Fan Spotlight | Christmas Village by Holzhexe

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Christmas Manor Houses

Holy cow! These look amazing together, all dressed-up for Christmas!!! I'm in love!!! Holzhexe (S. Herman), you sure outdid yourself! WOW wow wow.

Here we have Maple Manor, Magnolia Manor and Mistletoe Manor all together, lit-up and decked-out BIG TIME!

I'm enchanted!

Maple Manor

Here's a closer look at Maple Manor. The window silhouettes and brick-patterned paper for the panels look so cool. It's magical! Not to mention the fluffy snow and greenery!!

The tree in the window and the extra fence details are just too cool! Maple Manor sure looks festive for Christmas!

Magnolia Manor

Next, we have Magnolia Manor. WOW! Look at that heavy dusting of snow and that beautiful, thick greenery and wreath. What a cozy, festive feel this has! The patterned paper for the panels looks like stone, and so realistic.

The light inside creates such cool dimension. The garland appears to be lit-up too. I feel like I better get inside, take my boots off and have some hot cocoa!

Mistletoe Manor

Finally, we have Mistletoe Manor, decked-out too with beautiful icicles and lush, festive greenery. Love the adorable mailbox and ladder too. What sweet details. Those silhouettes in the windows look so intriguing.

I sure love seeing a darker photo of it too. It looks so realistic!

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