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Fan Since 2011 - Location: California

Q. Who or what inspires you?

A. My friends and fellow crafters inspire me. Through conversation ideas will pop in my head how I could make something to match a person or an event.

Q. What is your favorite craft tool?

A. I have been doing graphic design for some years now, and so I’d have to say the computer is my #1 tool. I use Photoshop, Illustrator and eCAL for the main portion of my design and setup, which includes printing most of my patterned digital paper. Once that part is done, my eclips steps up to cut everything out.

Q. What is your favorite season or holiday for crafting?

A. I’d never thought about my favorite season in crafting terms before, but since working with SVGCuts files, I’ve realized that fall is my favorite. The colors are so warm and comforting, and the cool weather is perfect for settling in for some fun paper crafting time.

Q. What got you into paper crafting?

A. My sister-in-law is a Cricut scrapbooker, and I loved the idea of playing with paper, but was just not that interested in making scrapbooks (or buying all those cartridges). I wanted something where I had a bit more freedom to create what I wanted. From flipping through the Internet I came across SCAL2, which led me to SVGCuts, by far my favorite cut files and paper crafting community. My cutting machine was next, and I’ve never looked back.

Q. When did you start crafting?

A. I moved from the city to the mountains when I was in sixth grade. There wasn’t a lot to do up there, so my Mom and I were taught to knit by someone from the church. From there I learned to crochet, then as I got older I delved into sewing, tole painting and quilting. I began paper crafting in 2011 and have to say that it has really stuck. I can’t imagine doing anything else now.

Q. What is your favorite type of project?

A. I love 3D projects and making cards. I love planning occasions where I can make décor and other items for an event, put my own spin on it and give it that special DIY touch.

Q. What is your favorite SVGCuts kit or collection?

A. There are lots of favorites, but I’m going to pick the Maison de Madeline SVG Kit. The rooster card, the lamp, the boxes are fabulous. And, I have purchased my clock works to make the clock, but haven’t had time to as yet. I’ve seen so many awesome clocks others have made, and I can’t decide what theme I want to use. Actually, all of the vintage themes are my absolute favorites.

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