Recipe Mini Album by Kathy Helton

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One of my favorite things to do is mini albums. So I decided to put this design team project together to give it a try. Love the way it turned out and hope to do more minis in the future!

SVG Collections Used

An Afternoon at Aunt Elaine's SVG Collection
Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Collection
Birthday Elements SVG Collection
Good Day at the Office SVG Kit
Tea For You and Me SVG Kit
Strawberry Lane SVG Collection

Free SVG File - Scalloped Squares - 4/13/13
Free SVG File - Chevron Strips - 7/20/12

Supplies Used

  • 2" Square Burlap
  • 2" Square Cloth For Napkin
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Carta Bella Homemade with Love Paper
  • Sewing Machine (Optional)
  • Glue Gun (Optional)
  • Pop Dots
  • Cream Paper


An Afternoon at Aunt Elaine's SVG Collection  Page #
flatware.svg 0.723"wX1.419"h Black 1
Our Thanksgiving Gathering SVG Collection
mom.svg 2.166"wX3.303"h Black/Cream 1
Birthday Elements SVG Collection
pennantsbot.svg 3.758"wX1.648"h Black 1
pennantstop.svg 3.758"wX1.648"h Black/Cream 1
bowtop.svg 1.414"wX1.213"h Black 1
Good Day at the Office SVG Kit (Retro Golfer Card)
banner_bottom.svg 5.847"wX4.001"h See Photo 1
banner_top.svg 5.847"wX3.514"h See Photo 1
card_base.svg 11.369"wX7.162"h See Photo All
green.svg 5.414"wX2.139"h See Photo 1
interior.svg 5.414"wX6.916"h See Photo 2,3,5,7,9,11,13
Tea For You and Me SVG Kit
saucer.svg 2.636"wX1.518"h Blue 1
Strawberry Lane SVG Collection
label1_top.svg 4.000"wX2.008"h See Photo 6,8,12
label2_top.svg 4.000"wX2.400"h See Photo 4,5,9
label3_top.svg 4.000"wX2.662"h See Photo 3,7,10,11,13
Page Strips:
Free SVG 7/20/12 - Chevron Strips (Short)
short_strip_bottom.svg 5.404"wX1.754"h See Photo 2,7,11
short_strip_top.svg 5.404"wX1.852"h See Photo
Good Day at the Office SVG Kit (Retro Golfer Card)
label_bottom.svg 5.404"wX1.675"h See Photo 3,6,10,13
banner_bottom.svg 5.404"wX2.505"h See Photo 4,9,12
notebook_paper1.svg 5.404"wX2.443"h See Photo 5,8
Free File 4/13/13 - Scalloped Squares #4 3.276"wX3.276"h Red/Cream 1
Basic Shapes
Oval (Under Turkey) 0.977"wX0.339"h Stripe 1
Circle (Under Plate) 1.700"wX1.700"h Tan 1


  1. The mini album pages are made by stacking the "cards" and gluing them together. My paper held the glue well but you can also use a glue gun to stack the "cards". Cut the number you will need for your album. This technique makes a great album that could be used in a number of ways.
  2. The Excel sheet will show you what files you will use on each page. The cover is referred to Number 1 and so on.
  3. Assemble Page 1 (cover) as shown. Sew where shown in photo if desired. Use pop dots under the scalloped table, banner and silhouette.
  4. To make the napkin, gather as shown and tie a piece of thread around the top and attach bow with glue.
  5. When cutting the silhouette for the lady holding the turkey I cut 1 in black and 1 in tan and cut the turkey with scissors from the black silhouette and placed the lighter tan turkey on the (oval- basic shape) platter and glued to her hand.
  6. Cut the "interior" pieces, and glue. Then glue the "strips" to the pages. Only place glue to the left and right of the strips so the recipes can slide under the strips on the pages.
  7. Glue the category labels on the strips as shown. Make the labels to include what you enjoy cooking. I added 2 pages in the back of my album for Pinterest recipe's. Make sure to keep the glue on the strips so the recipes can slide.
  8. The table on the cover is from the Free Designs "Scalloped Squares. I used #4, delete the shape with the square in the middle. Make a layer at 3.000. You are ready to glue these pieces together and use pop dots to place on album cover.

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Designer

  • The font I used for the labels is "HastyHMK". Love this font! I printed all the category labels and placed them under the labels and fussy cut the printed page underneath and glued before adhering it to the mini album pages. Print at approximately 1"X2.5" and far apart so there is plenty of room for cutting. You may have another technique for this step. Even think of using stamps. I have seen lots out there! I used cream paper, it showed the category names very well.
  • The paper I used has lots and lots of stickers. They would look so good on this album and you can even get the file/paper digitally and print your own.
  • Page 2 is reserved for special cooking notes.

One of the recipes I placed in this mini album is a recipe from my Great Grandmother (Ginger Fruit Cake) and also used some of her butter molds in the photos. She was an avid quilter and we have some of her works of art. A dedicated "family" recipe album would be so special and make a great gift.

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