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Now that you have a Cricut Explore with Cricut's all-new Design Space, opening SVG files is easier than ever! You can find the freebies under our Free Designs section and you can shop our amazing kits and collections by visiting

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Because our files come in ZIP format, you'll want to make sure you UNZIP our files before attempting the steps below. You may also consider configuring your web browser to make your workflow more efficient by following the suggestions in our "Where Did My Files Go?" article. You can read the Mac Version here, and the Windows Version here.

Written Tutorial

1. Visit and login to your account. Click Create New Project.


2. From the sidebar, click Upload Image.


3. Click Vector Upload.


4. Click Browse.


5. Locate the SVG file on your computer, click to select the file and click Open


6. Design Space will automatically name the file based on the file name so the Image Name and Tags section is completely optional. Click Save Image.


7. Click the file in the Upload Image window to select it. Your file will show a green check mark when correctly selected. Click Insert Images. Your SVG file should now be visible on your canvas.


8. Locate and open the PDF file included with your download. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files. Download it here:


9. Locate the sizing information for the SVG above. In this example, the sizing information is 11.4" wide.


10. Click the Edit button to bring up the Edit window.


11. Make sure that the lock icon is locked. Using the sizing information located in the PDF file (included with your download), type the dimension into the corresponding box and press Enter or Return on your keyboard. Note: 99% of our files require that you ONLY size width. As long as the lock is locked, the height will adjust automatically.


12. If your SVG contains score lines, click on the main layer of your SVG (if your SVG does not contain score lines, skip to step 14). Note: Although not discussed in this tutorial, it is possible to change the score layers to score using the Cricut Scoring tool instead of cutting. Cutting score lines instead of scoring with a scoring tool is completely normal and is typical in cutting systems that don't allow for scoring tools. Cutting score lines instead of scoring will not impact the final product.


13. Click "Attach".


14. Repeat the process for each SVG file you want to cut!

15. As of 06/18/2014, your SVG file will turn black after "Attaching". This is completely normal and the file will cut just fine. Click Go to begin cutting your file!


16. Click Go to begin cutting your file.


Video Tutorial

The video tutorial below covers everything above, plus more!

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