Jack O’Lantern Candy Toss by Thienly Azim

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Looking for a fun kids’ activity to do for your upcoming Halloween party? This may be the solution for you! Create a homemade candy toss for some carnival fun!

SVG Collections Used

Maple Manor SVG Kit
A Day at the Carnival SVG Collection
Spooky Cuties SVG Collection
Free SVG File - Party Hat - 02.15.11


Supplies Used

  • Patterned Paper – Echo Park Apothecary Emporium
  • Natural (pennants, wooden dowel ribbon, and pumpkin stem accent), Grey (spider) and Orange Jute (bottom accent) twine
  • Black buttons (accents)
  • Natural colored buttons (spider and bat eyes)
  • Wooden dowel
  • Black washi tape (to wrap wooden dowel)
  • Black wire (bat)
  • Brown paper covered wire (pumpkin stem décor)
  • Cream burlap fabric
  • canvas
  • cardboard
  • Black ink for distressing
  • Scotch Quick-dry glue
  • Heat glue gun


Maple Manor SVG Kit (Jack O'Lanterns Card)
red.svg 8.4"w n/a (mouth opening)
yellow.svg 10.5"w cream
card_base.svg 24.194"w dotted black patterned paper
orange.svg 10.885"w orange grid and orange diamond patterned papers
cream.svg 8.882"w cream grid patterned paper
A Day at the Carnival SVG Collection
pennant.svg 10.0"w (x3) dotted black and dotted cream paper
Spooky Cuties SVG Collection
black.svg 7.0"w black
black.svg 3.8"w black
Free SVG File - Party Hat - 02.15.11
circle.svg 3.25"w (x2), 3.711"w cream, black
scalloped.svg 3.252"w (x2), 3.714"w cream, black
Font - Pointedly Mad font size 4.0"h black


  1. Open all parts from the Jack O’Lanterns card. Resize. It is okay that some of the pieces are larger than the mat.
  2. Break apart the card_base.svg and delete the shape with the score lines. Break apart cream.svg and delete everything except for the pumpkin outline. For the orange.svg, break apart and delete the mouth. Regroup each pumpkin separately including the eyes and nose. Break apart red.svg into 3 separate mouths. For yellow.svg, break apart and regroup the upper pumpkin and the bottom file separately. (Since there are so many large files to work with, it is easier to put them all at the side and only place the files that you’re using on the mat)
  3. Concentrating on each pumpkin at a time, overlap all layers on top of each other, making sure that the mouth layer (red.svg) is on the top. You can tilt the mouth a bit. (Diagram 1) Select the orange layer and the mouth and make a copy. Group and cut the ‘copy.’ Delete from the mat. Delete also the orange layer on the pumpking, keeping the mouth.
  4. Select the yellow layer and the mouth. Make a copy, group the ‘copy’, put it to the side, and delete the yellow layer. You should have the card base layer and the mouth. Group. (Diagram 2)
  5. Move the card base layer so that the middle pumpkin on the mat. Layer the yellow, orange, and the red layer on top of each other, making sure that the bottom mouth all is aligned with another (Diagram3) and do the same thing as above. You should have an orange layer with the mouth, yellow layer with two mouth (one from previous step), and a card base layer with two mouth as well. (Diagram 4)
  6. Cut the yellow layer and the middle pumpkin orange layer and delete from the mat.
  7. Move the card base layer to place the top pumpkin on the mat. Layer the cream, yellow and the red layer on top of each other. (Diagram 5) Repeat the same procedure, making sure the mouth locations for the three layers match up. (Diagram 6)
  8. Cut all the layers now, and they all should have a cut out for the mouth. For the card base layer, you will need to cut it in 3 portions, top, middle and the bottom and glue them together. (Because the full shape does not fit on the mat, the blade may not cut to the edge of the paper. Just simply hand cut following the curve.)
  9. Assemble each of the layers together by joining at the ends. Ink as needed, and adhere each of the layers together.
  10. Cut small canvas triangles and rectangle pieces by hand and adhere to the back of the pumpkin mouth openings to form teeth.
  11. Cut a cardboard (what size?) and place where you want the pumpkins to be. Trace the mouth opening and cut it out.
  12. Cover the cardboard with a burlap fabric, by adhering and pulling the fabric at the back to make sure the fabric is laid flat. Cut a middle horizontal slit on the fabric through each of the mouth, and then vertical cuts every inch. Pull back each of the burlap section from the front and adhere to the back of the cardboard.
  13. Adhere the assembled pumpkins on the board.
  14. Making rosettes. Cut out 2 strips of 12.0”w x 2.0”h, and score the strip at 0.5”w intervals and accordion fold. Adhere one end of the strip onto another strip, and then the end of that strip should be adhered to the beginning of the first strip. Lay the rosette flat and adhere the scalloped circle shape with a heat glue gun to hold together. Repeat for the other two rosettes.
  15. Cut out all other files and embellish. For the pennants, cut 2 in one color and connect. It will be longer than the board width, so trim the excess width. Cut another pennant, trim individual pennants and attach onto the base pennant to create a pattern. The bat is adhered onto a wire to bring out dimension. The middle rosette is attached onto the wooden dowel wrapped in washi tape.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Don’t be limited to these pumpkins. You may cut out any shape as long as there’s an opening for the candies. For this project, the three pumpkins were connected to each other which made it a bit more complex to make, but using different files with separate opening will simplify the project. You may also change the dimensions of the cardboard to fit your inspired idea.
  • Don’t have any burlap? That’s okay! Feel free to use any other fabric or paper to cover it, or simply paint the surface.
  • What kind of colors and style would you want for this project? There are many different color combinations, as well as paper collections. Keep the colors to a minimum as it may get too busy. If you choose to go with a paper collection, try to focus on matching the same colors if you choose to add any other embellishments.

It’s an easy and fun project to make, and you are guaranteed to create some excitement. I hope that this has inspired you to make your next party game!

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