Miniature Upside Down Cake Box by Chantel

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Every day is a good day for cake, right? Why not surprise someone special with this cute, miniature cake shaped box with matching card which can be displayed all year round? Perfect for any occasion gift giving – birthdays, weddings or simply just "because".

SVG Collections Used

Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit
Happy Birthday to You SVG Kit
Crush On You Boxes SVG Kit
Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Kit

3D Flowers SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Designer Cardstock
  • Rhinestones/pearls
  • Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Embossing folders
  • Embossing machine
  • Scotch quick-dry glue
  • Heat glue gun


Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit (Pedestal)
legs.svg 11.270"W x 9.165"H Beige
top.svg 11.270"W x 9.165"H Pink Pattern Paper
doily_bottom.svg 4.985"W x 5.060"H Pattern Paper
accents.svg 11.270"W x 6.290"H Chevron Pattern
Happy Birthday to You SVG Kit (Cake)
top_box_bottom.svg 9.260"W x 5.810"H Beige
top_box_lid.svg 9.260"W x 5.810"H Beige
middle_box_bottom.svg 8.400"W x 8.305"H Beige
middle_box_lid.svg 8.400"W x 8.305"H Beige
bottom_box_bottom1.svg 7.600"W x 4.275"H Beige
bottom_box_bottom2.svg 7.600"W x 4.275"H Beige
bottom_box_bottom3.svg 7.600"W x 4.275"H Beige
bottom_box_lid1.svg 7.600"W x 4.275"H Beige
bottom_box_lid2.svg 7.600"W x 4.275"H Beige
Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit (Roses)
rose.svg 5.525"W x 4.245 inch cut 2 Pink Pattern Paper
rose.svg 3.715"W x 2.855" H cut 2 Pink Pattern Paper
rose.svg 3.715"W x 2.855" H cut 4 Yellow
rose.svg 3.715"W x 2.855" H cut 4 Light Blue
rose.svg (spiral only) 3.715"W x 2.855" H cut 2 Pink Pattern Paper
rose.svg (spiral only) 3.715"W x 2.855" H cut 2 Yellow
rose.svg (spiral only) 3.715"W x 2.855" H cut 2 Light Blue
3D Flowers SVG Kit (Marigold)
leaves.svg 1.340"W x 2.315"W Turquoise Polka Dot Pattern


Breezy Backyard Lever Cards SVG Kit (Pinwheel Laugh Card)
inside.svg 10.000"W x 7.000"H Turquoise Polka Dot Pattern
interior.svg 2.100 x 6.470"H Beige
outside.svg 10.000"W x 7.000"H Yellow Chevron Pattern
bracket.svg 5.000"W x 4.030"H Pattern Paper
scalloped.svg 3.200"W x 3.655"H Pink Pattern Paper


  1. Cake Stand – Cut out and assemble the pedestal from Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit. (No size alterations were done to the pedestal file.) Set the completed cake stand aside for later.
  2. Three Tier Cake – Resize box pieces according to chart above. Cut out all the pieces but before assembling the boxes, run the side panels of the small and large boxes through an embossing machine for added interest to the different tiers of the cake. Now assemble as usual. Add pearls or rhinestones to the box sides (I used a criss-cross embossing folder and added pearls on each crossing to create a traditional wedding cake look for the top tier) and then adhere ribbon around each of the box lids. Now you're ready to assemble the cake.
  3. Cake assembly – Turn all the boxes upside down so that the lids are at the bottom (by doing this, you will get the ribbon look at the bottom of each tier). Start by adhering the small box lid to the medium box bottom. Next adhere the Medium box lid to the large box bottom. Finally, adhere the large box lid directly to the completed cake stand. Stack all the boxes together to form the completed "cake".
  4. Roses – Resize the roses according to chart above and cut out. Ink the edges of each petal to cover up the white core of the paper before assembling the rose as usual. Adhere roses onto the completed "cake". Cut out leaves according to size chart and add randomly between roses. Keep one rose and one leaf aside to use as embellishments for the card.
  5. Card – Cut all the pieces for the card as outlined in chart above (No size alterations were done to the card pieces). assemble as usual and adhere the left over rose and leaf with a few pearls. Embellish further as desired.

Design Tips

Chantel - Guest Designer

  • Use a hot glue gun to adhere the roses to the cake if you have one. It is a lot quicker than regular glue and makes the boxes a bit sturdier as well.
  • By changing up the papers you could make this cake for any occasion. Do it all in white for a perfect bridal gift or do it up in pretty pinks for a little girl's room.
  • When using patterned paper for the card, you really don't need a lot of embellishments other than the rose and a couple of pearls to match the cake. But if you feel that you need something else, just look for some cute elements or sentiments on coordinating scraps and add them to the card front for a coordinated look.

I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed making it. With so many different ways to decorate it, this "cake" sure looks good enough to eat!

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