Illuminated I Love U Sign by Ilda Dias

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Whether you're professing your love to a romantic partner, or expressing it to a relative or friend, this illuminated I love u sign is sure to deliver the message! Hang it up on a wall or to incorporate with the rest of your Valentines Décor. It will likely to start up some interesting conversations!

SVG Collections Used

3D Letters SVG Kit
Crush On You Boxes SVG Kit
Sew Crafty SVG Kit
Free File (I Love You Caption – 08.04.12)

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Recollections Cardstock
  • Button
  • Ribbon
  • Twine
  • Pink and brown inks
  • Red Floral Wire
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Heat glue gun
  • Tape
  • Battery operated LED string lights
  • Batteries


3D Letters SVG Kit
l_face.svg + offset 0.04 inches (black) 3.265" W x 1.850" H White + Black Gloss
o_face.svg + offset 0.04 inches (black) 3.270" W x 1.935" H White + Black Gloss
v_face.svg + offset 0.04 inches (black) 3.265" W x 1.865" H White + Black Gloss
e_face.svg + offset 0.04 inches (black) 3.265" W x 1.865" H White + Black Gloss
Crush On You Boxes SVG Kit
rose.svg 4.220" W x 3.245" H Pink
rose.svg 2.720" W x 2.090" H Red
Sew Crafty SVG Kit (Sew Crafty Wall Decor - Extras)
background.svg 12.490" W x 3.055" H Pattern
frame_accents.svg 12.480" W x 1.765" H Black
frame_1.svg 12.480" W x 6.775" H Black Gloss
frame_2.svg + 0.7 inch diameter circle (basic library) 12.480" W x 4.115" H Black Gloss
Free File (I Love You Caption - 08.04.12)
caption_top.svg (I) + offset 0.150 inches (black) 2.110" W x 1.920" H White + Black Gloss
caption_top.svg (u) + offset 0.150 inches (black) 2.770" W x 1.435" H White + Black Gloss
caption_mid1.svg (heart) - cut 2 0.975" W x 0.980" H Pink


  1. Open files and size pieces as indicated above.
  2. With the face.svg of each letter break them apart and group them back together spelling out the word “LOVE”. Ensure you align the letters and space them evenly prior to grouping.
  3. Create the offset for LOVE at 0.040 inches, and group together. For those using SCAL, add a shadow layer set the size at 2.00.  (Offset/Shadow = Black layer in Diagram 1)
  4. Use the “draw a line tool” to draw lines inside the center of the letters. For the “O” I created and oval and modified it by editing its points with the point editing tool.
  5. With the Rhinestones function selected, highlight each line inside the letter and select Rhinestone Effect (Edge), Rhinestone Size (6ss), and Rhinestone Spacing (2mm). (See Diagram 2) NOTE: For those that do not have the Silhouette with the rhinestone feature, simply create circles from the basic shapes library and align them as straight as possible within the center of the letters. Make the circles as small or as large as desired spacing them evenly. Follow the directions for Step 6 and 7 substituting the rhinestones for circles.
  6. Group the Rhinestone layer together. Copy and paste two more Rhinestone layers. (Three total)
  7. Center the Rhinestone layer with the LOVE face.svg layer, and group together. Repeat the same process for the offset layer and the background.svg. (See Diagram 3)
  8. To the frame_2.svg add 0.7 inch diameter circle to one of the bottom corners.
  9. Cut out all the pieces of the frame and assemble the front part of it. Before attaching the back panel (frame_2.svg), feed the string of lights though the circle cut out. Leave the battery pack outside the frame. Attach the string of lights to the inside of the back panel by securing the string with tape. Ensure you leave enough room from the edge of the panel so that you can close up the frame with glue. At this point you may also want to attach the floral wire to the (frame_1.svg). Glue the back panel to the frame.
  10. Cut the “I” and “u” center and glue with offset layers.
  11. Cut out and assemble roses. Ink the rose edges to enhance the petals.
  12. Cut out two hearts. Ink edges with pink ink. Score one of the hearts down the center. Add glue to the score line and adhere it to the center of the other heart.
  13. Glue the “I”,“u” and roses to the front of the frame.
  14. Embellish with a ribbon, twine and button or as desired.


Design Tips

Ilda Dias - SVGCuts Design Team Member

  • When gluing the three perforated letter layers together. Try to align the circle cut outs as best as possible. The more aligned you are the clearer the lit circles will be.
  • Using the same lettering technique create any word art you like! Play around with the Rhinestone settings to create more or less perforations for the lights to shine through.
  • The frame I created was the largest I could cut out on a 12X12 paper. You could possibly make this sign much larger by cutting it out on a 12X24 mat and paper. Making it look more like a real vintage marquee sign!
  • Test your lights before gluing together the frame to ensure they are working properly.
  • To hang the sign simply secure the battery pack to the center of the back panel. You could use tape or hot glue for a more permanent hold.

Say it for the first time or say it again to someone you love, but this time say with lights! It can’t get any clearer than that!

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