"B" The Sucker Witch by Kathy Helton

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I found this great page holder stand and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it and now I get to share it with all of you! You could make this flat for a scrapbook with some minor adjustments.

SVG Collections Used

 Cruising Caravan Scrapbook Pages SVG Kit
 Gimme Candy Boxes SVG Kit
 Vintage Halloween Party Bags SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • Cardstock
  • 6 Jewel Embellishments
  • Ribbon
  • Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive
  • Scrapbook Page Holder
  • Unity Stamp Bottled Up Boo’s (Trick Or Treat)


Cruising Caravan Scrapbook Pages SVG Kit (Our Vacation)
scalloped.svg 11.200"w x 11.200"h Purple
Gimme Candy Boxes SVG Kit (Large Box)
panel_bottom.svg 9.218"w x 4.607"h Orange
Gimme Candy Boxes SVG Kit (Extras-Witch Hat)
witch_band.svg 3.000"w x 0.689"h Stripe
witch_buckle.svg 3.000"w x 1.066"h Grey
witch_hat.svg 3.000"w x 3.724"h Black
Vintage Halloween Party Bags SVG Kit (Eek Moon)
eek_bottom.svg 2.237"w x 1.449"h Yellow
eek_top.svg 2.184"w x 1.401"h Green
moon_bottom.svg 3.550"w x 3.899"h Black
moon_top.svg 3.564"w x 3.830"h Orange
bats.svg 2.092"w x 1.461"h Black
bats.svg 1.657"w x 1.158"h Black
Vintage Halloween Party Bags SVG Kit (Boo Candy Corn)
background.svg 5.983"w x 5.983"h White
scalloped_circle.svg 6.457"w x 6.457"h Orange
scalloped_circle.svg 2.654"w x 2.654"h Purple
scalloped_circle.svg 2.089"w x 2.089"h Green
rosette1.svg (Cut 3) 3.523"w x 4.559"h Green


  1. Choose your page background, 12 x 12. Glue 2 pieces of cardstock to back for stability.
  2. Choose (3) 6 x 6 pieces of cardstock and fan, then glue them down as shown in photo.
  3. Cut and assemble the large scallop with the large circle on top. Glue it in place as shown.
  4. Cut and glue the rectangle/spider web in place.
  5. Assemble the rosette. Glue larger scallop next and then the stamped smaller scallop on top.
  6. Next glue the bow, jewels, bats, EEK, moon, photo and witches hat. A 2.50” Shadow Layer was used for the hat.
  7. Choose a font for the Gimme Suckers. I used Baveuse, 1” letters. Choose the font, spell out your sentiment with the words staked as shown in photo. Select all, choose Object then Shadow Layer. I chose 3”, a very nice background for your letters.
  8. To assemble the top tabs use basic shapes. 1 circle at 0.826. Another circle at 0.283 and 1 rectangle at 0.500 x 1.000. Use the Union then Path to connect rectangle and large circle. Add smaller circle as shown (cut 8) and stack 4 and 4 and glue shape to the back of page.

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Designer

  • Measure the top tabs carefully so the page hangs properly. Nice and straight!
  • Use bright paper, I tried darker paper, did not work!
  • Use Mary’s assembly tutorial for the rosette if needed. (Vintage Halloween Party Bags)

Have fun making this page for your little ghosts and goblins. Make sure to share it on the SVG Cuts Facebook page!

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