Patriotic Celebration by Kathy Helton

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The Bo Bunny paper made this project so much fun to do. You can purchase the 12 X 12 sheets and a 6 X 6 pad. I like seeing the large scale versus the smaller scale in a design. They also did some cute embellishments, I used a few of the sparkles on the stars and banners.

SVG Collections Used

Box Cards SVG Kit
Picnic In The Park SVG Kit
Made In The USA SVG Kit
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 1
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part 2

Supplies Used

  • Bo Bunny Anthem Paper
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Pop Dots
  • 4 Brads (Gold)



Box Cards-Plain Box Cards-Rounded Flaps SVG Kit
box_card_rounded.svg 11.400"wX7.060"h Red
panels_exterior.svg 8.800"wX5.458"h Blue
panels_flaps_interior.svg 8.800"wX5.488"h Red
panels_flaps_exterior.svg 8.500"wX2.556"h Stripe
Banner - Presidential Pennant
star_top.svg 1.751"wX1.217"h Red
star_top.svg 1.256"wX0.874"h Blue
star_top.svg 1.751"wX1.217"h Cream
star_bottom.svg 1.751"wX1.412"h Cream
center.svg 1.751"wX2.258"h Blue
edge.svg 1.751"wX2.258"h Red
pennant.svg 1.751"wX2.577"h Cream
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part II
swag_top.svg 2.630"wX1.167"h Red
swag_mid.svg 2.630"wX1.167"h Cream
swag_bot.svg 2.630"wX1.167"h Blue
fwks.svg 2.783"wX2.790"h Blue
fwks.svg 2.330"wX2.336"h Red
swag_mid.svg (Star Only - Cut 2) 0.727"wX0.694"h Cream
Made In The USA SVG Kit (Happy 4th Card)
red1.svg 7.000"wX0.765"h Red
red2.svg 7.000"wX1.768"h Cream
white.svg 7.000"wX0.897"h Cream


Picnic in the Park SVG Kit
basket.svg 10.400"wX10.024"h Red
basket_lid_bottom.svg 11.400"wX6.230"h Cream
basket_lid_panels.svg 10.200"wX8.499"h Multi
basket_weave.svg 5.500"wX1.882"h Cream
handles.svg 11.400"wX1.882"h Cream
handles_accents.svg 11.300"wX1.749"h Red
lid_panels.svg 5.700"wX4.091"h Multi
Uncle Sam's Extravaganza SVG Collection Part I
stars.svg 3.911"wX1.835"h Blue
Made In The USA SVG Collection (Banner)
(Rosette Pennant)
rosette2 (Cut 3) 1.885"wX2.434"h Stripe
scalloped_circle.svg 1.412"wX1.418"h Cream
star_top.svg 1.256"wX1.194"h Red
star_top.svg 1.023"wX0.972"h Cream
star_top.svg 0.885"wX0.842"h Red
(Presidential Pennant)
center.svg 0.826"wX2.707"h Red
center.svg 0.554"wX1.815"h Stripe
center.svg 0.514"wX1.685"h Blue


  1. Assemble picnic basket. (Watch Mary's video if you have any questions). Assemble the rosette and glue scallop, then attach star with a pop dot and glue to the basket as shown in photo. Glue banner as described in design tips. Then assemble the pennants (center.svg) and stars and attach with pop dots.
  2. Assemble Box Card. Choose 2 of the clouds from the Hot Air Balloon Box Card, size to 2.25" each. Use pop dots to attach as shown in photo. Glue the assembled banner to the rear of the card, then the 2 side banners. Assemble the happy 4th and attach to the front flap with pop dots.

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Designer

  • The star banner on the picnic basket looks great when you glue the smaller side under the rosette and let it dry. Then glue the end of the banner to the opposite side and to give it dimension glue it so that there is a slight (raised) bow. Make sure the weaved paper contrasts with the star banner.
  • I used striped paper for the rosette. It looks so much better than the first one I tried that was not striped.
  • Use lots of pop dots to make things stand out.

There is plenty of time to make this for the 4th of July. Take it as a hostess gift. They will love it !!! You will definitely get invited back next year!

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