Vinyl Baby Onesies by Tamara Tripodi

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The SVG Cuts baby boutique is now open! That's right! Make your own unique 'boutique' style onesies right at home! So easy and these make a great gift. I made three super cute onesies with just one SVG collection. I'll show you how to do this with the Silhouette Cameo, but you can do this with any cutter that allows print and cut. There is also transfer paper which works, too. I just personally like the look and feel of the vinyl.

SVG Collections Used

Tropical Friends SVG Collection


  • Heat transfer printable vinyl (My Vinyl Direct)
  • Onesies or shirts
  • Iron
  • Teflon sheet for pressing (You can use a thin cloth, too)
  • Ribbon trim, bows, and a flower (or whatever embellishments you'd like)
  • Fabric glue. I like E6000 for most crafts I do that are not paper related.



  1. Open ALL files for each design. They won't open all layered, you'll have to layer them yourself just like you would piecing together paper pieces. (Diagrams 1 and 2)
  2. To create the eyes (since the SVG Collection doesn't come with any as you're suppose to draw them on) you simply layer various sized black and white circles. (Diagram 3)
  3. If you'd like to change the colors, click the 'paint bucket' icon and fill in with whatever colors you'd like. Just be sure to click whichever layer you're working with. (Diagram 4) Group your layers and resize to fit your onesies/shirts.
  4. Once you have all your graphics set up, you're ready to trace and cut! First, click the registration marks icon and check 'show registration marks. Move the graphics around a bit if needed. (Diagram 5)
  5. Select the 'trace' icon and click the 'select trace area' button. Then click and drag your mouse to draw a box around all the graphics. Un-check the 'High Pass Filter' box. Set the threshold to 100. Your graphic will turn yellow like shown in Diagram 6. Then click 'trace outer edge').
  6. Check the cut line settings to be sure it's only going to cut the outer lines. (Diagram 7). If it's showing cut lines somewhere, like the eye, click the eye layer and then click the 'no cut' button in the cut line window. You ONLY want to cut the outer edge of your design.
  7. Now PRINT out the designs on your printable vinyl sheet. Print at the highest setting possible for a great quality design.
  8. Line the printed vinyl sheet up onto your cutting mat, then insert into your machine and cut. IMPORTANT: You MUST  'flip' your graphics like you would with regular vinyl or regular iron on vinyl. In my photos I do not show the designs flipped.
  9. Remove your graphics from your mat and pre-heat your iron.
  10. I like to iron my garments before pressing the vinyl. If the fabric is warm to helps 'set' the vinyl so it doesn't move after you lay it down.
  11. Set your vinyl in place. Use a teflon sheet or thin fabric over the vinyl design before pressing. Do NOT iron directly onto the design.
  12. Now press! You will press for about 45 seconds. Peel the backings off of the vinyl immediately.
  13. That's it! Let your design cool and them embellish as desired!

Design Tips

Tamara Tripodi - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Cut a 'Big Boutique' box and decorate it to match your onesies. What a wonderful way to gift these!
  • You can do all sorts of various 'themes'; holidays, month to month, milestones, etc.
  • Get extra creative and add ruffles, jewels, buttons, etc. You really can make these look very 'boutique-like'.
  • Most of all, have FUN! The possibilities are endless with the printable vinyl.




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