Why Are My Score Lines on a Different Mat in Cricut Design Space?

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If you're cutting out an SVG file that has score lines or numbers on it, you have to "attach" the lines in the Cricut Design Space software.

Missing this step is a VERY common problem that new users have. And there's really no way for anyone to know that it's necessary.

We get several messages a day from people asking why their score lines are acting strange in the Cricut Design Space software.

"When I transfer SVG files to Design Space, even after I have made sure to have the score and cut items together, when I go to create, it separates my score items and places them first.  How do I correct this so I can score then cut?" ~Judy

Unfortunately there's a little-known extra step that you have to take when your SVG file contains score lines.

Attaching Score Lines in Cricut Design Space

You'll need to “attach” the score lines in the Cricut Design Space software.

If the shape you imported into the Cricut Design Space software has score lines, you’ll need to:

  1. Select the file on your mat
  2. Click Attach (bottom right corner)

If your SVG files are acting wacky in Cricut Design Space, this is usually why.

Frequenly Asked Questions

Some common questions that we've gotten because of this are along the lines of:

"When I cut the pieces in my Cricut Design Space, it did not score any of the fold lines! How am I supposed to know where the fold lines go?" ~Maureen

"Design Space wanted one piece to be on two mats, since that made no sense to me, I put it through the same mat twice, and of course, there were cuts on top of cuts. Why would that one piece need two mats? Sorry, I am new to doing paper stuff on the Cricut, although I am a web designer/developer, so I'm pretty tech savvy." ~Nadine

"I purchased the Haunted Forest SVG Kit - love it!!!! But the score lines are not matching up when I cut it in Design Space. Any help will be very appreciated." ~Barbara

"I recently purchased some files from you and I am having trouble getting the files to cut in Cricut Design Space. Either they will have score lines on it or cut lines on it but not both. However on the canvas it shows both cut and score lines. When I go to cut, it just shows the cut lines, but then there are mats that only show the score lines with no images on the mat only score lines. Am I doing something wrong?" ~Cecilia

"I am new to Cricut and do not know how to get the score lines onto the mat that cuts the specific piece." ~Barbara

"When I go to cut anything that should have scoring lines in it, it will give me additional pages to cut with dotted lines that goes with nothing and my cuts that should be scored are not." ~Sheila

"I hope you can help - my last order contains some pieces that look like they have the score lines attached to another piece other than the one it belongs on.  I was not able to ungroup to move the lines to where they should be in Design Space.  Can you please help me with this?" ~Debbie

Going Forward

I'm not sure why there's this extra step. I wish it was more streamlined. Hopefully some day this step won't be necessary. Thanks for stopping by and for shopping with us! ~Mary

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