Boss Kut Gazelle

Boss Kut Gazelle

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Customer Testimonials

I totally love my Gazelle, even the cheapest card stock cuts clean with little pressure. I've heard other machines have problems cutting perfect circles, but I've never had a problem with circles or detailed designs. Boss Kut customer service goes above and beyond, and there are no set times for support. My Gazelle gives me smooth clean cuts, it's just the right size, cuts a full 12x12, and runs as good as the day I got her which has been over two years now.

— Lori M

Purchasing my BossKut Gazelle was one of the best decisions I ever made! I have owned mine for three years, use it daily (hours at a time) and it cuts as well as is did on day one. It is built for endurance! I am able to use the nicer heavyweight 12x12 paper it cuts with one pass. I cut a lot of embellishments using .028 chipboard. I love using the pen feature as I can use 99% of the pens I own. I can cut the most intricate designs and smallest size words flawlessly. The owners are hands-on and care if you have any issues. Tech support is seven days a week. Being the owner of other cutters, I will by saying that they are all stored in a drawer taking up space.

— Judy S

I wanted to let you know how much I love my Gazelle electronic cutter as well as the Bosskut company's tech support. I had an issue with my Gazelle days after the warranty was up but Terry and John took great care to get me working correctly for minimal cost. They shipped it back, then I had a new issue. I shipped it back to them, they replaced just about everything to get the cutter working and didn't charge me a cent! Also sent me a set of new blades for my inconvenience! The communication was super, and my machine is cutting like a dream. Thanks for listening.

— Shelley

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