A Very Merry Miniature Christmas Tree by Thienly Azim

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I LOVE the magic that the Christmas trees bring – and you can never have enough of them! Here’s a portable miniature tree that would surely add to any space in your home or your workplace. Even better so, this would be the ultimate gift for those spending Christmas in the hospital or in a senior’s home.

SVG Collections Used

Comet`s Candy Land SVG Collection
Clara`s Christmas Strips SVG Collection
Kate’s Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection
Doilies SVG Collection
Betty’s Bags and Boxes Part II SVG Collection
Christmas Gift Boxes and Bags SVG Collection
Free SVG file - ATC Mailer Box - 06.28.11

Supplies Used

  • Colored cardstock
  • Patterned paper – My Minds Eye 12 days fof Christmas collection
  • Glitter paper (ornaments)
  • Metallic paper (ornament top and garland)
  • Trims (ribbon and twine)
  • Rhinestones
  • Enamel Dots
  • Glossy accents (for the light strand)
  • Ink (for edging)
  • Glitter (for the star)
  • Glitter glue or adhesive spray to adhere the glitter
  • Toothpick (securing the star to the tree top)
  • Wooden Dowel (1/4" diameter and 10" long)
  • Scotch quick dry glue
  • Hot glue
  • Candle votive



Comet`s Candy Land SVG Collection
tree_top.svg 6.8"w and 11.25"h (cut 6) dark moss green
tree_bottom.svg 6.8"w and 11.25"h (cut 6) light matcha green


Comet`s Candy Land SVG Collection
lights_top.svg 7.0"w (cut 4) dark forest green
lights_bottom1.svg 7.0"w (cut 11) silver, yellow, cream


Clara`s Christmas Strips SVG Collection
garland_top.svg 11.0"w fushia pink
garland_bottom.svg 9.4"w and 1.25"h (cut 2) metallic brown
garland_top.svg 13.0"w red
garland_bottom.svg 13.0"w (cut 2) metallic brown


Kate's Holiday Silhouettes SVG Collection
ornament_bottom.svg 0.629"w (cut as many as you need) various colors
ornament_top.svg 0.793"w (cut the same number as above) silver

 Tree Skirt

Doilies SVG Collection
1.svg 7.0"w cream
1.svg 7.0"w (blackout) silver


Betty's Bags and Boxes Part II SVG Collection
bag_handles_short.svg 4.75"w and 4.25"w various patterned paper
bag_handles_tall.svg 4.75"w and 4.0"w various patterned paper
tall_gift_box.svg 6.5"w and 4.5"w various patterned paper
Christmas Gift Bags and Boxes SVG Collection
pillow_box.svg 3.45"w and 2.75"w various patterned paper
Free SVG file - ATC Mailer Box - 06.28.11
atc_mailer_box.svg 5.0"w and 4.0"w various patterned paper
Basic Shapes Library
Star5 1.50"w (cut2) yellow


  1. Cut 6 of the tree_top.svg and tree_bottom.svg. Ink if desired and then score each of the tree cuts vertically down the center. Fold. Glue each of the tree_top.svg to the tree_bottom.svg.
  2. Take one of the trees, and adhere one vertical back side to another tree. When gluing, leave a small enough space in the center for the wooden dowel to be inserted at the end. Repeat this for the rest of the trees, and adhere the last tree side with the side from the first tree. It should form a ‘3D’ tree.
  3. For the wooden dowel, I wrapped wooden patterened washi tape around it, but you may also paint the dowel in brown. Even better, if you can find a straight and thin wooden branch, that would add to the project as well.
  4. For the star at the top, make a scoring mark through all of the star tips to the opposite end. Fold in such way that all the star tips will have a mountain fold and between the stars will have a valley fold. Glue the two stars together, making sure that each of the ends line up with one another. Before the glue dries, insert a toothpick, through the bottom of the star, to allow to place on top of the tree. After drying, I used spray adhesive to adhere gold glitter.
  5. Cut out the rest of the files. The garlands and the light strands were joined at the ends to make a longer strand.
  6. Trim the tree, starting with the garlands. You may want to add on the light strands next, followed by any trims that would go around the tree. If you would like to add onto these strands, for example, glossy accents for the lights and rhinestones for the garland, it is easier to do before trimming the tree. Add ribbons and ornaments.
  7. Add the star to the top and insert a wooden dowel through the bottom. Insert this into a candle (put a hole down the center) or even a votive filled with rice.
  8. Cut out all the presents and tree skirt. Assemble and embellish.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • You can do this with any tree svg file – just make sure that if the right and left have different sides, you need to alternate (need to flip images) to glue them together.
  • Instead of making a tree, you can take any svg, like an ornament and make them 3D.
  • You can add as many layers you want to the 3D object. I used 6 tree pieces, but can do less or even more for detailed look. The more pieces you combine for a 3D project – the fuller and stable the project will become.
  • Get creative with the ornaments. You may add on some candy canes, bells, or anything that your little heart desires.
  • Color coordinating a tree always makes it pretty (it’s also true in real life, isn’t it?). You may want to find a paper collection that you like for the presents, and pick out the colors from that to make ornaments.
  • You may also want to use some small boxes to wrap little presents, in addition to the cut files.
  • Adding extra embellishments, such as rhinestones, enamel dots, glossy accents, glitter and other accent trims will add more interest to your project.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my project and how having a handmade decor adds such warmth in your home. Winter is here, so why not stay warm indoors and do more crafting!

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