12 Essential Accessories to Enhance Your Electronic Cutting Machine for Paper Crafting in 2023

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Spoiler alert: you need a white gel pen

Mary Bonk - SVGCuts

When it comes to paper crafting with an electronic cutting machine, having the right accessories can make a world of difference. These accessories not only enhance the capabilities of your cutting machine but also open up a realm of creative possibilities. In this article, we will explore 12 essential accessories that will take your paper crafting to the next level in 2023.

Precision Cutting

1. Versatile cutting mats ensure you're ready for different materials and projects. One of the key components of achieving precise cuts is using the right cutting mat. Different materials require different levels of stickiness. For specialty papers like glitter paper and mirror paper, having an extra-sticky mat can be incredibly helpful. On the other hand, when working with lightweight paper, a low-level of mat stickiness prevents tearing and ensures clean cuts. Consider exploring the range of cutting mats offered by WorkLion, which cater to various material requirements.


Promising review: "These work just as good as the cricut brand, only difference is they're much more affordable!" --Ashley Hampton

Get them from Amazon for $12.99 (comes in a 5 pack)

2. If you're using a Cricut Maker, the Cricut Scoring Wheel is a game-changer for creating flawless folds and score lines in your paper crafts. This tool presses a firm solid line into your shapes, making folding a breeze. However, if your machine doesn't have a built-in scoring feature, don't worry! You can still achieve great results by folding along dashed cut lines instead.


Promising review: "I originally purchased an off-brand scoring wheel and I hated it. It would score so deeply that the cardstock would break/rip when I would fold it. As such, I always used a scoring stylus instead. But I decided to see if the scoring wheel would work better if I bought the name brand Cricut wheel. And it does! I am no longer having that issue of the wheel cutting through the cardstock. Yay!" --Saliandra

Get it from Amazon for $25.70

3. Download high-quality cutting files. The quality of cutting files can significantly impact the outcome of your paper crafting projects. Look for cutting files, such as those from SVGCuts, that are specifically designed for electronic cutting machines. These designs often feature slightly rounded corners for optimized cutting and ensure that intricate details are cut flawlessly. With years of experience in designing cutting files, SVGCuts understands the balance between aesthetics and cutting performance.


Promising review: "Perfect for small Christmas gifts where I have included a hand cream and matching body soap." --Maggie Wiseman

Get them from SVGCuts for $8.49 $0.00

Essential Tools

4. AC Cardstock has never disappointed. When it comes to the main parts of your paper craft designs, using high-quality card stock paper is essential. AC Cardstock or similarly-textured 12x12 solid-core paper works beautifully, with an approximate weight of 80#. You can also find suitable options at craft supply stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn.


Promising review: "When I got the pack, I was happy to all the new colors. I love that AC sheets are archival safe" --Virginia

Get it from 12x12 Cardstock Shop for as low as $0.41/sheet (and save 10% on your first order)

5. Having a toolset that facilitates easy handling and cleaning is invaluable for smooth paper crafting sessions. A spatula is a must-have accessory for effortlessly removing shapes from your cutting mat, ensuring seamless peeling without bending or damaging your creations. Additionally, a scraper comes in handy for sharply creasing fold lines, especially for cards and envelopes. Precision scissors are also useful for precisely cutting ribbon or twine when embellishing your paper crafts.


Promising review: "I've looked at several different products in stores and online. Most of the items looked the same but did not seem as well made as the "brand" named products. I took a chance with these because of the great price, and they did not disappoint! These weeding tools saved me not only time, because of their easy to use design, but money as well, not only because of their awesome price but time is money and they made my job quicker! Would 100% recommend! You won't be disappointed!" --Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $8.99 (includes six tools)

6. Scotch Quick Drying Tacky Glue is a popular choice, known for its widespread availability in craft supply stores. When it comes to adhesive application, finding a product that offers neat and efficient results is crucial. It dries quickly, clear, and features a precision nozzle for precise application. Another highly recommended option is Art Glitter Glue, which serves as a versatile adhesive beyond just glitter applications. Many paper crafters swear by its reliability for assembling intricate designs.


Promising review: "Wow! I paper craft daily and this glue if Fantastic. the small bottle size helps me get into those tiny areas that a larger bottle would have trouble getting to. a small amount does the job well and adheres within a min. This glue dries quickly and clear. It bonds so very well that i can build paper structures that stand up very well . I recommend this for any crafter." --jennifer cox

Get it from Amazon for $9.23 (or try Art Glitter Glue for $8.90)

Expanding Possibilities

7. A compartmentalized container will have you excited to sort out your brads and buttons by color. To make the most of your paper crafting accessories, keeping them organized is essential. Organizing them by color not only adds visual appeal but also makes it easier to find the perfect embellishment for your projects.


Promising review: "I needed a place to store all of my rhinestones and this was perfect. I love that I can make some of the sections bigger if needed too. It doesn't take up a lot of space either." --Lorie Ann

Get it from Amazon for $8.99

Adding Texture and Dimension

8. An embossing machine adds texture to your paper crafts and can take them to a whole new level. When used with a embossing folders, you can unlock a world of textures, such as woodgrain, snowflakes and swirls. Consider investing in an embossing machine to create stunning textured elements.


Promising review: "I've been crafting for nearly half a century but recently got very into papercraft and card making. This tool is fantastic for use with embossing folders, 3D embossing folders and cutting dies of all kinds. The pressure is greater than the Sizzix Texture Boutique I was using for embossing previously, so I get much nicer results from every folder I have whether name-brand or knock-off. The fact that the sides and the handle fold in to reduce the footprint to approximately the size of the standard cutting pads is a huge help for storage." --Heather Baker

Get it from Amazon for $195.99 $158.07 (and 12 embossing folders for $16.98)

9. Clear adhesive dots are your secret weapon, allowing you to create eye-catching dimensional elements in your paper crafts. Use them strategically to lift certain elements, creating visual interest and making your projects stand out.


Promising review: "These work just like I needed them too. For years I used Glue Dots “pop up dots 3-D effects”. When I could no longer find them I went on a mission to find something similar. That’s when I found these." --Beverly

Get a pack of 125 from Amazon for $6.46 (tip: they can be cut into smaller pieces to maximize your investment)

Convenience and Maintenance

10. A paper trimmer, particularly a guillotine cutter, can be incredibly useful when you need to make precise cuts. Instead of using a whole sheet of paper for a small design, you can quickly cut a specific size using a paper trimmer. This saves material, preserves mat stickiness, and ensures clean and accurate cuts.


Promising review: "An excellent little paper cutter! Has a good weight, nice safety feature and is an attractive piece in my craft room / home office! Highly recommend!!!" --VozieMom

Get it from Amazon for $47.67

11. Having spare blades on hand is essential for uninterrupted crafting sessions. Blades can become dull over time, leading to less precise cuts, so it's always wise to have replacements available.


Promising review: "This blade is super sharp and cuts even the smallest pieces out cleanly. You do have to replace it more often than I’d like, but it does a great job." --TS

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $3.99 (for Cricut Explore and Maker machines)

Finishing Touches

12. A white gel pen is an invaluable accessory for those who love adding intricate details to their paper crafts. This versatile tool allows you to add highlights, fine lines, and delicate accents to your designs. Whether you want to give a lifelike look to eyes, create faux stitching, or add intricate patterns, a white gel pen is the perfect choice. Unlock a new level of creativity and realism in your paper crafts with the artistic possibilities offered by a white gel pen.


Promising review: "The ink in this pen goes on smoothly and makes a sharp solid line. I’ve used cheaper white pens that created lines that were weak and broken up, which made the letters look broken up and a bit messy. This ink dried solid and looked professional." --A Guy in Palm Springs

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $5.30

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