Christmas Angel Ornaments by Brigit Mann

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Angel ornaments are so popular and these handmade keepsakes are quick and easy to make. Give them to family and friends or as a teacher’s gift. I’m sure they will be well received and cherished.

SVG Collections Used

 My Big Day SVG Collection
 Christmas Ornaments SVG Kit
 Candy Cherub Bears SVG Collection
 Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit
 3D Wintergreens SVG Kit
 Christmas in the Village SVG Collection
Gift Boxes SVG Kit
 Free Wreath SVG File (7/18/13)

Supplies Used

  • Pattern Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Hot Glue
  • Pop Dots
  • Lace
  • Trendy Twine
  • Punkin’ Patch Stamps (Gingerbread Kisses)
  • Epiphany Crafts 25 Tool and Epoxy
  • Ornament Balls (1.4")
  • Scissors
  • Gems
  • Markers
  • Ink
  • White Gel Pen
  • Printer
  • Crinkle paper
  • Acetate



Christmas Ornament SVG Kit (Tree Ornament)
panels_lower.svg 5.8"w pattern paper
panels_middle.svg 4.8"w pattern paper
panels_upper.svg (3) 7.5"w pattern paper
tree.svg (3) 9"w pattern paper
Candy Cherub Bears SVG Collection (Lime)
white.svg 6.430"h white/cream
My Big Day SVG Kit
banner.svg 2.295"h x 4.870"w color
Free SVG File Wreath (7/18/13)
wreath_a.svg 2.250"w green/white
wreath_b.svg 2.250"w green/white
Basic Shapes Library
circle 4.230"w


Big Boutique Boxes SVG Kit (Cube)
box_bottom.svg 7.335"w white
box_side.svg (4) 7.335"w x 8.945"h pattern paper
lid_side.svg (4) 7.335"w pattern paper
lid_top.svg 7.335"w pattern paper
Basic Shapes Library
oval 4.910"w x 5.700"h
Wintergreen SVG Kit (Fern)
evergreen_ferny.svg 3.580"w x 4.315"h green
Christmas Village SVG Collection (Holly)
holly.svg 2.385"w x 2.580"h green
berries.svg .875"w x .915"h red
Gift Boxes SVG Kit (Tall Box)
bow.svg 11.555"w x 4.485"h pattern paper



  1. For the arms of the angel you need two Christmas tree bodies.
  2. Use the circle basic shape to cut out the top portion of the tree, position the circle over the tree, lining it up at the top score marks, select both shapes, for the Silhouette use the crop, for the eclips use intersection. Or you can cut the whole tree out and cut out by hand.
  3. Cut the rest of the pieces for the angel, assemble the tree as in Mary’s directions.
  4. Assemble the arms and glue the top layer pieces on.
  5. Heat your glue gun.
  6. With your scissor cut about a half inch to three quarters off the top of the tree, (angel body)
  7. Use your hot glue gun to glue the Christmas bulb to the top of the angel body.
  8. Hot glue the two arms to the sides of the angel body.
  9. Glue lace around the angel’s neck and use some twine or ribbon with a button to decorate.
  10. Glue the two wreaths together and glue a couple of red gems on top, glue wreath around Christmas bulb.
  11. For the banner I created an inside shadow layer and typed my sentiment and aligned inside.


  1. On one of the side pieces use the basic shape oval to center towards the bottom for the front cutout.
  2. Cut the front piece and glue some clear acetate over the cutout oval piece.
  3. Cut the rest of the pieces.
  4. On the side piece that connects to the front trim off some of the flap so you do not see it through the oval cutout.
  5. Cut out out all the embellishments and decorate.

Design Tips

Brigit - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • I used a red permanent marker to color clear gems for the berries on the wreath.
  • I recommend using hot glue for the arms and head since these will be hung from a tree, you want a nice firm hold.
  • I inked and curled each layer piece for the angel, it makes it nice and full and stands out more.
  • For the holly and stampable I created layer pieces, adds a little more dimension and pop.

I hope you have enjoyed these Christmas angels as much as I enjoyed making them. So many different ways they can be decorated, add some feathers to the wings, ribbons, just have fun.

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