern. Assemble.
  4. Take the post and drill/make a hole about 3 inches below from the top, going through both sides. Cover the wooden dowel with black cardstock, like the post. Insert the dowel through the hole. I used permanent black pen to color the rod ends.
  5. Insert the post into the bottom of the lantern. Using glue gun, secure it to the bottom.
  6. On the box.svg file, take that same circle.svg (same diameter) and place it in the middle of the square, as per diagram. Cut.
  7. Assemble the box and insert the post in the circle opening, and secure it from underneath using glue gun. Adhere the ribbon around the post using double sided tacky tape.
  8. Cut the sign.svg, embellish as needed, and adhere to the dowel.
  9. Cut green_leaf.svg from the Holly set and adhere them to the twig wreath using hot glue gun. Add ribbon to the bottom of the wreath.
  10. Make the crate, cut snowflakes (glue on snow glitter onto them), cut the rest of the embellishments and adhere them onto the lamp post. (For the ‘Christmas Blessings’ stamp, I just stamped, colored and cut it out to fit the sign.svg).
  11. Insert a battery-operated tea-light inside, and you’re done!

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • You don’t want to take the beauty away from the lamp post itself, so keep your additions to a minimum and stick to a few color combination (mine was white, cream, deep red, greens)
  • By printing on a vellum, you can create any colored light, or even print a pattern on it.
  • It’s a good idea if you are adding on new embellishments that you cut/assemble all that you’re going to add, and then think about the balance of the project before adhering them all to the project.
  • Instead of cutting some element as SVGs, replacing it with twine/pearls can add dimension to your project. (used pearls in the center of the poinsettia, and twine on the kraft packages)

Wouldn’t this make a beautiful table decoration for your next party? Add your tea light, and instantaneously, a beautiful and magical scene is created right at your table.

~ Thienly

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