Cozy Fireplace Christmas Gift Bag by Thienly Azim

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Gift bags are the way to go when it comes to gift giving these days. It’s environmentally friendly and is hassle-free wrapping. You know these bags will be used over and over again, so why not make the bag just as special as the content inside? I thought that it would be cute to add a ‘3D element’ to the bag, and I created something that would signify warmth and love; a fireplace bag!

SVG Collections Used

Acorn Autumn SVG Kit
3D Letters SVG Kit
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection
Merry and Bright SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Patterned Paper – Echo Park This & That Christmas
  • Stamp Sentiment – Unity Stamp Company
  • Jute twine
  • Ribbon
  • Brads/Rhinestones
  • Sewing Machine for stitching stocking
  • Tree branches
  • Shimmer Spray for the wreath
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Heat Glue Gun


Acorn Autumn SVG Kit (Large Gift Bag)
face.svg 10.727" wide light grey
sides.svg 10.727" wide light grey
back.svg 11.117" wide light grey
bottom.svg 11.117" wide light grey
3D Letters SVG Kit
d1.svg 8.00" wide dark grey
d2.svg 8.00" wide dark grey
Caramel Apple Pie SVG Kit (Crate)
crate_board.svg 13.15" wide by 2.60" high tan
Moonlight Garden Party SVG Collection
column_top.svg 1.75" wide tan, camel, dark grey
column_bottom.svg 1.75" wide tan, camel, dark grey
gate.svg 5.75" wide by 2.00" high black
Christmas Cookie Party SVG Collection
wreath_stars_bottom.svg 4.227" wide moss green patterned paper
wreath.svg 4.232" wide (x4) moss green (x2), fern green (x2)
Merry and Bright SVG Kit (Stocking Card)
stocking1.svg 2.50" wide (x4) various patterned paper
stocking1.svg (flip) 2.50" wide (x4) various patterned paper
Christmas Gift Bags SVG Kit (Christmas Fireplace)
oranges.svg 18.25" wide orange
yellows.svg 18.25" wide yellow


  1. Open 3D letter d1.svg and d2.svg. (Figure 1) Break apart, and delete everything except for what is shown in (Figure 2). Cut the sides and black-out ‘D’.
  2. Delete the sides. Take the ‘black out D’, rotate so that the straight edge is at the bottom. Using the H-align (center) button, place this on the middle of the mat.
  3. Keeping the ‘D’ on the mat, open front.svg of the bag, resize and H-align (center). Select the ‘D’ and using just the up/down arrow only, place it along the bottom score-line of the bag. (Figure 3). Cut.
  4. Cut the rest of the bag files: sides.svg, back.svg and back.svg.
  5. Cutting ‘stones’. (* Optional step – see Design Tips)
    a) Open column_top.svg and column_bottom.svg, and resize. Break apart the column_top.svg and delete the top portion. Regroup.
    b) Make these files as big as possible on the screen as you need to overlap them perfectly. (Figure 4)
    c) Using the “front minus back” feature (select both files, right click, choose path, and front minus back), it will allow you to cut out the stones. (Figure 5) It is OKAY to have a straight line down one of the sides – I have tried it numerous times, and it will have a line. The stones will still be cut perfectly.
    d) Cut with various colored papers. You will require about 18 of these cuts, so if you are using 3 colors, it’s easiest to make 6 copies of this, place them side by side on the mat and cut them out at the same time.
    e) Ink if desired (see Design Tip below)
  6. Cut crate_board.svg and assemble.
  7. Assembling the bag.
    a) If you are using ‘stones’ from step 4, it is easiest to adhere onto front.svg of the bag before assembly.
    b) Take the sides from the letter ‘D’ and adhere them together by using guidelines on the cuts. You will need to fold the ‘tabs’ of one side ‘inwards’, so you can adhere the blackout ‘D’ on the inside. The other side, the ‘tabs’ should fold ‘outwards’, which you will use this to adhere to the cut out ‘D’ portion of the bag.
    c) Assemble the rest of the bag with the bottom straight portion of the ‘D’ also being adhered to the bottom.svg of the bag.
    d) Attach the assembled crate board to the top front of the bag, which forms the mantle.
  8. Embellish as needed. For the wreath, I overlapped 4 layers of wreath.svg to add volume and backed it with wreath_stars_bottom.svg. I sprayed it with shimmer spray to make it festive. The stocking cut out and its mirror image cut were sewn together, and candy cane was placed inside. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you may simply glue the stockings together leaving an opening in the middle.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Don’t be discouraged from the ‘stone’ cut-outs. It’s actually simple to do and adds A LOT to the project. However, you may simply use ‘stone or brick patterned paper’ or you may even use plain cardstock and use ‘background’ stamps to give it texture.
  • When choosing colors for your bag – stick to simple, subtle colors. Since the ‘stones’ make it busy already, you don’t want to take away from the ‘features’ of this bag – fireplace, wreath and stockings.
  • Inking the stones do add ‘dimension’ and ‘texture’. The easiest way to ink them is to ink them right after the stones are cut, before you remove the unwanted paper, directly on the mat. I mixed various ink together to give it a realistic feel: black, grey, brown and distressed inks.
  • It adds interest to add ‘other’ elements. I used hemp rope for the bag handle, machine-stitched the stockings, added gemstones and ribbon to the wreath, and used real branches for the fireplace logs.
  • It would also be cute to use wintergreens to decorate the mantle, add Christmas lights, or even add a sleeping cat at the side. Think about how you decorate your fireplace at home, which may be a source of inspiration for you!

I had lots of fun creating this and hope that you are inspired by this project! It’s a good sized bag (measuring almost 11” width, 4 1/2” deep and 10” high) and the fireplace only takes up a little portion of the bag, so there’s still enough room to put in various gifts. If you make one, we’d love it if you share it with us on the SVG Cuts Facebook page! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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