4th of July Table Decor by Corri Garza

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This festive centerpiece will make a great addition to your table for a 4th of July BBQ.

SVG Collections Used

Made in the USA SVG Kit
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit
Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit
Free Deluxe Pinwheel SVG File - 05.03.10

Supplies Used

  • Red Star Pattern Paper
  • Blue Star Pattern Paper
  • Blue Stripe Pattern Paper
  • Red card stock
  • White card stock
  • Glitter dots
  • Buttons
  • Twine
  • Brad
  • Hot glue
  • Wooden skewers
  • 4" foam ball
  • Ribbon
  • Sticker
  • Paper shreds
  • Foam dots


Moms Garden Gifts SVG Kit (Flower Pot)
pot1.svg 9.900"w x 10.260"h red star pattern paper
pot2.svg 7.020"w x 3.350 red star pattern paper
rim.svg 7.200"w x 3.325"h blue stripe pattern paper
saucer.svg 7.650"w x 9.900 striped pattern paper
Patriotic Parade SVG Kit (Extras - Star)
star_mid1.svg 4.500"w x 3.895"h 1 red star paper 1 white
star_top.svg 4.500"w x 3.895"h 1 white 1 blue star paper
Made in the USA SVG Kit (Uncle Sam Hat)
flower1.svg 3.00"w x 1.585"h blue start pattern paper
flower4.svg 3.00"w x 2.620"h red card stock
flower5.svg 3.00"w x 2.995"w white card stock
Free Deluxe Pinwheel File
pinwheel_bottom.svg 4.200"w x 4.950"h red card stock
pinwheel_top.svg 4.200"w x 5.00 blue star pattern paper


  • Cut and assemble flower pot and saucer. Put foam ball inside pot.
  • Cut stars, spray with adhesive and sprinkle with glitter
  • Cut flowers and pinwheel. Layer stars, flowers and pinwheel. Use brad to hold pinwheel together. Embellish stars and flowers with buttons, twine, and glitter dots.
  • Glue stars, flowers, and pinwheel to wooden skewers with hot glue.
  • Arrange stars, flowers, and pinwheel by poking skewers into the foam ball.
  • Fill pot with paper shreds to hide the foam.
  • Tie ribbon in a bow, thread twine through button, tie in a bow, and hot glue in place.
  • Place sticker and ribbon bow on front of pot.

Design Tips

Corri - SVGCuts Design Team Artist
  • Use foam dots to layer flowers and stars for added dimension.
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match paper collections.

I hope you like this fun centerpiece. You could easily change the paper collection to make this fit any occasion.

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