Cuckoo Over You Valentine Clock by Thienly Azim

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Using some of the wall clock SVG files from Maison de Madeline SVG Kit and in combination with other collections and kits, you can create your own special timepiece. A few months ago, I shared my Grandfather Clock project with you. Today, I am excited to show you my latest – a cuckoo clock!

SVG Collections Used

Santa’s Village Advent Calendar SVG Kit
Be Mine Valentines SVG Kit
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
For My Valentine SVG Kit
Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit
Valentine Country Home Elements SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • American Crafts and Bazzill Cardstock
  • Patterned papers – My Mind’s Eye Love Me collection
  • Vellum
  • Clock Movement Kit (Art Minds ¼” size was used in this project)
  • Wire (silver, 16 gauge)
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Lace
  • Jute twine (button holes)
  • Linen Cord (holding weights)
  • Large eyelets (x2, for stringing though cord)
  • Grey stamp ink
  • Scoring board
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Heat glue gun


Resize to the dimensions below with “keep proportions” checked, unless otherwise indicated.

Santa's Village Advent Calendar SVG Kit ( 1 - Left Side Building)
building1.svg 10.8"w vanilla
building2.svg 11.0"w vanilla
building3.svg 9.6"w vanilla
building4.svg 9.6"w vanilla
side_panels.svg 6.3"w patterned paper
face_panel.svg 7.7"w patterned paper
windows.svg 7.0"w (windows 6 and 9 only, flip 9) fuchsia
windows.svg 7.0"w (windows 6 and 9 only, flip 9, blackout) vellum
Be Mine Valentine SVG Kit (Birdie Valentine)
light_pink.svg 6.065"w (delete tree branch) vanilla, smoke
pink.svg 6.098"w strawberry
red.svg 6.065"w (delete the small hearts) charcoal
(Be Mine Oval Valentine)
pink.svg 12.0"w x 2.5"h strawberry, smoke
pink.svg 12.0"w x 2.5"h (shadow at 1.00) vanilla
Maison de Madeline SVG Kit (Small Wall Clock)
center_bottom.svg 2.18"w patterned paper
face_bottom.svg 4.0"w vanilla
face_top.svg 4.0"w smoke
numbers.svg 2.18"w charcoal
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit (Crate)
crate_board1.svg (crate a - roof) 7.5"w x 6.5"h (x2) strawberry
crate_board1.svg (crate b - house base) 11.8"w x 7.4"h (delete score lines for a cleaner look) smoke
crate_board1.svg (crate c - pendulum rod) 5.5"w smoke
For My Valentine SVG Kit (Balloon Card)
heart_banner_top.svg 3.0"w baby pink
heart_banner_bottom.svg 3.0"w smoke
heart5.svg (roof top) 1.5"w vanilla
heart7.svg (roof top) 1.5"w smoke
heart6.svg (hanging weights) 2.5"w (x10) strawberry
Crush on You Boxes SVG Kit
rose.svg 4.75"w (x6) strawberry, baby pink, vanilla
Valentine Country Home Elements SVG Collection (Bunnies)
bunny1.svg 1.0"w vanilla
bunny1.svg 1.0"w (blackout) charcoal
bunny2.svg 1.0"w vanilla
bunny2.svg 1.0"w (blackout) charcoal
bunnyht.svg 1.2"w strawberry
Basic Shapes Library
rectangle (crate a - ends) 2.44"w x 0.55"h (x2) strawberry
rectangle (roof connector) 2.44"w x 1.5"h strawberry
rectangle (crate a - roof decorative piece) 6.2"w x 2.2"h (2) patterned paper
rectangle (crate b - ends) 2.76" w x 0.59"h (x2) smoke
rectangle (crate b - house bottom decorative piece) 9.3"w x 2.4"h patterned paper
rectangle (crate c - pendulum rod supporting piece) 5.4"w x 0.75"h (x2) smoke
circle (pendulum) 1.3"w, 1.6"w, 2.0"w vanilla, smoke, charcoal
square rounded (back of clock) 3.0"w vanilla



  1. Open building1.svg (Santa’s Village Advent Calendar SVG Kit). Break apart and delete the following; top left door, top right door, two middle doors, and both bottom doors. (Diagram1)
  2. Lower the two middle doors and raise the bottom doors, using only the up/down arrow (approximate location is okay). Delete the numbers 6 and 9. Group the right door (openings, and score lines) and flip (mirror image) the right door. (Diagram 2) Regroup the house file and the side panel file separately. You may cut the side panel but put the building1.svg to the side for now.
  3. Open face_panel.svg, break apart and delete openings corresponding to the doors you deleted in step 1. (Diagram 3)
  4. Bring the building1.svg back onto the mat and place it on face_panel.svg (Diagram 4)
  5. Move the openings on the face_panel.svg to where you placed the doors on building1.svg, only using up/down arrow key (Diagram 5) Move the building1.svg file to the side and regroup the face_panel.svg. Put to the side.
  6. Open windows.svg, break apart, and delete windows 7 and 8. Regroup each door and flip window 9. Cut these windows, but do not delete. Convert these files to a blackout and cut them in vellum. Adhere the vellum behind the windows. If you apply too much glue, the vellum will wrinkle. Undo and place these windows directly onto the building1.svg. Break apart these windows again, and delete the outer frame. Regroup. (Diagram 6)
  7. Open face_bottom.svg (Maison de Madeline SVG Kit), resize and place this on building1.svg and face_panel.svg (all overlapped on top of each other). Break apart the face_bottom.svg and delete the outer circle. Carefully select the face_panel.svg with the circle ONLY and make a copy. (building1.svg is slightly larger than face_panel.svg) Group the copy and put to the side. Delete the face_panel.svg on the building1.svg, and you should only be left with a small clock hole. The two files should look like Diagram 7 (what you see here is a reduced size as I wanted to get them both on the mat for your reference) Cut both of these files. Do not delete the building1.svg yet! After cutting building1.svg, cut the top door and the two middle doors off using the scoring line as your reference. Cut off the tabs as well.
  8. Open building2.svg and place it on top of building1.svg. Open a square rounded shape from the Basic Shapes Library and place it so that the clock center hole is in the center of the square. (This allows you to access the clock movement kit from the back) Delete the building1.svg and cut building2.svg (Diagram 8)
  9. Open building3.svg. Break apart and delete files 10 and 11. Cut. (If you’re comfortable, you may regroup each of the files and combine them with cuts from next step to fit them on the same mat.)
  10. Open building4.svg. Break apart and delete files 2 and 5. Cut.
  11. Open building5.svg. Break apart and delete files 7 and 8. Cut.
  12. Open side_panels.svg. Break apart and delete the two smaller rectangles. Cut.
  13. Assemble the house.
  14. Creating the roof: Open crate_board1.svg and resize (crate a – roof). Cut 2. You will also need to cut rectangles (crate 1 – ends) from the Basic Shapes Library to seal the sides. Assemble. Adhere them onto the roof so that the back side is flush with the back of the house. (This is important as it needs to hang on a wall) There is going to be some space at the top where the crates meet. That is okay. Cut another rectangle (roof connector) to cover the top. Cut another rectangle (crate a – roof decorative piece) to finish off the roof. The front top opening is covered by a heart cut outs from For My Valentine SVG Kit, and the back opening is used to hang on a wall.
  15. Creating the base: Open crate_board1.svg and resize (crate b – house base). I would recommend breaking apart this file and deleting the score lines for a cleaner look, and score using a score board. Once cut, use an eyelet (if you don’t have one, just punch two holes (approximately 3” from both sides in the middle) for the weights to hang. (Diagram 9) You may also cut these two holes on your cutting machine as well. Cut rectangles (crate b – ends and house bottom decorative piece). Do not assemble yet!
  16. Take a long cord and bead through some to create weight. Tie a knot at the end. Cut heart6.svg. Score vertically down each of the ten hearts. Adhere half of the heart onto another heart, placing the cord in the middle and repeat until the 5th heart connects to the first one. Take the open end of the cord and string through the crate_board1.svg from outer to inner and out the other hole. Repeat with the heart and beads on the other side. Assemble the crate, adhere the rectangles to close off the ends and place the decorative rectangle piece on top.
  17. Creating the pendulum: Cut crate_board1.svg (crate c – pendulum rod), rectangle (crate c – pendulum supporting piece), and circles (pendulum). Adhere the two rectangles together to create a sturdy base. Assemble the crate and attach to the bottom of the rectangle. Rectangle should be longer than the crate. Using the non-crate end, adhere to the back of the base you created in Step 15 in the middle. There should be a small portion where you can bend the rectangle to attach to the top of the base. Adhere rest of the circles to finish the pendulum.
  18. Adhere the house onto the base. Make sure again that the back is flush against one another to sit flat on a wall.
  19. Cut the rest of the embellishments to finish off the clock. For the two bunnies, I found it easier to adhere onto the base by creating a tiny rectangle tab folded in half. One half adhered onto to the bunny, and the other half onto the base. For the bird, I attached it onto a wire that I coiled by wrapping around a thick pen. The coil was adhered by using a glue gun, but was also inserted the back into the house to keep it sturdy.
  20. Assemble the clock at the end. Follow the instructions on the clock movement kit to ensure all the hands are place in the proper order. Some clock movement kits may require the middle hole to be a bit bigger. Simply and gently insert a pen through it to enlarge the hole.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Sometimes you may not be able to find the clock arms in the colors that you may be looking for. That was my problem as I can only find brass arms. I simply spray painted the clock arms to match my paper colors.
  • The clock is already busy enough and very detailed to look at, so I would suggest choosing your color palette and sticking to those colors.
  • If you are creating a vintage clock, distressing the edges will add to the look. Simply take a grey or brown ink pad and gently run along the edges of the cuts. I added some grey distressing to some of the cuts.
  • It helps to add some ‘ready-made’ embellishments to add some interest, such as buttons, beads and lace.
  • You may change this clock to fit any theme or holiday. Instead of roses, decorate with wintergreens, spring flowers, or fallen leaves. You may even omit the florals and add a fence around the base or a pretty border. For the weights, instead of hearts, one can use snowflakes, or even stars. Possibilities are endless!
  • Take your time. This is a big project and it WILL take time. Be patient and work on each step carefully. It will produce cleaner results. You’ll be glad you did.

The recipient of this clock is sure to go CUCKOO over this. It’s a super fun project to create and makes a lovely Valentine decor, too! Hope that you were inspired by this and that you’ll give it a try!

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