Scarecrow Lantern Surprise by Guest Designer Sharalyn Morgan

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This happy little scarecrow has a few secrets. He is a lantern and a gift box as well.

SVG Collections Used

Maison de Madeline SVG Kit
Haunted Forest SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Graphic 45 French Country Collection
  • American Craft Card Stock
  • Bazzill Card Stock
  • Tim Holtz Rusty Hinge Ink Pad
  • Card Stock Vellum
  • Light Brown Marker
  • Jean Ribbon
  • Pebbles Pearlescent Chalks (cheeks)
  • Buttons Galore Buttons
  • Raffia
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Hot Glue


Masion de Madeline SVG Kit (scarecrow body)
Pretty_octagon_box_bottom.svg 11.40 W x 10.323 H Solid Card Stock 1
Pretty_octagon_box_lid.svg 7.600 W x 8.029 H Solid Card Stock 1
Small 8 side octogon (basic shape) .0378 W x .0378 H 2
Lid_panel.svg 2.800 W x 2.800 H Pattern Paper 1
Lid_panels.svg 5.800 W x 2.023 H Pattern Paper 1
Rectangle shape ( accents for bottom of box) 1.396 W x 2.533 H Pattern Paper 8
Haunted Forest SVG Kit (scarecrow head)
Jack.svg 10.781 W x 10.713 H Solid Card Stock 1
Jack_Panels.svg 7.628 W x 6.151 H Solid Card Stock 1
Small 8 sided octagon (basic shape) .0378 W x .0378 H 2
Hat.svg 10.230 W x 7.613 H Solid Card Stock 1
Hat_panels.svg 8.346 W x 4.106 H Pattern Paper 1
Vellum Rectangle (nose and mouth insert) 0.282 W x 1.501 H Vellum 1


  1. Choose papers for the scarecrow, keeping in mind that you will be using the pretty octagon box as his shirt.
  2. Open the lid from pretty octagon box from Maison de Madeline SVG Kit. Right click and release compound path, right click and un-group.
  3. Click on the small Octagon shape which is the knob for the pretty octagon box and resize it. To do this right click and release compound path, right click and ungroup then resize to W 0.378 x H 0.378 H. Duplicate it so that you have a total of 4 octagons this size.  Move three of them off to the side to use later. Align this to the center of your lid. Click on object then modify and subtract, this will make the holes for your tea light blub to fit through.
  4. Cut box out of solid card stock and glue together. Cut 8 rectangles, sized at W.1.396 x 2.533 H using your patterned paper.
  5. Open the Jack O Lantern from Haunted Forest SVG Kit. Size the Jack O lantern to W. 10.781 H 10.713. Select the Jack O Lantern svg and right click, release compound path. Bring one of the extra octagons onto the bottom of the Jack O lantern and align to center. Select both the little octagon and the bottom of the Jack o Lantern. Click object then modify and subtract. Repeat this step as well for the insert for the Jack O Lantern. Take extra care to make sure that the insert and the bottom "holes" align when you glue your Jack O Lantern/ scarecrow head together otherwise the blub from the tea light will not fit properly.
  6. Cut your Jack O lantern and accent pieces out of cream or straw colored card stock. Glue the Scarecrow head together, then glue your accents on.
  7. Use the rectangle sized at W 0.282 H 1.501. Cut it out of vellum. Color the top half of the vellum with and orange marker and the bottom half a brown Marker. These will cover your nose and mouth area of your scarecrow on the inside. Glue to the inside of your scarecrow. Use your orange marker and ink around the outside edges nose.
  8. Using a brown Marker draw small x's around triangle eyes. Draw on the mouth using the small x's as well. Use chalk or ink to lightly "draw" circle cheeks. Draw eyelashes at the top outer sides of eye cut outs.
  9. Cut the witches hat for Jack O Lantern at W 10.230 H 7.613 out of solid card stock. Cut your accents sized at W 8.346 H 4.106 using your patterned paper.
  10. Before gluing the hat together, ink and "warp" the brim. The goal of warping the brim is to make it look old or worn.  Use a small flower punch to cut "bites" out of the brim, this will make it look further worn and add character to your scarecrow. If you don't have a small flower punch try carefully tearing small pieces out of the brim. Glue the hat together, then ink and glue your accents in place.  Use Scissors to cut off the top of the hat. Don't worry about it being perfect remember you want it to look like an old hat. Ink the top edges of the hat you cut. Add ink here and there to your patterned pieces as though the hat had been touched by working hands.
  11. Wrap the raffia around your hand about three times.Tie an extra piece around that and hot glue to the inside of the top of the hat, keeping the tied part hidden. Cut the loops that are showing to make it appear like straw. Cut different lengths of raffia for the straw hair and hot glue into place around the top edge of the Scarecrow's head. Hot glue the hat onto your scarecrows head. You may need to hold the hat a little while till the glue cools a bit.
  12. Cut different lengths of raffia and hot glue onto top of box to look like your scarecrows straw stuffing. Hot Glue the scarecrow's head onto the box lid being careful to match holes. Glue the head so that one of the front edges of the box is where you will be gluing your buttons on.Hold it a bit till the glue has cooled a bit. Hot glue ribbon loosely around the brim of the hat making a x off to the side.  Hot glue embellishments to the top of the ribbon at the x.
  13. Cut strips of double sided sticky tape to adhere to the top of the tea light. I used two. Insert the tea light through the holes on both the lid and scarecrow head. Hot glue a few buttons to the front of the box for the shirt.
  14. Add your extra gift if you wish into the box and enjoy!

Design Tips

Sharalyn Morgan - Guest Designer

  • Choose papers that reflect what you would see on a real Scarecrow hanging in a corn field.
  • Draw your mouth on lightly with a pencil first then go over it with your pen. This gives you a chance to change it if your not happy with it.
  • Make the scarecrow your own. Try adding a crow on the shoulder or a 3d sunflower. You make it a hippie scarecrow or a scary Jack O Lantern Scarecrow, just have fun with it!
  • Fill the box with a treats or a present for the fall birthday, this way they have more than one gift in that box!

Surprise a teacher with a decoration for their room and add some hand sanitizers and tissues for the winter colds. Whether you make this for yourself or as a gift, this little guy or gal could make anyone smile!

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