Wild West General Store - Supply List

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Would you believe that my popular General Store design is really fun and easy to make?? It looks complex, but it's actually simple when you break it down into its parts.

The hardest part was choosing my paper!"

I hear this a lot, and I'm always so glad, because I want my designs to be really fun for you to make. So I strive to make them detailed enough to look good, but simple enough to be fun to make.

When I saw the Cowboys paper by Steven Duncan for Carta Bella, I knew I had to use it to make a "Wild West" version of my General Store design.

My Western General Store Mock-Up

I love Steven Duncan's designs! Whether it's Halloween, or Christmas-themed, etc. his colorful, vintage-tinged designs always tug at my nostalgic heartstrings.

This collection is no exception. Although I adore each sheet, here are the actual sheets I've ordered to make my Wild West General Store.

Ranch Frames

I'm featuring this cool paper on a side wall of my structure. The balance of sharp contrast and shadows looks so striking to me. See it here.

Western Floral

This is gorgeous! I'm featuring this on the front and center of my Western General Store. See it here.

Cowboy Boots (Backside)

I'm using the backside of this paper. I love the Southwest feel, and it's perfect for the back of my building. See it here.

3x4 Journaling Cards (Backside)

I love this! It looks like tooled leather. I'm featuring it on the main roof and backside of the smaller building. See it here.

Cowboy Stripes

This bold paper makes such a nice contrast. I'm using it on some small strips, even though it deserves a larger role. See it here.

6x4 Journaling Cards (Backside)

This night sky paper is too cool!!! I'm featuring it on the roof of the smaller building in my General Store design. See it here.

Red Bandana

I just love the red bandana design! I'm featuring it on the side of my project. See it here.

All of these papers will look so good on my mostly-brown and black building. It's going to have such a different look than the original Patriotic-themed General Store.

I'll also be using some solid 12x12" textured Card Stock paper. Specifically:

  • two sheets of black
  • eight sheets of dark brown
  • three sheets of medium brown
  • a scrap of red (5x4”) and
  • a scrap of golden yellow (also 5x4”)

I like using textured solid-core card stock paper that's about 80# (a measurement of its thickness). This is the type of card stock paper that's typically available by-the-sheet where craft supplies are sold.

For specialty paper, I'm going to use:

  • one 8x6" piece of vellum for the windows
  • a small 2x2" scrap of shiny gold paper as a small star-shaped accent that will sorta look like a Sheriff's badge


I'm going to keep the signage easy and use some of these cool designs in the Cowboys Ephemera package.

Lighting-up my project when I'm finished will be the cherry on top. I'm going to use these warm white LED lights that can be plugged-in, so there's no fussing with batteries. To be safe, I won't leave this on and unattended.

Supply List

Solid Textured Card Stock paper

  • black - two 12x12" sheets
  • dark brown - eight 12x12" sheets
  • medium brown - three 12x12" sheets
  • red - a 5x4” scrap
  • golden yellow - a 5x4” scrap

Specialty Card Stock

  • vellum - 8x6” piece
  • gold foil - a 2x2” scrap

Patterned paper

Paper Cutting Machine

I personally use a first-generation Cricut Maker cutting machine, but other popular machines include:

Digital Template


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Mary Bonk - SVGCuts

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