Fallin' Pumpkins Centerpiece by Ilda Dias

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Warm up your house this Fall with this beautiful Fallin’ Pumpkins Centerpiece! The perfect Fall decoration for your table or mantle. Your family and guests won’t believe it’s paper!

SVG Collections Used

3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit
Bedtime Stories SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit
Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit
Fall Harvest SVG Kit
Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Recollections Cardstock
  • Bazzill Basics Paper
  • Buttons
  • Crinkle Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Raffia
  • Seed beads
  • Eyelets
  • Crop a Dile Big Bite
  • Bone folder or creasing tool
  • Black, brown, red, orange, green, gold ink pads
  • Embossing Machine and folders
  • Paper slicer
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Heat glue gun
  • Weights (glass beads, beans, etc)
  • Silhouette Cameo using SSDE


3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit (Sunflower)
centers.svg 3.528" H x 7.849" W Brown
leaf.svg 1.697" H x 7.849" W (cut 3)
1.444" H x 6.681" W (cut2)
petals.svg 3.595" H x 7.849" W Yellow
Bedtime Stories SVG Kit (Pumpkin)
leaves.svg 4.402" H x 2.300" W (cut 7) Olive Green
panels.svg 10.405" H x 10.600" W (top pumpkin)
11.491" H x 11.707" W (middle pumpkin)
pumkin1.svg 10.844" H x 11.400" W (top pumpkin)
11.976" H x 12.590" W (middle pumpkin)
pumkin2.svg 5.739" H x 6.800" W (top pumpkin)
6.338" H x 7.510" W (middle pumpkin)
stem.svg 2.975" H x 4.000" W Craft
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit (Extras)
acorn_bottom.svg 1.712" H x 1.445" W Craft
acorn_top.svg 1.320" H x 1.445" W Brown
flower_bottom.svg 3.894" H x 1.848" W Deep Red
oak_leaf_bottom.svg 3.139" H x 2.000" W (cut 2)
2.755" H x 1.755" W (cut 2)
Dark Brown
oak_leaf_top.svg 2.664" H x 2.000" W (cut 2)
2.337" H x 1.755" W (cut 2)
Light Brown
Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit (Extras - 3D Sunflower)
center.svg 1.939" H x 2.427" W Brown
petals1.svg 2.425" H x 2.427" W Yellow
petals2.svg 2.435" H x 2.427" W Yellow
(Oak Leaf Swirly)
bottom.svg 1.732" H x 1.000" W Dark Green
top.svg 1.636" H x 1.000" W Olive Green
Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit (Pumpkin Carriage)
pumpkin_panels.svg 13.392" H x 12.687" W Orange
pumpkin2.svg 11.072" H x 13.392" W Orange
(Corn Stalk Luminary)
corn_stalks.svg 3.519"H x 9.500" W (cut 2 of each color) Rust, Craft
Fall Harvest SVG Kit (Apple Pie Box)
flower.svg 1.296" H x 1.300" W (cut 3) Yellow
mum_dark.svg 2.877" H x 1.836" W Burgundy
mum_light.svg 3.757" H x 1.836" W Burgundy
mum_med.svg 3.360" H x 1.836" W Burgundy
rose.svg 5.151" H x 6.886" W Red
Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit (Flower Pail with 3D Roses)
band_middle.svg 4.480" H x 7.800" W Black
band_top.svg 1.800" H x 8.000" W Black
handles.svg 3.533" H x 8.000" W Black
handles_accent.svg 2.799" H x 3.500" W Black
pail_bottom.svg 3.783" H x 7.800" W Green
pail1.svg 9.631" H x 8.500" W Green
pail2.svg 9.631" H x 8.500" W Green


Bottom Pumpkin

  1. Begin by opening up the pumpkin_panels.svg from the Pumpkin Carriage of the Enchanted Autumn SVG Kit. Resize as indicated above.
  2. Highlight the file, ungroup or select Release Compound Path. Delete the top 4 panels, leaving only the 4 bottom identical panels. Regroup the 4. Copy and paste another set of panels. Should be left with 8 panels in total.
  3. Open pumpkin2.svg. Resize. Ungroup. Move the octagon to the side. Regroup the bottom 4 panels with cut lines. Copy and paste bottom 4 panels.
  4. Send to the cutting machine.
  5. Emboss the outer panels of the pumpkin if desired.
  6. Assemble bottom pumpkin.

Middle and Top Pumpkin

  1.  The difference between the middle and top pumpkin is only in the size, and the addition of a stem to the top pumpkin. Open up the files for the pumpkin from the Bedtime Stories SVG Kit. Resize, cut and emboss outer panels and assemble. (Note: The size differences between the top and middle pumpkins are indicated in the chart above).Tip: Select 3 different shades of orange or other color papers for each pumpkin.


  1. Locate the flowers from the kits listed above. Open, resize, cut and assemble. Set flowers aside.Tip: Ink edges for a more realistic flower appearance and to add depth.


  1. Start by opening the corn_stalks.svg. Resize. Cut to quantity and color selected.
  2. Open, resize and cut any leaves in the chart above. Set aside.Tip: Use the tip of a bone folder or creasing tool to create some free hand veins on the leaves. Curl the edges for a more realistic look. Ink edges with fall tone inks.


  1. Open up svg files for the Flower Pail from Mom’s Garden Gifts SVG Kit. No sizing required as files were unaltered. Cut and assemble as per SVG Cut directions.Tip 1: For some added interest I embossed the middle and top band of the pail with a floral design. I then used a gold ink pad and gently brushed the top of the embossed patterns. I also inked the handles of the pail.Tip 2: Before attaching the handles to the pail, gently curl them using a bone folder or creasing tool. Rather than attaching the handles straight downward onto the pail, I placed mine upside down and upward, bending down the handle slightly creating more of a 3D look to the handles.

Putting it All Together

Fallin’ Pumpkins

  1. Time to stack the pumpkins! Turn on your hot glue gun. Play with the way you want the pumpkins to sit on top of each other. I went with a topsy turvy look! Add some weight to the bottom pumpkin to keep the structure from falling over if the pumpkins are not quite balanced. Once you’re happy with how the pumpkins are stacked, start gluing from the bottom pumpkin upwards.
  2. Wrap the raffia around the pumpkins, covering up any gaps that may be seen. Tie a nice knot. Trim the ends.
  3. Play around with the flowers and leaves you have cut out. Once you are happy with how they look hot glue or glue in place.
  4. Add some ribbon to the top pumpkin around the stem. Glue leaves and buttons. Embellish as you like.

Pail and Greenery

  1. Start by gluing the corn stalks to the inside rim of the pail. Staggering the corn and color. Curl the ends up and down randomly.
  2. Place the assembled pumpkins on top of the pail. Randomly but neatly place the leaves as you like. Glue the leaves only on to part of the corn stalks or to the pail.
  3. To make the curly cues (pumpkin vines) simply cut some thin strips of cardstock using a paper slicer and curl each piece using a bone folder.  Add weights to the bottom of the pail.NOTE: Do NOT glue the pumpkins to pail if you want the option of using these pieces separately! If you choose to glue the entire piece together (pumpkins with pail) ensure you add some weights to the pail first. Then glue together and embellish with greenery. The finished project is approximately 22 inches tall (Pumpkins + Pail). Please take that into account when creating this for your own space.

Design Tips

Ilda Dias - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • If you are creating this project to give as a gift you may want to fill the pail with treats or a gift rather than using weights. If this is the case you may also want to cover up the inside of the pail where the greenery was glued. You can do that by adding a wide band of cardstock matching the pail color and gluing it to the inside of the pail for a more finished look!
  • Be creative with the colors; match them to suit your décor and style.Hope this Fallin’ Pumpkins Centerpiece has inspired you to create some Fall décor for your own home or someone else's!

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