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Hi Crafty Friends! I hope you and your family and friends are doing well.

Pregnancy Update

I've been trying to get caught-up on my Customer Service e-mails and messages, and also taking "ME-time" when I need to. I've been prepping for Baby, realizing there's a real possibility she could arrive sooner than her due date of May 25th. I mean, I don't have a reason to think she WOULD, but I've been seeing some of my fellow "May 2020" moms-to-be online having their babies a bit early--nice and plump and healthy. Some of them were due several weeks before me, so although there are a lot of variables, it's hitting me that we are so close!! It's hard to believe my husband Tony and I are going to get to hold her in our arms before too long!

mary-seven-weeks-2020We just set up our baby monitor in her room this morning, and I ordered a waterproof mattress cover and fitted sheet, as well as a super cute diaper bag. I'm going to plan/pack my hospital bag later today. Fingers crossed (and saying prayers) that when the big day is here, our hospital still has a policy of allowing one support person to come with me so that I can have my husband there. I've been pretty "tough" about it thus far and not letting myself worry too much, but of course it sure is an odd time to be planning on delivering a baby.

I've been putting together a video showing the progress of her nursery, so if you'd like to see that, I will be sure to share that at some point when it's all done!

Facebook Visitor Posts

Also, this morning, I was catching up on some Visitor Posts on our Facebook Page, which I always seem to be behind on... you guys are amazing!! I love seeing your projects! I've been having a hard time keeping up with commenting on them. But thank you for still sharing them.

Sherry's Shadowbox Frame

I'm loving this project photo that Sherry posted on our Facebook Page!!

First of all, I love seeing a project with a different theme. This looks so cool with this trendy paper and the "everyday" theme. Love the shiny gold accents!

It's so neat to see it without its original CHRISTMAS theme!

This is the Shadowbox Frame, which is from the Christmas section of our site. It's offered individually, and as part of the Santa's Helpful Elves SVG Kit.

As you can see here, it could certainly be given a different theme or color scheme.

Love it, Sherry!


Such a cute picture, too! And what a fun, inexpensive way to display some favorite 4x6" photos.

And what a fun way to use some patterned paper that you may have sitting around!

PNG image-FD10BE1EA3D5-1FREE Download

This project is currently being offered FREE through Thursday, April 16th, 2020.

You can download it from our site right here: Shadowbox Frame

There's no coupon code necessary.

50% Off SALE

Since it's part of the whole Santa's Helpful Elves SVG Kit, that's been marked down by 50% through Thursday too. No code necessary.

You can see that on our site right here: Santa's Helpful Elves SVG Kit

Be Well

Stay healthy and safe, and if you're celebrating Easter or Passover, may your experience be meaningful and sacred in its own way. Keeping all of our front-line workers, first responders, health care workers, grocery store workers, delivery people and everyone else out there in my thoughts and prayers. Be well! ~Mary

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