Why Don't I See the SVG File I Just Inserted in Cricut Design Space?

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"I purchased the Carousel Ride SVG kit. I downloaded it and uploaded it to my Cricut. When I went to use it, there is nothing showing up on my canvas." ~Sue

Unfortunately, something has changed in the Cricut Design Space software, and some SVG files are importing “off the mat.”

If this happens, you can click on the file name in your Layers window to select it, and then enter “zero” and “zero” in the X and Y fields near the top of your screen.


This moves the selected shape to the top left corner of your on-screen mat.


I'm working to change this if possible, but of course I'm limited when it comes to how the Cricut Design Space software handles SVG files.  This just started happening within the last week. 🙁


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