A Beary Happy Father's Day Box Card

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With Father’s Day coming up I thought an outdoorsy card would be the perfect kind of card for Dad. I hope this card inspires you to be creative this Father’s Day!

SVG Collections Used

Box Cards SVG Kit
Camp Firefly SVG Kit
Camp Smore SVG Kit
Forest County SVG Collection

Supplies Used

• AC Cardstock
• Bazzill Cardstock
• DCWV – The Lodge Stack
• Black and white seed beads
• Buttons
• Twine
• Enamel Dots
• Black and brown ink pads
• Foam tape
• Embossing folder and Embossing Machine
• Scotch Quick-dry glue
• Hot glue and gun
• Tweezers


Box Cards SVG Kit (Plain Box Cards - Rounded Flaps)
box_card_rounded.svg 7.060" H x 11.400 " W Blue
panels_exterior.svg 5.458" H x 8.800" W Wood Grain
panels_flaps_exterior.svg 2.556" H x 8.500" W Wood Grain
panels_flaps_interior.svg 5.458" H x 8.800" W Green, Yellow
(Extras - Label)
label_bottom.svg 1.787" H x2.420" W Blue
label_top.svg 1.360" H x2.420" W White
Camp Firefly SVG Kit (Camping Card)
brown.svg 1.285" H x 2.255" W Dark Brown
door_wheel.svg 1.557" H x 0.501" W Blue
fin.svg 0.163" H x 0.752" W Blue
pennants.svg 0.636" H x 1.378" W Red
trailor_body_color.svg 0.704" H x 2.255" W Red
white.svg 3.354" H x 2.318" W White
Camp Smore SVG Kit (Smores Box)
brown_dark.svg 0.551" H x 0.834" W Dark Brown
orange.svg 0.410" H x 1.170" W Orange
red.svg 0.833" H x 1.170" W Red
tan.svg 0.371" H x 0.856" W Brown
yellow.svg 0.833" H x 1.170" W Yellow
Forest County SVG Collection
brown1.svg 0.721" H x 1.982" W Light Brown
brown2.svg 1.102" H x 1.982" W Dark Brown
brown3.svg 1.336" H x 1.982" W Medium Brown
eyes_nose.svg 0.098" H x 1.982" W Black
(Bear Cubs)
brown1.svg 1.398" H x 0.991" W Light Brown
brown2.svg 0.995" H x 0.991" W Medium Brown
brown3.svg 1.672" H x 0.991" W Dark Brown
eyes_noses.svg 0.169" H x 0.991" W Black
(Bass - Fish)
fins.svg 0.262" H x 0.625" W Light Green
fish_bottom.svg 0.860" H x 0.625" W Blue
fish_top.svg 0.547" H x 0.625" W Green
(Paw Print)
bottom.svg 1.067" H x 0.900" W Light Brown
top.svg 0.842" H x 0.900" W Dark Brown
(Pine Trees)
bottom.svg 3.643" H x 0.879" W Dark Brown (cut 2)
top.svg 2.729" H x 0.879" W Green (cut 2)
Basic Shapes Library
Rectangle 1.092" H x 2.661" W Blue



Box Card

  1. Open box_card_rounded.svg from the Box Cards SVG Kit, the Plain box card with the rounded flaps. Ungroup the 2 inserts from the card’s base. Regroup them back together with their cut lines. Set the inserts aside. Cut out the base of the card.
  2. Open the rest of the panels for the box card, cut out. For this card, the exterior panels and flaps were cut out using wood grain paper. For the interior flaps, I used a green paper that was embossed first, and yellow paper for the back panel. (Also, refer to Step 1 under Background).
  3. Glue your panels and flaps to the base of the card, leaving off the back interior panel.
  4. Once your panels are glued on, glue the tab of the box card to the back panel. This will form your box.
  5. Glue the back (yellow) panel in place, covering up the bottom tab of the box.
  6.  Set the Box Card aside, to work on the background and the inserts.


  1. Open up the panel_flap_interior.svg from the Plain Box Card with rounded flaps. Ungroup the pieces. Cut out the back panel in a different color if desired. I chose to cut mine out in yellow. The other flaps were cut out using the wood grain.
  2. Open up the pieces for the trailer, resize, cut and glue together. Embellish as desired.
  3. Open the pine tree layers, resize, cut and glue together.
  4. Add your (3) trees and trailer to the back (yellow) panel. Use foam tape behind the trailer to add depth and dimension. Add some enamel dots for a moonlit look.
  5. Move on to the inserts.


  1. Grab the inserts you created from step 1 in the directions for the Card Box.
  2. Open the tan.svg and the red.svg from Camp S'more SVG Kit (s'mores box) resize them. Place the red layer on top of the tan layer just as you would if piecing them together to create the fire. Weld the two layers together.
  3. Next, create a basic rectangle using the basic shapes function to the size indicated above. Take the previous image of the fire that you had welded together and now weld it with to the top of rectangle, around the center of the insert. This will create the base of the front panel insert of your box card. (See Screenshot 1 and 2) Open up remaining layers for the fire, resize, cut, and glue together.
  4. For the second insert, open up the brown3.svg (bear cubs) from the Forest Country SVG Collection. Resize. Using one of the inserts from step 1, to the right of the insert (just before the cut lines) weld the brown3.svg and insert together. Group back together with cut lines. (See Screenshot 3) Open up remaining cub bear layers, resize, cut, ink and glue together. I used a black felt maker for their eyes as the cut out eyes were way too small to use.
  5. Repeat the same process in step 4 for the 3 insert. Only this time, using the brown3.svg from the Bear. You should be left with inserts that create the scene when overlapped together. (See Screenshot 4 and 5) Open up remaining bear layers, resize, cut, ink and glue together. For Papa Bear’s eyes I used 2 black seed beads. Add the remaining tree to the right of the bear by gluing the bottom of the trunk to the back of the insert.
  6.  Open, resize, cut and piece together the Bass (Fish). (For the Bass’ eye I used a white seed bead). Glue the fish onto the dark_brown.svg, resized twigs from the (S'mores Box), gluing to and covering up the marshmallows. Glue the fish on the twigs behind the bear cubs. Try to place the Bass directly over the fire.
  7. Glue the inserts to the card’s base. Start with the front fire panel, then the bear cub panel followed by Papa Bear.

Inside Flaps and Writing Space

  1. Add your finished bear paw prints from the Forest Country SVG Collection to the two inside side flaps using foam tape.
  2. I added the sentiment to the top label using the Print n Cut. The fonts I used were Century Gothic and Angelina. Glue the top label to the bottom layer. Attach the finished label to the front of the middle inside flap using foam tape.
  3. Embellish front flap with twine and buttons as desired.
  4. I added a spot for writing space to the back panel using an ungrouped square from the panels_exterior.svg. To the top of the square I added the sentiment using Print n Cut with the Angelina font.

Design Tips

Ilda Dias - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • It is not necessary to create the inserts as I did, but by creating them this way your card will be stronger and sturdier.
  • I did shrink the files quite a bit to make the scene look proportional; making some pieces (eyes) too small to glue. When working with small pieces tweezers come in very handy.
  • There are so many other possibilities for creating different outdoorsy box cards. Add a boat, fishing pole, some trees and you have a box card for the fisherman dad. The combinations of files are endless. Make them as simple or as complex as you like, just have fun!
  • If making an outdoorsy kind of card try using papers that can be found in nature.

Surprise Dad this Father’s Day with a Box Card made just right for him! If you do, don’t forget to share your Father’s Day creations on SVG Cuts Facebook Page with us.

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