Halloween Lights by Guest Designer Anja Hunt

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What is better than doing some home crafting for such a fun event. Until a couple of years ago, Halloween was only celebrated by the US military bases here and slowly but surely its swapping over to the German community. Its so much fun to see the kids walk the streets in costumes and receiving candies. We always decorate the home and mostly we are the only ones on our street so its even a bigger and more fun challenge to make it look awesome!

SVG Collections Used

Catacomb Manor SVG Kit
Halloween Fright Night SVG Kit
Halloween SVG Collection
Haunted Forest SVG Kit
Spooky Soiree SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • 3 Pasta Jars with screw top (or any craft jar)
  • 3 small LED lights
  • Tape
  • Black vinyl
  • Orange tulle
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Transfer tape for your vinyl
  • Craft knife
  • Silhouette hook tool


  1. As a first step, I create the stories for each light making sure to resize all images to fit the sizes of the jars. You can use various size jars that you might have laying around. Size all your SVG's to fit your jars. It's easiest to size by height.
  2. For the large jar I used the kits from Catacomb Manor SVG Kit, Halloween Fright Night SVG Kit and the Halloween SVG Collection. The middle light story was created using the files from Halloween Fright Night SVG Kit, Haunted Forrest SVG Kit, Spooky Soiree SVG Kit, and the Halloween SVG Collection. Last, but not least, I used the skeleton image from the Halloween SVG Collection for the small light.
  3. Before I started I cleaned the jars to make sure that the vinyl will nicely stick and stay.
  4. I applied each image to the jars, using mostly transfer tape, but sometimes it was easier to place the images by hand.
  5. Insert the batteries into the LED light. Cut the tulle into the right size, roll it around the small LED lights ,and then placed it into the jar.
  6. I tapped the battery compartment of the LED onto the inside of the jar lid. I found it easier than to replace the batteries and turn the lights on and off.

Design Tips

Anja Hunt - SVGCuts Guest Designer

  • On the large jar I applied the letters EEK vertically to fill the missing space between the beginning and end of the mountain.
  • For the small lights I cut the skeletons 2 times that way it fit nicely around the complete light.
  • I trimmed down the spiderwebs with a craft knife to make them look like they are coming out of the lid.

Voila! You and I are finished! Have a beautiful Halloween time!

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