Jack O’Lantern-in-a-Box by Thienly Azim

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Make your Halloween treat a surprise with a Jack O’Lantern in a box! Untie the box to make the pumpkin pop, or simply lift up the box to reveal the bottom filled with yummy goodies! It’s a gift that can be used as a décor, too!

SVG Collections Used

Gift Boxes SVG Kit
Amelie’s Accessories SVG Kit
Graduation Day SVG Kit
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit
New Year’s Eve SVG Kit
Gimme Candy Boxes SVG Kit
Salazar’s Scary Squares SVG Collection

Supplies Used

  • AC Cardstock
  • Patterned paper – My Mind’s Eye Happy Haunting
  • Trim (satin, velvet and sequin)
  • 16 gauge wire
  • Eyelet (for wire opening)
  • 2 Beads (one for the end of the handle, other for supporting handle)
  • Button
  • Washi tape
  • Jute twine
  • Plastic spider embellishment
  • Stamp – Unity Stamp Company Halloween Fun House
  • Scoring board (to create a rosette)
  • Scotch Quick-dry Glue
  • Hot Glue


Gift Boxes SVG Kit (Tall Box)
bottom.svg 9.2" wide black
sides1.svg 9.2" wide by 4.58" high black
sides2.svg 9.2"w x 4.58"h black
(9 x 9 x 6 Gift Box)
lid.svg 4.25"w x 6.15"h black
Amelie's Accessories SVG Kit (Eiffel Tower Box)
box.svg 10.9"w x 11.3"h black
Graduation Day SVG Kit (Graduation Cap)
cap_top.svg 12.0"w (cut 2, delete circles) black
Pick A Pumpkin SVG Kit (Little Orange Pumpkin)
accents1.svg 3.267"w patterned orange
accents2.svg 3.267"w patterned orange
accents3.svg 3.267"w patterned orange
pumpkin.svg 11.158"w orange
New Year's Eve SVG Kit (Top Hat)
top_hat_party_hat.svg 5.0"w black
Gimme Candy Boxes SVG Kit (Jack O' Lantern)
box_lid.svg 9.0"w (face only) black
Salazar's Scary Squares SVG Collection
argyle.svg 4.0"w patterned black
hypnosis.svg 4.0"w patterned black
spider.svg 4.0"w patterned black
Basic Shapes Library
square (top accent) 4.3"w patterned paper
square (backing for Salazar's Scary Squares) 4.0"w(cut 3) cream
square (inner grad cap reinforcement) 4.5"w any cardstock
square (inside wire reinforcement piece) 4.0"w black
rectangle (bottom side panels) 4.18"w x 2.375"h patterned paper
circle (washer for the inside *optional) 1.0"w with 0.1"w centered (cut 10) black


  1. Open Tall Box, resize the sides, cut and assemble.
  2. Cut 2 of the box.svg (2 different sizes) and assemble. The bigger box should fit on top of the other.
  3. Open cap_top.svg, resize, break apart and delete the circle on the cap, the circle rings, and bottom curved piece. You should be left with only the square panel piece. Cut two. Assemble one which will be used for the bottom.
  4. Cut 10 of the 4.5” wide squares. Adhere this on top of each other to create a sturdy reinforcement piece, which is necessary to keep the pumpkin down. Attach this onto the cap_top.svg square with the side that has the folding panels. Assemble.
  5. Open lid.svg, resize and cut. Attach a 1” section of a 7” long trim at the front of a square (not on the rounded flap) before adhering this onto the reinforced cap_top.svg. Then, adhere the back flap to the top of the Tall Box. The trim should hang from the front.
  6. Adhere the bottom side of the Tall Box onto the bigger box.svg (lid) from step 2, and adhere the smaller box.svg (bottom) centered onto the cap_top.svg. It should all fit together completing the base for the box.
  7. Cut Salazar’s Scary Squares and the backing piece, and adhere them onto the sides. (*For the front square, attach 1” section of a 7” long trim on the back before adhering to the box. The trim should be at the top) I only listed 3 squares, but you may cut another to cover the back.
  8. Cut the bottom side rectangle panels, and the top accent panel and adhere.
  9. Open pumpkin.svg and all other related pieces, resize, cut and assemble. Resize and cut top_hat_party_hat.svg and assemble as well. Adhere to the top of the pumpkin.
  10. Create a 12”w x 1.5”h strip and score at every 0.5” width intervals. (Martha Stewart scoring board has exact score lines) Accordion fold the strip, and adhere ends of strips together and flatten to create a rosette. You may need a small circle piece to adhere the rosette onto keep it flat. Adhere this onto the bottom of the pumpkin.
  11. Using a long reach punch (I used Crop-A-Dile eyelet punch), make a hole in the center on the right side of the box. You may set an eyelet to create a clean look. This is where the handle is attached.
  12. Cut a 3” long wire and bend it at 1” and 2”, to form a ‘step’ instead of a ‘U’. Put a bead through one of the ends and secure it. If the hole opening of a bead is large, it may help to bend a bit of the wire backwards and insert double width wire into the bead. Insert another bead through the other end. If you would like to attach a handle without it turning, you may insert the wire from outside and bend it inside and adhere it. If you would like the handle to turn for fun, you will need to create a ‘washer’. Cut ‘washer’ pieces and adhere 10 on top of each other. You may now insert the wire from outside and through a ‘washer’ on the inside. Bend the wire on the inside, but you will need to attach this onto the ‘washer’ only, not onto the box. This will allow the handle to turn.
  13. Cut a fair length of wire (roughly about 9 coils of 1.5” diameter circle loops) and attach one end to the bottom of the pumpkin using hot glue. Cut the inside reinforcement piece (4” square) and thread through a ‘loop’ of the wire (random puncture is fine) and adhere to the back using hot glue. Add more hot glue to the back and adhere it securely onto the inside bottom of the box.
  14. Embellish as needed. The two trims (one on the lid and the other on the box) can be tied together to hold the lid down. To make the pennant shown in the back, wrap washi tape around a jute twine and cut edge to give its shape. You may make this from SVG files as well.

Design Tips

Thienly - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Stick to simple patterned paper. A paper with too much impact can take away from Salazar Square patterns. Keep the colors of the box minimal to make the pumpkin ‘pop’.
  • Distressing or inking the edges can add to the spooky, vintage look.
  • Even if you don’t have a certain collection/file, don’t feel limited by it. Feel free to embellish the box instead of using Salazar Squares, any pumpkin face from any kits can be used (will create various personalities!), or the top hat can be replaced by a party hat.
  • Take this project one step further and replace the pumpkin with another 3D object. By doing this, you can customize your box for any occasion or holidays. Just make sure that you make it big enough to make a statement, but small enough to keep the object inside the box when closed.

It’s a fun project to make and to give, and I hope that I’ve got your creative mind flowing today! If you make one, please share them with us as we would love to see your creations! (As always, if you do have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask! )

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