Frosty Flake Snowman by Kathy Helton

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As a snowman collector I knew immediately that I wanted to do a snowman for my Christmas In July Design Team project and I also wanted it to be functional. The stacked boxes are ready for Christmas gifts or candy. The best part is that you can start now and have them ready for Christmas!

SVG Collections Used

 Christmas Open House SVG Kit
 Clara’s Christmas Eve SVG Kit
 B Is For Birthday SVG Kit
 3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
 Christmas Cuddly Friends SVG Collection
 Luxury Handbags SVG Kit
 Bicycle Built for Two SVG Collection
 Rockin Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Jessica Sprague Frosted Flakes Complete Kit
  • Buttons
  • Quick Dry Adhesive
  • 8" Wilton Lollipop Stick
  • Natural Rafia
  • Brown Color Core Cardstock


Snowman Body

B Is For Birthday SVG Kit (Single Cupcake Box)
lid.svg 6.933"w x 6.482 orange
sides.svg 10.50" w x 8.262"h stripe
bottom.svg 4.80" w x 4.80"h stripe
lid.svg 5.231"w x4.891"h grey
sides.svg 7.922"w x 6.234"h snowman patttern
bottom.svg 3.594"w x 3.594"h snowman pattern
lid.svg 3.647"w x 3.41"h orange pattern
sides.svg 5.523"w x 4.346"h blue pattern
bottom.svg 2.525"w x 2.525"h blue pattern

Snowman Head

Clara's Christmas Eve (Nutcracker)
skin.svg 11.157" w x 6.348"h white

Snowman Nose, Hat and Arms

Christmas Open House SVG Kit (Snowman)
nose.svg 2.118"w x 1.545"h orange
hat.svg 9.912"w x 7.245"h grey
band.svg 9.856"w x 0.532"h red pattern
arms.svg 6.233" w x 3.699"h brown

Hat Embellishments

Bicycle Built for Two SVG Collection (Feather)
feather_top.svg 0.756"w x 2.022"h grey
feather_top.svg 0.586"w x 1.567"h grey
3D Wintergreen SVG Kit
evergreen_ferny.svg 3.678"w x 4.434"h orange pattern
Rockin Around the Christmas Tree SVG Collection
holly_flourish.svg 2.447"w x 1.94"h green

Snowman Face

Christmas Cuddly Friends SVG Collection (Angel)
black.svg 0.749"w x 1.165"h brown
lips.svg 0.729"w x 5.083 brown


Luxury Handbags SVG Kit (Clutch)
tassels.svg 11.40"w x 4.05"h orange


  1. Begin with the Large Cupcake Box, once you open note that there is a square in a square accent piece, delete that shape. Also on the top of the lid there is a square, delete that shape. You are now ready to copy, paste and resize the other 2 boxes. Cut and assemble. You should now have 3 boxes sizes large, medium and small. Stack and glue them on top of each other and glue the buttons on the lid flap. The next step is to cut and assemble the head. When you open the skin.svg, the only part you will need is the head and the 3 accent pieces. Delete everything else. You will need to add 5 more of the accent piece for the head. I glued the eyes, nose and mouth before I attached it to the stacked boxes.
  2. Cut and assemble the hat, you may refer to Mary’s tutorial video if you were to have any questions. Add the hat band and some embellishments. You are ready to glue the hat to the head. I tilted mine a little, gives it some personality!
  3. Use the rafia and wrap several times around the neck and glue. I made a little tassel and cut on a slant. Glue this as seen in the pictures.
  4. Assemble and glue arms to the top box.
  5. Next cut the evergreen_ferny. Cut or tear apart in smaller pieces. Glue as shown in photo’s.
  6. Ink or stain the lollipop stick. Cut and assemble the tassel. Glue the stick in the center of the tassel. Let dry and embellish as desired. I cut a circle in a circle for the little trim piece on the top of the tassel. You could also use a washer

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Guest Designer

  • Make this project your own. I have given you my take on it, would love to see your ideas. A beach snowman would be awesome.
  • This a great project to use up some of those pesky scraps we have lying around!
  • When possible use solid core paper, it looks so much better when you don’t see the white core.


I hope you will enjoy making this Snowman as much as I did. Part of the joy of the holidays is to be ready early and know that you have some fabulous handmade gifts all ready to go.

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