Lucky Pants by Ilda Dias

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This St. Patrick’s Day surprise someone with a pair of these Lucky Pants! Fill them with some golden treats and the recipient will for sure feel like the luckiest person alive! Sometimes the most unexpected gifts are the ones that mean the most!

SVG Collections Used

3D Letters SVG Kit
Charm and Chance SVG Kit
Happy Holidays SVG Kit
Santa's Helpful Elves SVG Kit
Surf Shack SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • St. Patrick's Day Digital Paper Collection
  • Recollections Cardstock
  • AC Cardstock for Digital Papers
  • Glitter paper – gold
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Twine
  • Rhinestones/pearls
  • 4 metal brads and 4 eyelets
  • Crop a Dile Big Bite
  • Black ink pad
  • Embossing folders
  • Embossing machine
  • Epiphany Crafts Shape Studio Tool (Round 25)
  • Paper slicer
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Heat glue gun


3D Letters SVG Kit (i)
i_face.svg 12.060" W x 4.705"H (cut 4) Orange Stripe Pattern
i1.svg 9.335" W x 7.135"H (cut 2) White
Charm and Chance SVG Kit (Lucky Shamrocks Card)
dark_green.svg 9.430" W x 4.380" H (cut 2) Yellow
gold.svg 9.430" W x 1.540" H (cut 2) Yellow
light_green1.svg 9.430" W x 2.725" H (cut 2) Lime Green
Happy Holidays SVG Kit (Santa Pants)
belt.svg 11.000" W x 3.940" H Black
cuffs.svg 9.800" W x 3.495" H Shamrock Pattern
pants_panels.svg 6.800" W x 5.010" H (cut 2) Checker Pattern
pants1.svg 11.400" W x 9.700" H Dark Green
pants2.svg 8.000" W x 9.700" H Dark Green
pants3.svg 9.725" W x 9.200" H Dark Green
pants4.svg 10.145" W x 8.000" H Dark Green
suspenders.svg 11.000" W x 11.330" H Orange Stripe Pattern
Santa's Helpful Elves SVG Kit (3D Elf Shoe)
panels1.svg 8.300" W x 5.415" H (cut 2) Black Lucky Pattern
panels2.svg 10.000" W x 5.205" H (cut 2) Black Lucky Pattern
shoe.svg 11.400" W x 11.400" H (cut 2) Black
shoe_liners.svg 6.000" W x 2.995" H (cut 2)
Surf Shack SVG Kit (Vintage Soda Bottle)
bottle.svg 11.400" W x 11.400" H (cut 2) Lime Green
bottle_cap.svg 1.600" W x 1.550" H (cut 2) Dark Green
decal_bottom.svg 2.500" W x 2.500" H (cut 2) Dark Green
decal_top.svg 1.400" W x 1.400" H (cut 2) Striped Pattern
label_lower.svg 6.600" W x 2.985 " H (cut 2) Beer Bottle Pattern
label_upper.svg 3.800" W x 1.980 " H (cut 2) Beer Bottle Pattern
orange.svg 1.500" W x 0.750" H (cut 2) Yellow
orange_white.svg 1.500" W x 0.620" H (cut 2) White
panels.svg 9.400" W x 9.025" H (cut 2) Lime Bubble Pattern
Basic Shapes Library
rectangle 3.440"W x 5.020" H (cut 2) Checker Pattern
rectangle 0.925"W x 4.705" H (cut 4) Orange Stripe Pattern


  1. Pants – Cut out and assemble Santa Pants from Happy Holidays SVG Kit. (No size alterations were done to the pants file.) Cut out 2 pants_panels.svg, one for the front and another for the back. I also created some side panels by cutting out 2 rectangles from the basic shapes library, see chart for sizing. Add the eyelets to the pants after you have glued on the belt. To add some interest to the belt I ran it through an embossing machine first. For the buckle I used the shamrock from the light_green1.svg file which came from Charm and Chance SVG Kit. Sized as above but ungrouped from the rest of the file, then cut out in gold glitter paper. (Do not delete the word lucky as you will be using it later on.) Once your pants are assembled add the suspenders to the pants by using the metal brads. For some added cuteness, I hot glued four size 25 round epiphany buttons to the top of each brad.
  2. Legs – Resize the i_face.svg and i1.svg as indicated in chart above. Cut out two i1.svg and assemble the letter I from the 3D Letters SVG Kit. To give the legs some socks, cut out four i_face.svg (2 for each leg) and cut out 4 more rectangles from the basic shapes library as side panels, see chart for sizes. Once both legs are complete, hot glue them to the center of the bottom of each pant leg.
  3. Shoes – Cut out and assemble two 3D Elf shoes from Santa's Helpful Elves SVG Kit. (No size alterations were made to the shoe.) I left out the cuff as I wanted them to look more like leprechaun shoes. Instead, I added a loop to each shoe but cutting a 1” x 8.5” black strip of paper using a paper slicer. To the strip I added a shamrock buckle and button for embellishments. Go ahead and glue the bottom of the legs to the center of the opening on the shoe. Play around with the angle of the shoe until you like the positioning of the feet, hot glue in place making sure they are level.
  4. Green Beer Bottles – Cut out, assemble and decorate to coordinate with the rest of the project. For the labels I added the word Lucky that came from the Lucky Shamrocks Card. Size the dark_green.svg and the gold.svg as indicated. Then ungroup and delete all other pieces expect for any parts of the word Lucky. These make the perfect little containers for more treats.

Design Tips

Ilda Dias - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • By changing up the papers you could make these pants coordinate with any theme. Use some Christmas papers and you could create a really cute pair of elf pants and shoes.
  • This would also be a cute birthday gift bag for a boy or girl! Swap out the elf shoes for a pair of sneakers from Back to the Books SVG Kit.
  • Before closing up the letter 'I' when creating the legs, add some weight to the legs by adding some dry beans or marbles. This will keep the gift bag from tipping over.
  • If placing heavy gifts in the bag, you may want to widen the legs. This will create a sturdier bag.

My wish for this St. Patricks Day, is that someone special in your life find a pair of Lucky Pants at the end of the Rainbow!

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