Fancy Dresser by Kathy Helton

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fancy-dresser-drawers-armoire-svg-hero This fanciful dresser was so much fun to make and would be a great gift for a friend! Think about tucking a gift card or piece of jewelry in one of the drawers.

SVG Collections Used

 Call Me Later SVG Kit  April Avenue SVG Collection  French Quarter Ironwork SVG Collection  Camp Firefly SVG Kit  3D Wintergreens SVG Kit  Thank You For The Music SVG Kit  Lunch With Mom SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • 4 Decorative Buttons or Brads
  • Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
  • Cardstock – White
  • Cardstock – Serendipity (Digital) by BASICGREY
  • Love You Stamp – Hero Arts CL582
  • Mirror Board (Silver)
  • Pop Dots


Call Me Later SVG Kit (Dresser)
drawers1.svg 10.500"W x 11.400"H Pink Pattern
drawers2.svg 10.500"W x 11.400"H Pink Pattern
dresser_cloth.svg 5.708"W x 3.018"H Red
dresser1.svg 10.000"W x 10.410"H Green Pattern
dresser2.svg 10.000"W x 10.755"H Green Pattern
dresser3.svg 11.400"W x 11.441"H Pink Pattern
dresser4.svg 6.000"W x 3.297"H Pink Pattern
panel_top.svg 5.800"W x 3.074"H Red & Cream
panel_front_back.svg 6.000"W x 9.036"H Black & Cream
panels_sides.svg 3.200"W x 9.066"H Black & Cream
April Avenue SVG Collection (Daffodil Bunch)
bottom.svg 2.137"W x 8.629"H Light Green
French Quarter Ironwork SVG Collection
fleur.svg 1.976"W x 0.963"H White
Camp Firefly SVG Kit (Lantern Card)
lantern_bottom.svg 2.800"W x 6.582"H White
3D Wintergreens SVG Kit (Evergreen Ferny)
evergreen_ferny.svg 2.478"W x 5.504"H White
Thank You For the Music SVG Kit (Many Thanks Card)
oval_bottom.svg 2.279"W x 1.070"H Green
Lunch With Mom SVG Kit (Tag)
flower_top.svg 2.305"W x 2.192"H (Cut 3) Orange
flower_top.svg 2.761"W x 2.626"H (Cut 3) Orange


  1. Cut and assemble dresser base.
  2. Attach the 4 Fleur and buttons or brads to drawers.
  3. Glue 5 1” X 8” strips together, repeat. Total of 2. These are braces and will be used later.
  4. Refer to dresser top photo, glue flower stem (I cut it larger and cut in half), then roses and place a pop dot under the stamped oval. Place the dot to the right so the stamped oval is slanted for better visibility.
  5. Open lantern bottom and center it on mat. Open the basic shape circle and center it on mat. Move the circle over the top of the lantern and place under the handle and just over the piece that looks like a house with a roof. Center it also. Edit, select all and choose path, then union. Resize to 5.463W by 5.038L. Choose object, shadow layer, and choose size 1.50. Slide top piece off and move to another page. You will cut 1 of these which will be your decorative layer (top piece). Cut 4 of the bottom layer, I used white and carefully glue on top of each other. Glue the decorative paper on top, make sure the surrounding edges are even. And last step! Break apart the bottom layer until all you have is the background. This piece will be used to cut the mirror board.
  6. You are now ready to attach the backboard to the base. Use the glued 1” X 8” strips. Glue them to the back of the backboard first, gluing about 1” from the outside edges. (Use 4” for the top and 4” for the bottom). Attach this assembled piece to the base. It will be very sturdy!

Design Tips

Kathy Helton - SVGCuts Guest Designer

  • Be very careful when you glue the mirror board to the backboard, trust me, if you get too much glue it shows!
  • Think about using pierced earrings for the drawer embellishments. I think that would be really cool especially if they had a little dropped pearl or special adornment. Then surprise that special person with a necklace in the box that matches.
  • Be creative with your papers. I used some very soft coloring, try something bold or seasonal!
I hope you will enjoy making this special dresser for yourself or a special someone. The mirrored piece is so beautiful, I hope you make it and post it so we can share your achievement.

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