Print and Cut Spooky Cuties Card by Brigit Mann

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Looks like a zombie apocalypse! Create a  playful Halloween card using the Spooky Cuties and the print and cut technique for a quick and easy card!

SVG Collections Used

 Spooky Cuties SVG Collection
 Crisp Days of Fall SVG Kit
 Haunted Hemlock Cards SVG kit

Supplies Used

  • Digital Pattern Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Pop Dots
  • Adhesive
  • Trendy Twine
  • Ink
  • Buttons
  • Punkin’ Patch Stamp
  • Markers
  • Stickles


Spooky Cuties SVG Collection (Extras/Printables)
bat.svg 0.620"h printable
zombie.svg 3.740"h printable
skeleton.svg 1.940"h printable
mummy.svg 2.000"h printable
witch.svg 2.250"h printable
moon.svg 4.970"h x 7.260"w printable
Haunted Hemlock Cards (Moody Maple Avenue Card)
dark_brown.svg 5.550"h x 5.895"w black
Crisp Days of Fall (Crisp Days of Fall Card)
white.svg 2"w gray
wagon_bottom.svg 5"w pattern paper
rust.svg 5"w orange
strip.svg 7.6"w pattern paper
card_base.svg 7.6"w pattern paper
interior.svg 7.6"w white
Basic Shape Library
circle (2) (wagon eyes) .490"w white
circle (2) (wagon eyes) .140"w black


  1. Before I printed out the print n cut pieces; size to the measurements, then ungroup. Then in SSDE you would release compound path to get rid of the eyes on the moon, then regroup to keep the layers together.
  2. In the software I cut off the bottom and left side of the moon, but you can cut the whole thing out, place it on the card and trim if you prefer.
  3. Print then cut out all the print n cut pieces.
  4. I did the same thing with the tree/fence as I did with the moon, cutting it off at the top, but this also can be cut and trimmed after.
  5. Cut out all the non-print n cut pieces.
  6. Place moon on card first, then bottom strip, and tree/fence next.
  7. I snipped a little of the zombies hand and placed that piece over the wagon handle to make it look like he was pulling it.
  8. I used the basic shape circles to create the eyes on the wagon.
  9. Assemble the wagon and the rest of the pieces and adhere on the card.

Design Tips

Brigit - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • When doing print n cuts you can add a color outline to your shapes in the program or you can take a marker which I did with this card and outline some of the areas to give it a little more pop.
  •  If you need something to stick out a little further, like I did with the wagon and wheels use two pop dots together.
  • I added stickles to the spiders and the eyes on my digital pattern paper for a some sparkle.

I really enjoyed making this card. The Cuties are so much fun to create with, they kind of have a life of their own. Besides cards, these are awesome for layouts or add them to tags. Check out the rest of the SVG Cuts collections and have fun!!

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