How to Download, Unzip and Save SVG Files Using an iPhone

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Want to download and save our designs using your iPhone? You can do it! All from the comfort of the iPhone in your hand! Let's go!

First, if you'd like, you can create a folder in your Files app, which is built into your iPhone. Open the Files app, and tap the Browse icon to "go home." Tap iCloud Drive and then tap the folder with the plus sign icon. If you don't see it, pull your screen down.

Add a new folder, such as "SVGCuts"

You can organize this however you'd like.

Download Your Files From Us

You can download the item/s from your Order immediately after Checkout, or later from the My Account section of our site.

IMG_6979Whether you've (A) reached the end of Checkout and clicked the "Place Order" button, or (B) navigated to an Order in the My Account section of our site, you'll see a page displaying one or more large, green Download buttons.

From there, tap the Download button.

You'll see your file displayed.


Yours will probably have a different name that the one in my example, but it will end in ".zip"

Tap "More..."

Tap "Save to Files"

Choose a location where you'd like to save your new files.

The file is now saved on your phone in the Files app.

Tap on it and then on "Preview Content" to view its content. From here you can view and/or print your PDF Menu document. You can see one or more photos of the finished project/s. You can also preview your SVG files.

Your SVG files are still "zipped," however. You can't simply "unzip" the entire folder, but you can choose SVG files to save (i.e. "unzip") which you can then later access using apps such as the Cricut Design Space app.

Save Your SVG Files

Tap the "three lines" icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen to view the folder's contents in a list. Choose the SVG file you'd like to use and then on the square/arrow icon and then tap Save to Files. Select a location and tap Add. This is now ready to be used.

Repeat for any additional SVG files you'd like to use. To save time, use the file/s in the Extras folder that contain the word "entire." These contain the entire project saved as a single file, which is much easier to upload/insert in some cutting machine software, such as the Cricut Design Space app.


You can now navigate to these from within an app such as the Cricut Design Space app.

Cricut Design Space App Tips

You'll need to open the Cricut Design Space app and with your Canvas visible, tap Upload, tap Browse Files, and navigate to where you've saved your file/s.

If you upload/insert an entire project's file, once it's on your mat, you'll need to select the entire file on your canvas, tap Actions and then Ungroup.

If you've uploaded/inserted a "solid score lines" version our files, proceed to change any score lines' Linetype from Cut to Score by tapping on its layer, then its small arrow icon and then on Score.

"Attach" any shapes that have more than one layer, such as score lines or reference numbers, by selecting the whole shape and then tapping Attach (also in the Actions Menu).

I hope that was helpful! Thanks for stopping by! ~Mary


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