Festive Christmas Tablescape by Ilda Dias

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Add a little paper to your table this Christmas and see how festive it can become! Your guests will surely appreciate the attention to all your little details!

SVG Collections Used

3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit
Catacomb Manor SVG Kit
Christmas Cuties SVG Collection
Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit
Joyful Christmas Cards SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Snow Village Paper Pad by Pink Paislee
  • Ribbon
  • Rhinestones
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Wooden Dowel
  • Sharpie marker
  • Embossing Folders
  • Scoreboard and bone folder


 3D Wintergreens SVG Kit (Holly and Berries)
berries.svg 0.407" H x 2.007" W Red
holly.svg 1.526" H x 2.007 " W Green
(Poinsettia - Spindly)
leaves.svg 2.791" H x 5.455" W Green
petals1.svg 3.109" H x 5.455" W Red
petals2.svg 2.353" H x 5.455" W Red
Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit (Cube)
box_bottom.svg 4.554" H x 5.262" W Blue & White Polka Dot
box_side.svg 5.151" H x 5.262" W (cut 4) Blue & White Polka Dot
lid_side.svg 2.408" H x 5.262" W (cut 4) Blue Chevron
lid_top.svg 4.473" H x 5.262" W Blue Chevron
Catacomb Manor SVG Kit (Witch Hat Topiary)
hat.svg 12.416" H x 12.938" W Christmas Floral
Christmas Cuties SVG Collection (Poinsettia)
green.svg 3.000" H x 4.283" H Green
red1.svg 3.000" H x 2.748" H Red & White Floral
red2.svg 3.000" H x 2.710" H Red & White Floral
accents.svg 7.371" H x 1.901" W Gold Stripe
cuff_and_eyes.svg 7.371" H x 3.805" W Snowflake
stocking.svg 7.371" H x 4.402" W (cut2) Gold Reindeer
Clara's Christmas Eve SVG Kit (Snowflake Card)
flake1_top.svg 4.123" H x 4.000" W Snowflake
flake2_top.svg 12.171" H x 11.171" W (plates) Red & White Polka Dot
Joyful Christmas Cards SVG Kit (Angel)
angel_dress.svg 3.128" H x 4.000" W (cut 2) Blue & White Polka Dot
angel_white.svg 3.344" H x 4.000" W White
hair.svg 0.879" H x 4.000" W Brown
recorder.svg 1.415" H x 4.000" W Yellow
skin_tone.svg 0.747" H x 4.000" W Beige
Basic Shapes Library
Circles 0.5", 2.5" White


Centerpiece (Angel, Tree, Gift box)

  1. Begin by opening up the pieces for the angel from Joyful Christmas Cards SVG Kit. No resizing required. Cut out all your pieces. You will need to cut out 2 pieces of the angel_dress.svg. Glue the 2 dress pieces together by only placing glue along the outside edge of the sides of the dress. Ensure you leave the bottom open as you will use this opening to slide the angel onto the tree. Set your angel aside once assembled.
  2. To create the tree, open up the hat.svg from Catacomb Manor SVG Kit. Resize, ungroup and delete the circle shapes (brim of the witches’ hat). This next step is optional… I removed the circle from the octagonal shape as I did not have a dowel
    that was tall enough. Cut out the hat and octagonal pieces. Assemble.  Glue a 7/16” dowel (cut to 9” long) to the center of the bottom of the tree using hot glue. Set aside. (NOTE: If you do have a 16” long dowel, leave the center circle in the
    octagonal piece and just insert the dowel through that opening as instructed in the SVG Cuts video assembly tutorial.)
  3. To create the base of the centerpiece, begin by opening up the files for the cube box from the Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit. Resize the files. To the  lid_top.svg add a circle to the center measuring 0.5” round. Cut out all the pieces and assemble. (Note: As this is one of SVG Cuts older kits, it does not contain cut lines.  I simply added some score lines to my pieces, but if you don’t know how to, I would recommend using a use a scoreboard. ) Open the snowflake (flake1.top.svg) from
  4. Clara’s  Christmas Eve SVG Kit, add a 0.5” circle to the center of it. Cut it out and glue it to the top of the box’s lid. Next, add some hot glue to the center of the inside of the bottom of the box. Insert the dowel through the lid opening and hold the dowel in place to dry.
  5. Cut out and assemble the floral pieces from the 3D Winter Greens SVG Kit. Attach to the centerpiece.  Add the angel to the top of the tree. Embellish as the tree as much as you like!

Place Settings (Cutlery Stocking, Plate Charger and Coasters)

  1. To create your cutlery stocking open up the files for the stocking from the Christmas Cuties SVG Collection.  Resize as indicated. Delete the eyes from the cuff_and_eyes.svg file. Cut out pieces. You will need to cut out 2 pieces of the stocking.svg. (If you want to use the same paper on the back of the stocking, flip the second stocking piece horizontally before cutting it out.) Glue both the stocking pieces you cut out together along the outside edges, leaving the top cuff part open. This will create a pocket for your cutlery to slide through. Glue on the remaining stocking pieces on. Finish the stocking by adding the poinsettia to the corner of the cuff.  Embellish and add your cutlery. Repeat this process to create as many as you need for the number of people sitting at your table.
  2. Add some color and interest to your plates by sandwiching a decorative plate charger in between them. To create this simply open up the flake2_top.svg, resize and cut out as many as you need. This will also keep your fancy plates from scratching each other!
  3. These coasters are both decorative and functional!  Have a sharpie nearby the table and have each guest sign their name to their coaster. This will keep their glasses from getting all mixed up. Or, add your guest names ahead of time so they know exactly where they will be sitting! To create these, repeat the process from step 2 and add a 2.5” circle for writing space to the center of the snowflake!

Design Tips

Ilda Dias - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • Use papers on your table that will coordinate with your Christmas style and décor.
  • These ideas could be used to decorate the table for other occasions. Play with the files you have to coordinate with your party theme.
  • Add some treats (wrapped chocolates) to the inside of the box of the centerpiece. This will give it some weight to hold it in place, and hide some treats for when you need a sweet fix!Hope this festive Christmas tablescape has inspired you to add a little paper to your table this year! Happy Holidays everyone, from my table to yours!

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