Scaredy Cat Treat Box and Card by Ilda Dias

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cat-treat-box-card-halloween-diy-fall-svg-hero Surprise someone this Halloween with this cute non-traditional Scaredy Cat Treat Box and Card! Halloween fans, especially those that love cats will surely love this Halloween treat!

SVG Collections Used

3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit Bedtime Stories SVG Kit Christmas Cuties SVG Collection Fruity Fiesta SVG Kit Haunted Forest SVG Kit Maple Manor SVG Kit Toil and Trouble SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Recollections Paper
  • Pattern Paper – My Mind’s Eye (Mischievous )
  • Grey ink pad
  • Embossing Machine and swirl pattern folder
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Hot Glue and Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Scoreboard
  • Silhouette Cameo using SSDE


3D Mums and Fall Flowers SVG Kit (Tickseed)
leaf.svg 0.878" H x 5.153" W Yellow (cut 2)
leaf.svg 0.299" H x 2.342" W Black (cut 2)
Bedtime Stories SVG Kit (Pumpkin)
panels.svg 10.405" H x 10.600" W Black (See step 5 for ear measurements)
pumpkin1.svg 10.844" H x 11.400" W Black
pumpkin2.svg 5.739" H x 6.800" W Black
Christmas Cuties SVG Collection (Candy Cane)
cane_white.svg 7.332" H x 3.675" W Black
Fruity Fiesta SVG Kit (Pineapple Container)
pineapple_panels.svg 10.115" H x 7.000" W Black (See step 6 for paw measurements)
pineapple1.svg 11.400" H x 11.400" W Black (See step 6 for paw measurements)
pineapple2.svg 3.385" H x 8.000" W Black
Haunted Forest SVG Kit (Moon Card)
card_base.svg 6.342" H x 11.400" W Black
interior.svg 5.638" H x 5.000" W White
moon.svg 5.505" H x 7.600" W Yellow
panel1.svg 3.834" H x 3.000" W Orange Stripe
panel2.svg 3.866" H x 3.200" W Star Pattern
panel3.svg 2.398" H x 5.600" W Letter Pattern
Maple Manor SVG Kit (Chat Noir)
cat_black.svg 4.133" H x 2.519" W Black
cat_gold.svg 4.638" H x 2.519" W Yellow
Toil and Trouble SVG Kit (Extras)
banner_short1.svg 1.718 " H x 6.400" W Polka Dot Pattern
(Captions - Boo To You)
bty_bottom.svg 0.790" H X 4.000" W Orange
bty_top.svg 0.567" H X 4.000" W Black
Basic Shapes Library
triangle for the nose 0.321" H x 0.785" W Yellow
rectangle for collar 0.438" H x 11.250" W Trick or Treat Pattern
circle for tag 0.625" 31 Pattern


Cat Treat Box

  1. Begin by creating the cat’s head. On to your workspace load the pumpkin1.svg, pumpkin2.svg and the panels.svg from Bedtime Stories SVG Kit. To the pumpkin2.svg, delete the 2 half octagonal shapes with cut lines. You will also want to delete both octagonal shapes from the panels.svg. Send to the cutter and assemble head. Please note that the cat’s head is the pumpkin upside down, without the top lid and stem.
  2. Next start working on the body. From the Fruity Fiesta SVG Kit open the pineapple_panels.svg, pineapple1.svg and the pineapple2.svg onto your work space. To the pineapple_panels.svg, ungroup and delete the cut lines. Cut out and assemble pineapple top and bottom as per SVG Cuts instructions. Using hot glue, glue the head to the top of the pineapple container/body. (Try to line up the front panels of the face with the body, as there are more panels on the head.)
  3. For the cat’s eye’s open up the leaf.svg file from the tick seed. Resize file as indicated above for both the eyes and pupils. Cut out and glue to face.
  4. To create the cat’s nose, make a triangle using the basic shapes library and size as indicated. Cut out and glue nose to face.
  5. To create the ears, open up the panel.svg from the Bedtime SVG Kit. Ungroup the pieces. Delete them all except for one of the panels. To the panel, using the point/node editing tool delete the top left point/node. Drag the right top point/node to the middle. Resize the ear to 2.255” H x 1.848” W. (See Diagram). Copy and paste another ear. Cut out the ears. Create a scoreline to the bottom of the ears using a scoreboard and bone folder approximately 0.25” from the bottom. Create a slight bend in the middle of the ears, using scissors make a slit up to the scoreline creating two glue tabs. Glue one ear to each side of the cat’s head.
  6. To make the paws open up the pineapple_panels.svg again and delete all of the smaller panels leaving only the larger panels. Resize so that each panel measures 1.631”H x1.226” W. Do the same to the pineapple1.svg. Delete the smaller parts of the pineapple, size pieces to 2.848” H x 1.470” W. Cut out all pieces. To create the paws, glue 3 pineapple pieces together along with the panels (creating half a pineapple). Repeat for other paw. Using hot glue attach paws to the bottom of the cat’s body.
  7. Finally open up the cane_white.svg from the Christmas Cuties SVG Collection. Resize and cut it. Glue tail to the bottom of the body. Bend the tail slightly upward to create a little lift off the ground.
  8. Finish by adding the cat’s collar and tag. Embellish as you wish and fill with goodies!


  1. Cut out and assemble moon card from Haunted Forest SVG kit. Do not throw out the cut out stars from the panel2.svg as you may like to use them on the inside of the card.
  2. Resize and cut out the Chat Noir layers from Maple Manor SVG Kit. Glue the Cat to the middle of the card, making it look like it is sitting on the moon.
  3. Cut out and assemble banner and caption. Glue to bottom of the card.

Design Tips

Ilda Dias - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • When working with one color you may find it easier to cut out and assemble each part of the cat’s body as you go. This may save you some headaches if the pieces get mixed up. Then fit parts together and glue.
  • Emboss the outside panels on the body and head (excluding the face), if you want to give it the appearance of fur.
  • Coordinate the card with the treat box by using your favorite Halloween paper collection.
  • If you are simply a cat lover and Halloween is not your thing, change the color of the cat and shape and size of the eyes for a more realistic appearance!
  • By altering the face and maybe the ears this treat box could be made into a completely different animal. Just be creative!Make it a gift for the animal lover in your life! This project is fairly easy and comes together quickly. Hope it has inspired you to create your own Scaredy Cat treat boxes for Halloween or other animal lover occasions!

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