Classroom Clipboard by Ilda Dias

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Are you looking for a super quick and easy last minute teacher’s gift?! This year my daughter will be giving her teacher this hanging decorative classroom clipboard.

SVG Collections Used

Back to the Books SVG Kit
Bunny Hop SVG Kit
Miss Karen's Back to School Bags SVG Kit
Miss Baker's Classroom SVG Kit
School Days SVG Kit
Thankful Cuties SVG Collection

Supplies Used

•    Recollections Cardstock
•    Bazzill Basics Paper
•    Pattern Paper by Fancy Pants Designs
•    Stamps – Craftin Desert Divas (School Zone)
•    Clipboard
•    Exacto knife
•    Washi tape
•    Embossing Machine and folders
•    Ribbon
•    Button
•    Twine
•    Black, brown and red ink pads
•    Adhesive rhinestone
•    Enamel dots
•    Scotch Quick-dry glue
•    Heat glue gun
•    Silhouette Cameo using SSDE


Back to the Books SVG Kit (Extras - Apple)
apple_bottom.svg 2.511 "H x 3.000" W Red
apple_top.svg 2.242 "H x 3.000" W Red Pattern
leaf.svg 0.742 "H x 3.000" W Green Stripe Pattern
stem.svg 0.433 "H x 3.000" W Brown
Bunny Hop SVG Kit (Extras)
clouds.svg 7.619" H x 4.000" W White
Miss Karen's Back to School Bags SVG Kit (Little Red Schoolhouse Bag)
bag_bottom.svg 10.826" H x 8.395" W Red Wood Pattern
bell.svg 2.045" H x 1.199" W Yellow
white_parts.svg 7.411" H x 7.519" W Black
window_bottom.svg 2.175" H x 1.949" W Clock Pattern
(Apple Bookworm Bag)
glasses_bottom.svg 0.750" H x 1.000" W White
glasses_top.svg 0.750" H x 1.000" W Black
worm.svg 1.393 "H x 2.300" W Tan
Miss Baker's Classroom SVG Kit (Teacher's Sign)
banner.svg 1.411" H x 6.941" W White
classroom_letters.svg 1.233" H x 2.479" W Black
green.svg 0.436" H x 1.239" W Green
red.svg 1.257" H x 1.239" W Red
yellow.svg 2.068" H x 3.966" W Yellow
School Days SVG Kit (Extras)
bottom.svg 1.594" H x 2.000" W White
top.svg 1.594" H x 2.000" W Black
top.svg 1.172" H x 3.359" W Red
eraser.svg 0.550" H x 6.249" W Maroon
graphite.svg 0.389" H x 6.249" W Black
metal.svg 0.996" H x 6.249" W Green
pencil.svg 1.654" H x 6.249" W Yellow
wood.svg 0.447" H x 6.249" W Tan
Thankful Cuties SVG Collection (Owl)
body.svg 4.796" H x 3.344" W Brown
eyes.svg 4.796" H x 0.827" W White
face_chest.svg 4.796" H x 2.616" W Light Brown
orange.svg 4.796" H x 1.164" W Yellow
Basic Shapes Library
circles for the owl's eyes 1.078", 0.969", 0.296" Black



  1. Choose a paper that you would like to use as a background for the clipboard. I selected a light blue patterned paper as I wanted the background to appear to look like the sky behind the school house.
  2. Glue the piece of paper onto the clipboard. I used a 12 x 12 sheet and trimmed the sides once the glue had dried. Ensure you slide the piece of paper up under the clip as far up as you can before gluing.
  3. You should be left with uncovered areas at the top and at the bottom of the clipboard. To cover them up use washi tape. To the top, lay your washi tape out from the sides toward the center, covering up the center clip. With your finger push down the tape around the clip. Next take the x-acto knife and trim as close to the clip as possible. Remove the excess tape from the top of the clip. To the bottom, just add you tape straight across.
  4. Flip over the board and trim off any tape that overhangs on the board.

School House

  • Open the bag_bottom.svg from Miss Karen’s School Bags SVG Kit. To create the school house you will need to delete the side panel from the bag. The easiest way I think to do this is to use the node editing tool. Highlight the shape and delete each node/point from the side panel until the right side of the school mirrors the left side. Delete the little tab left behind. (If you find this too complicated use your scissors and cut where the fold line would be. See Diagrams.
  • Next open up the white_parts.svg. Ungroup and delete the extra white pieces.
  • Cut out the remaining parts and assemble school house.


  1. Cut out and assemble owl as indicated. Add the black cut out circles using the basic shapes library to the eyes of the owl to give it a cute look. Once the owl is assembled, glue the eye glasses just at the nose piece to give it a little more dimension and cuteness.


  1. Cut out and assemble each piece as indicated in the chart for the banner. Because there is no Grade 3 SVG. I just selected a similar font and then created a shadow/offset of the letters.
  2. Cut out the remaining SVG pieces and assemble. Layout the pieces as you like on the clipboard. Glue, embellish, and emboss as desired.

Design Tips

Ilda Dias - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • Select fun and bright school themed papers when creating a project for the classroom.
  • Personalize the clipboard further by adding the teacher’s name.
  • Design your clipboard with as many or as little elements as you like.
  • Instead of making this for the teacher you may want to make it for your little one. Add a picture of them on the first day of school and keep adding to it throughout the years. What a perfect school keepsake that would make!

Whether it’s the beginning, middle, or end of the school year this clipboard will brighten up any classroom.

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