Baby Shadow Box by Kathy Helton

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One of the reasons I wanted to learn paper crafting was to create projects that would display photographs in an unconventional way. This shadowbox is exactly what I had in mind. Hope you like it and will give it a try!

SVG Collections Used

Maison de Madeline SVG Kit
Thank You For the Music SVG Kit
3D Flowers SVG Kit Part II
Gift Boxes SVG Kit
Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection
Battenburg Lace & Crochet Trim SVG Collection
Tags Galore SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive
  • 1 Large Pearl
  • 2 Small Pearls
  • Echo Park Everyday Eclectic
  • Echo Park Victoria Gardens
  • Pop Dots
  • 1 White Button
  • 1 Cream Button
  • 1 Pink Button


Maison de Madeline SVG Kit (8X8X3 Gift Box)
bottom_liner.svg 7.800"wX7.731"h Cream
bottom1.svg 8.500"wX10.870"h Coral/Cream
bottom2.svg 8.500"wX10.911"h Coral/Cream
lid_sides.svg 8.586"wX9.171"h Stripe
lid_top.svg 8.000"wX8.000"h Aqua/Cream
lid_top.svg 6.178"wX6.178"h No color/Insert Shape
bottom1.svg 6.258"wX8.002"h Yellow
bottom2.svg 6.258"wX8.003"h Yellow
Thank You For the Music SVG Kit (Treble Clef Card)
doily_bottom.svg 4.730"wX5.143"h Light Pink
doily_top.svg 4.756"wX5.130"h Dark Pink
3D Flowers SVG Kit Part II (Impatien)
petals.svg 2.631"wX2.603"h Blue
petals.svg 2.051"wX2.030"h Blue
petals.svg 1.720"wX1.702"h Tan
Gift Boxes SVG Kit (Big Gift Box)
bow.svg 7.481"wX6.986"h Orange/Yellow
Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection
ribbon_dots_top.svg 0.781"wX4.290"h Blue/Cream
shoes_bottom.svg 2.410"wX1.906"h White
shoes_top.svg 2.410"wX1.906"h Blue
stork.svg 3.709"wX1.511"h White
Little Sweet Peas SVG Collection (Frames)
hearts_bottom.svg 3.907"wX2.858"h Orange/White
Battenburg Lace & Crochet Trim SVG Collection
pom_poms_long.svg 8.081"wX2.027"h Yellow/Pink
Tags Galore SVG Collection
7.svg 1.369"wX1.369"h Cream
17.svg 1.570"wX1.570"h Green
17.svg 2.554"wX5.453"h Cloud/Tan
19.svg 1.376"wX1.372"h Multi
19.svg 2.550"wX2.542"h Blue
Basic Shape Oval 5.223"wX1.452"h Black
Basic Shape Oval 5.223"wX1.452"h Blue (Insert Name & Cut)


  1. Cut and construct the box base. Open the large lid file and center the file. Open the lid_top.svg (6.178 X 6.178) and center it on the lid. Cut and construct the lid by gluing the sides. Glue the lid to the base. Go inside the box top with your hand and press down the sides to make sure it adheres properly.
  2. Cut and construct the smaller box bottom. Turn upside down and glue all 4 side edges making sure to keep the glue just on the thin edge. Place this, top side up in the center box hole and adjust to make sure it is centered. This is now the platform you will use to embellish the shadowbox.
  3. Glue the 2 doily pieces to the bottom, left of the platform.
  4. Attach all of the tag pieces, use pop dots.
  5. Glue the bow, flower, and stork.
  6. Open the pom_poms_long.svg and size at 8.081"w X 2.027"h times two. Take one and break apart so all you have is a solid piece. Delete all of the tiny inner pieces, cut five and glue together carefully. Make one of those pieces a decorative piece, use plain cardstock for the other  four. Glue the decorative paper on top of the four pieces.
  7. Open the same pom pom file and open the basic shape oval and size the oval at 5.223"w X 1.452"h. Center the pom pom piece. Center the oval and place it on top and at the very bottom of the pom pom piece. Edit, select all, path, then union. Use decorative cardstock and cut. Glue it to the base from step 6. You are now ready to glue it to the front of the shadowbox as shown in photo.
  8. Use pop dots to place the oval name plate to the bottom as shown.
  9. Attach pearls to shoe and use pop dots to attach to the shadowbox. Glue ribbon behind shoe. Glue buttons.

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Designer

  • Remove all of the small tag holes before cutting tags.
  • I only used 1 picture, be creative. There are lots of places to insert little baby feet, hands. Even actual baby decor would be so cute.
  • When cutting the baby name open the oval shape, cut one in black (blank). Cut another in the blue with the name inserted. Place it over the black oval. This step makes the name very visible. I used Adobe Arabic font.
  • The rose is so easy. My first try at flower making (4 years ago) came out miserably. I saw this shabby chic rose on the internet and thought I would give it a try. Cut your flower and LIGHTLY mist the flower with water and scrunch it up in your hand. Open it up (loosely) and let it dry. After it dries stack and glue the petals and you have a gorgeous, effortless flower.

I hope you will enjoy making this fun project. The themes and seasons you could use to make this shadowbox are endless. Another version could be to just use the large box without the smaller inner box. It would be very deep for lots of memories and mementos of yours. Have fun and make sure to share!

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