Christmas Tree Sneak Peek and Materials List

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I can't wait to show you "the full reveal" on this project.. it should be ready around the middle of next week.

Sneak Peek


Update! It's here!!


It was inspired by the ceramic trees that my grandma and mom painted and fired at the ceramics warehouse "back in the day." 🙂

Materials List

In case you're curious, here are the materials I used.



The colorful plastic "bulbs" are from Amazon: click or tap here to see them on Amazon. There are enough bulbs for two to three tree projects, depending on how meticulous you want to be about which color goes where, and depending on the ratio of color variation in your bag.

Clear bulbs are also available from Amazon here. Also check out red bulbs, light blue bulbs and gold bulbs!

Candle Lamp


It's lit-up with an electronic candle lamp by Creative Hobbies (or Darice) from Amazon: click or tap here to see it on Amazon.

It's the same candle lamp that I've used before for two projects: the Christmas Eve SVG Kit Lamp Post and the Ghosts N' Goblins SVG Kit Jack O' Lantern Lamp.

Similar candle lamps can be purchased in person at some stores. I checked today, and Michaels and Wal-Mart do NOT carry them. Battery-operated candle lamps will not work. Hobby Lobby and Meijer DO carry them in the seasonal lighting area.


Optional Brighter Bulb

I substituted a brighter LED bulb in the candle lamp to make it a bit brighter.


It doesn't go over the "allowed wattage" but it's brighter because it contains brighter (LED) lights. Click or tap here to see it on Amazon. (Update: I'm no longer seeing these sold indivdually on Amazon.)

I also saw them (for a lower price) at Wal-Mart in the light bulb aisle under the brands Great Value and GE.


You'll want to be sure the wattage does not go over the allowed wattage for your candle lamp. The maximum wattage on the candle lamps is usually 7 watts. The substitute bulb's brightness is comparable to a 40-60 watt bulb, but the actual wattage is 3-4 watts.


Mary-Rudakas-SVGCutsI used 10 sheets of dark green 12x12 card stock paper for the tree. It would also look great in white!

I inked the edges with a light green ink pad (Pistachio by Colorbox).

Its "base" (not pictured above) uses three sheets of 12x12 red paper (however, it's your choice of color). The base also uses two pieces of patterned paper (10x6" and 8x2.5" to be exact) for decorative panels.

As usual, I used my favorite glue to assemble it.

Stay tuned for the full reveal! Can't wait! 🙂 ~Mary

P.S. I'm filming the Assembly Tutorial today (Wednesday, November 8th) while I make an all-white version!

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