Bird Song Jewelry Armoire by Kathy Helton

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This project has been on my mind for a while.  When I got it figured out I decided at the last minute to use vellum on the door so a battery operated votive could be used for effect and I love how it turned out.  Love to design projects that are functional and this one definitely is!

SVG Collections Used

French Quarter Ironwork SVG Collection
Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection
Swirlies SVG Collection
Rockin and Rollin SVG Kit
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
Back to the Books SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Graphic 45 Bird Song Cardstock
  • Black Cardstock
  • Vellum
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Scotch Wrinkle Free Glue Stick
  • 3/4" Brass Cup Hooks (Lowe's)
  • Pop Dots


Swirlies SVG Collection
wheatfield.svg 4.199"wX1.629"h Black
Rockin and Rollin SVG Kit (Jukebox 3-D)
wood_front.svg 6.230"wX10.104"h Multi
red.svg 2.929"wX1.667"h Green Multi
Back to the Books SVG Kit (Tissue Box Cover)
box_back.svg 7.646"wX5.737"h Red
box_front.svg 7.646"wX5.737"h Red
box_sides.svg 8.951"wX5.737"h Red
box_top.svg 7.185"wX3.992"h Red
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit (Fire Engine)
ladder.svg 7.000"wX3.531"h Blue
French Quarter Ironwork SVG Collection
bar.svg 4.712"wX1.220"h Red
Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection
trellis.svg 2.766"wX8.101"h Green
Basic Shape Rectangle 2.766"wX8.101"h Black
3.258"wX6.105"h N/A
4.000"wX6.311"h Stripe
3.550"wX5.893"h N/A
2.878"wX7.176"h Red
2.878"wX3.964"h Red
2.766"wX0.237"h Stripe
Basic Shape Oval 4.714"wX0.797"h Red
3.841"wX0.603"h Black


  1. Cut 5 of the wood_front with all pieces removed except the outline in black cardstock.  Glue all of these together one on top of the other.  Cut 1 from decorative paper and glue it to the 5.
  2. Open the wood_front, remove the U shape and insert a basic shape rectangle in the center and 3/4" from the bottom edge.  Cut in decorative paper (mine is black).  Next remove all the other shapes except for the rectangle and cut 1 (mine is cream).  Cut 5 more of the same shape in black.  Stack and glue the black cardstock together, then the cream cardstock on top and then glue the black piece on top of that.
  3. Next prepare the kleenex box.  Remove the inner rectangle from the box lid.  Cut and assemble box.  I cut basic shapes and glued them to the inside of the box for strength.  Cut 2 @ 2.878 X 7.176 and 2@ 2.878 X 3.964.  Glue these shapes to the inside of the box.
  4. Next place the armoire front face down and place glue all along the open edge of the kleenex box and place in the center and match the box edge to the bottom of the front rectangle opening.  Let that dry for a few hours.  Next attach the back panel making sure it is level.  Let that dry.
  5. The door is assembled by cutting 2 of the wheatfield.svg.  Make one of the shapes flipped so you get the mirrored image.  Overlap the 2 pieces as shown in the photo and glue.  Cut the vellum piece from a basic shape rectangle at 4.000 X 6.371.  Open a rectangle at 3.550 X 5.893 and another at 4.000 X 6.371.  Align those two shapes to the center of the mat, it now looks like a frame.  Cut 2.  Glue the vellum in between the 2 "frames" and glue.  Use the glue stick and attach the glued wheatfield shape to the center of the frame.  Cut a 3/4" circle and adhere with a pop dot as shown in the photo.
  6. Mark 3 holes spaced evenly in the "ceiling" of the kleenex box and place some glue on the threads of the hooks and insert in each of your marks.
  7. Glue the ladder pieces on each side aligning the top with the kleenex box.  Glue one side at a time.  Then repeat on the other side.
  8. Glue the lattice piece to a 2.766 X 8.101 basic shape rectangle.  Curl the rectangle before gluing on the lattice.  Glue this piece to the top rung on the ladder and top with 3 layered and glued rectangles @ 2.766 X 0.237.
  9. Open and cut the bar from French Quarter Ironwork.  Remove some of the pieces as shown in the photo.  This is done so pop dots can be added to the back and will not show.
  10. Cut and stack the ovals for the bottom and attach a pop dot to the back.
  11. You are now ready to adjust the top "bar" and the bottom ovals so that the door fits well behind and can slide.
  12. Open red.svg from the Rockin and Rollin Kit and discard all pieces except for the shape used on the top of the armoire.  Cut and attach with a pop dot.

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Designer

  • When you assemble the top lattice piece make sure to curve the rectangle you will be gluing the lattice on to.  Start gluing in the center.
  • I used a glue stick to attach the flourish to the vellum.  As you can see there is no curling.
  • Use lots of pop dots for dimension.

This armoire would make a great Christmas gift done in holiday paper.  Or Valentine's with some cute heart jewelry items.  Make sure to post your creation on SVG Cuts Facebook!!!  We would love to see it!

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