Gift Certificate Codes

Purchase a digital gift certificate code

Please contact us at to purchase a gift certificate. Please specify the amount that you'd like it to be for, and whether or not you'd like something that looks nice for printing/giving, or just the code with instructions.

Help with your gift certificate code

Need help with your gift certificate code? Check out the FAQs below. If you need additional assistance, please click here to contact us and we'll get you fixed right up!
When you type your code into the Gift Card field, the available balance is applied to your account. You need only type in the code once. If you receive a message stating that your gift card has already been redeemed, check to see if you have an available balance in the Gift Card section during checkout.
No, gift cards do not have expiration dates.
  1. First, log in at
  2. Then click on My Account.
  3. Then click on Gift Center.
  4. In the Redemption Code field, enter or paste your code and click the Redeem a Certificate button.
  5. It will be saved in your account for you to use whenever you choose.
Unfortunately, the FREEGIFT coupon code can not be applied during the purchase of a gift card.