Harvest Hill Farm Cards by Brigit Mann

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Some autumn cards created using just the Harvest Hill Farms collection. These could be used for Thanksgiving, a birthday or maybe even a thank you card.

SVG Collections Used

Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • Pattern and Solid Paper
  • Pearls
  • Adhesive
  • Trendy Twine
  • Ink
  • Buttons
  • Stamps
  • Sticker
  • Markers


Pear Card

Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
pear_bottom.svg (2) 1.680" w brown
pear_top.svg (2) 1.680" w pattern paper
apple_branch_middle 4.765" w green
Basic Shapes
oval 3.520" w x 4.685" h beige
oval 3.720" w x 4.885" h red
rectangle 1.770" w x 0.700" h beige
rectangle 1.970" w x 0 .900" h red
card mat 4" w x 5.25" h pattern paper
card base 4.25" w x 11" h kraft

 Animal Card

Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
animal.svg 2.575" w black
Basic Shapes
rectangle 1.250" w x 5.25" h pattern paper
rectangle 0.985" w x 5.25" h pattern paper
card mat 4" w x 5.25" h pattern paper
card base 4.24" w x 11" h white

 Scarecrow Card

Harvest Hill Farm SVG Collection
scarecrow_bottom.svg 3.310" w reddish brown
scarecrow_middle1.svg 3.310" w beige
scarecrow_middle2.svg 3.310" w green
scarecrow_top.svg 3.310" w brown
crow.svg (2) 1.095" w black
Basic Shapes
oval 3.530" w x 4.805" h beige
oval 3.730" w x 5.005" h light turquoise
rectangle 1.790" w x 0.665" h beige
rectangle 1.980" w x 0.855" h brown
card mat 4" w x 5.25" h pattern paper
card base 4.25" w x 11" h kraft


  1. On the pear card I flipped one of the pears before cutting it out, I wanted the stem going in the opposite direction. I used the stamp sentiment from Punkin’ Patch Stamps Heirloom Traditions set.
  2. On the farm card the sentiment is a printed element from a paper collection, you can just use a stamp sentiment or a sticker.
  3. The scarecrow card I also flipped one of the crows before cutting it. I used a Peachy Keen Face stamp instead of the cut face pieces.

Design Tips

Brigit - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • On the interior ovals I lightly inked towards the center to give some highlight in the middle, makes the cut pieces stand out more.
  • Pop dot your pieces to give them more dimension, I even used them on the oval mats for a nice 3d look.
  • I inked all my cut pieces and use a matching marker to get into the little grooves very helpful especially with smaller pieces.
  • For tall A2 cards like these I cut a 8.5 x 11 down the middle at 4.25” and then fold in half at 5.5”, the cards stand nicely this way.

I had a lot of fun coming up with these simple but pretty cards. You can use these same designs with any of the collections from SVG Cuts. I hope to be doing more collection highlights along the way!

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