Santa Claus Placemat by Kathy Helton

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My Santa placemat is going to take some of you where you have never gone before, cutting fabric with our cutting machines. Rule #1, don’t be afraid, it is so easy! And lots of fun.

SVG Collections Used

Christmas Open House SVG Kit
Frosty Friends Treat Sacks SVG Kit
Santa’s Toyland Tags SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Thermoweb Heat’n Bond ULTRAHOLD Iron-On Adhesive
  • Fabric – Red, Green, Cream/Black, Green, Black/Gold Multi With Stripe, Black & Cream/Flesh for face.
  • Iron
  • 3 Black Buttons
  • 1 Black Placemat
  • Stencil Blush
  • Red Gelato Stick or Actual (Make-Up) Blush
  • Scotch Dry Adhesive


Christmas Open House SVG Kit (Santa Card)
black.svg 2.021"w X 1.196"h Black
face.svg 4.712"w X 2.643"h Flesh
lip.svg 1.704"w X 0.599"h Flesh
white.svg 14.634"w X 7.460"h White
Frosty Friends Treat Sacks SVG Kit (Extras)
berries.svg 1.153"w X 1.203"h Red
holly.svg 3.139"w X 3.393"h Green
Santa's Toyland Tags SVG Kit
hat_bottom.svg 9.932"w X 6.902"h Red
hat_top.svg 9.992"w X 4.189"h Cream
Basic Shapes
Triangle (Shirt) 10.804"w X 5.442"h Black/Cream Stripe
Triangle (Lapel) 5.000"w X 2.500"h Red
Circle (Face) 6.666"w X 7.137"h Flesh


  1. Choose all of your scraps for the project and iron each piece. Cut your pieces out by hand to get them ready for the Heat’n Bond, these pieces should be cut 1 inch larger than the .svg cut piece. Now cut the Heat’n Bond slightly smaller than the fabric piece and iron it to the back side of the fabric. When ironing the Heat’n Bond it is very important that your iron is set for NO steam. Set the iron on a medium setting and do not drag the iron over the Heat’n Bond. You put the iron down, hold for 10 seconds or so then pick up the iron and move around the piece until the Heat’n Bond is set and there are no loose edges.
  2. You are now ready to cut the finished pieces with your cutting machine. Make sure you have a new sharp blade in the machine. There are two methods, I have used them both. Place the fabric that has the Heat’n Bond adhered to the back face side up, in the upper left hand corner on your mat. Here is where one method might work better for you. You can leave the Heat’n Bond attached or can peel it off of the fabric and place it fabric side up on the mat. BOTH methods include loading the fabric with the right side up onto the mat. Depending on the thickness of your fabric you might want to set the machine to cut X2.
    Note: When cutting the hat, size the file, flip it and remove the inner circle. I used a triangle for the lapel. To change it to look like the photo I clicked the node button at the top and moved it down 1” and the same node to the left .25”. Copy the shape and flip to get a mirror image. Also when you open the white.svg from Christmas Open House size it at 14.634”wX7.461”h and delete all of the shapes except for the mustache and the eyebrows.
  3. This is the order you will need to iron the pieces to the placemat. They will start at the back and come to the front. First is the striped shoulder piece, then the lapels, then the face. I cut 2 faces and ironed them right on top of each other for more coverage. If your fabric is thin I would highly recommend it. Then the red portion of the hat. Last, the hat trims, the holly and berry and the facial features. When ironing the facial features iron cheek and mouth parts first. If you noticed on my cheeks, nose and mouth I lightly stenciled a little red so it gives the face some dimension. Do this before you iron.
  4. Last, place the buttons on Santa’s shirt. I used a little Scotch Dry Adhesive.

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Designer

  • Use different shaped placemats for this project. A circle would be really cute.
  • These cannot be washed. Just do some spot cleaning when necessary.
  • Set the table with clear plates so you can see the Santa.

There you have it, a fun and simple way to make your holiday table unique and beautiful! Hope you will enjoy making this fun project. Merry Christmas and blessings from my family to yours.

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