Halloween Party Carousel by Hilary Kanwischer

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Halloween is such a great time of the year to throw a spooky party for your ghosts
and goblins, so why not make it complete with a fun cupcake carousel, sure to entice
your little monsters.

SVG Collections Used

Carousel Ride SVG Kit
Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit
Spooky Silhouettes SVG Collection
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
Dreadful Halloween Cupcake Holders SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Black cardstock
  • White cardstock
  • Orange cardstock
  • Pattern paper
  • Glitter cardstock
  • Vintage Photo distressing ink
  • Black wire
  • Silver pipe cleaner
  • Vintage silver tinsel rope
  • Mirrored stars and flowers
  • Glittered spider
  • Sanding block
  • hot glue
  • permanent tape runner
  • wet glue
  • small wooden sticks, (for cupcake picks)


Carousel Ride SVG Kit
tent1.svg 11.400”H x 10.512”H Black cardstock
tent2.svg 11.400”H x 10.512”H Orange cardstock
tent_panels1.svg 10.200”W x 6.751”H Pattern Paper
tent_panels2.svg 10.200”W x 6.751”H Pattern Paper
trim.svg 11.400” W x11.400”H Glitter and pattern
mirrors.svg 5.500”W x 8.500”H Glitter paper
panels1.svg 10.500”W x 2.868”H black cardstock
panels2.svg 11.400”W x 11.400”H pattern Paper
carousel1.svg 11.400”W x 11.400”H black cardstock
carousel2.svg 11.400”W x 11.400”H black cardstock
carousel3.svg 11.400”W x 11.350”H black cardstock
carousel4.svg 11.400”W x 11.400”H black cardstock
carousel5.svg 11.400”W x 11.351”H black cardstock
bottom base1.svg 11.000”W x 11.00”H black cardstock
bottom base2.svg 11.000”W x 11.00”H black cardstock
bottom base3.svg 10.341”W x 11.400”H orange cardstock
bottom base 4.svg 11.000”W x 10.979”H orange cardstock
bottom base5.svg 11.000”W x 10.979”H orange cardstock
base bottom strips.svg 8.726”w x 2.323”H pattern Paper
base top1.svg 10.400”w x 10.400”H pattern Paper
base top 2.svg 11.400”W x 10.520”H pattern Paper
base top3.svg 11.400”W x 10.520”H cardstock
base top4.svg 11.400”W x 10.520”H cardstock
base top strips.svg 8.300”W x 1.815”H pattern Paper
Midnight Jamboree SVG Kit
Squat Jack.svg 1.500”W x 0.946”H black cardstock
Spooky Silhouettes SVG Collection
dancing skeleton.svg 2.922”W x 4.864”H black & white cardstock, (cut 4)
ghost1.svg 3.420”W x 1.793”H white cardstock
Gothic Flourishes SVG Collection
Cobweb corner.svg 7.000”W x 6.098”H black cardstock
Dreadful Halloween Cupcake Holders SVG Kit
bones.svg 7.800”W x 2.884”H white cardstock
fence.svg 7.800”W x 2.884”H black cardstock
Jack bat bottom.svg 3.200”W x 2.139”H black cardstock
Jack bat top.svg 3.200”W x 1.363”H orange cardstock
skull bottom.svg 3.200”W x 1.363”H black cardstock
skull top.svg 2.000”W x 1.760”H black cardstock


  1. I highly recommend watching the YouTube video that accompanies the collection
    for assembly of the carousel. First, use heavyweight black and orange cardstock,
    along with an assortment of pattern papers. Begin by downloading the Carousel
    Ride collection, and cutting out your files and lightly distressing them with
    Vintage photo distressing ink. I did not change any of the measurements on the
    carousel itself. Start by first assembling the top of the carousel, by gluing all
    the tent pieces together. When completed, adhere your pattern panels to the tops of
    the base pieces, then glue the topper to the tent.
  2. Next create the inside top of the carousel, along with the outside top of the
    carousel, using cardstock, pattern papers and glittered cardstock.
  3. For the center column of the carousel which holds the top part to the bottom,
    adhere all the column panels together, then add your glittered mirrors. This adheres
    to the top part of the carousel by way of the flaps at the top,
  4. For the bottom base of the carousel, cut out all the files using your cardstock
    and pattern paper, and assemble according to the video instructions.
  5. Adhere the center column to the base. I used hot glue for this.
  6. Next step is to create the embellishments for your carousel. I absolutely love
    the dancing skeleton so I ended up cutting 4 skeletons from the
    Spooky Silhouette collection, first cutting the skeleton from black
    cardstock, then ungroup the bones from the shadow, I then cut the white backing for
    the skeleton. I did not change the size of the skeleton, it just happens to be the
    perfect size for the carousel, and I love how they look like
    they're holding up the top tent. Glue the 4 skeletons around the outside of
    the carousel.
  7. From the Midnight Jamboree collection, using the extras
    that accompany the files, re-size the Squat Jack file to the size stated
    above, cut 4, using black cardstock, adhere to the tent portion of the
    carousel using 3-D glue dots.
  8. Next step, I opened up the Gothic Flourishes collection and re-sized
    the Corner Cobweb to the size stated above and adhered it to the top of
    the tent, then adhered a small glittered spider as an embellishment, on to the web.
  9. To add a little more Halloween fun, I re-sized Ghost 1 from the
    Spooky Silhouettes collection, cut out 2, to the size stated above, adhered them
    together, sandwiching a small piece of black wire between, then adhered the wire to
    the top of the tent using a dab of hot glue.
  10. To finish your carousel, adhere a vintage silver pipe cleaner around the top,
    along with some vintage silver rope tinsel to the top of the tent, and for a little
    vintage bling, adhere mirrored stars and flowers to the front as shown. Your
    Halloween carousel is now complete.
  11. Next step is to bake your cupcakes using your favorite recipe.
  12. For the cupcake picks and wrappers, I simply cut out as many wrappers and
    toppers I needed, using the Dreadful Halloween Cupcake Holders
    collection. Assemble the picks and adhere to tiny wooden sticks. The wrappers were
    cut and they assemble in the back with no adhesive needed. I did not resize the
    wrappers or the pick toppers.

Design Tips

Hilary Kanwischer - Design Team Member

  • When creating a large 3-D project like this, I highly recommend using
    heavyweight cardstock, the heavier, the better, at least 80lb. This will
    ensure a sturdy and solid structure.
  • To keep it vintage, I lightly distressed the edges using a sanding block and
    distressing ink.
  • Adding a bit of silver tinsel is a fun finishing touch to any project.

I hope you've enjoyed this Halloween carousel, and I hope it inspires you to
create one for your spooktacular party this year. Your guests will love
it! This carousel is so pretty and it's a rather large size, so it is just perfect
for you table centerpiece.

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