Pretty Paper Poinsettia by Corri Garza

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This pretty paper poinsettia would make a great decor piece for the holiday or a great gift for someone special.

SVG Collections Used

3D Wintergreen SVG Kit
Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit
Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit

Supplies Used

  • pattern paper
  • green card stock
  • red card stock
  • 5” foam ball
  • green burlap
  • pebbles
  • gem stickers
  • floral wire
  • chip board
  • 1” circle punch
  • hot glue
  • flair button
  • hot glue
  • sentiment stamp
  • white ink
  • Tim Holtz Distress Ink – Peeled Paint


Mom's Garden Gifts SVG Kit (Flower Pot)
pot1.svg 9.900"w x 10.260"h green pattern paper
pot2.svg 7.020"w x 3.350"h ivory pattern paper
rim.svg 7.200"w x 3.325"h plaid pattern paper
saucer.svg 7.650"w x 9.900"h red stripe pattern paper
3d Wintergreens SVG Kit (Poinsettia)
leaves.svg 6.000"w x 2.960"h green card stock (cut 8)
petals1.svg 6.000"w x 2.930"h red card stock (cut 8)
petals2.svg 6.000"w x 2.055"h red card stock (cut 8)
leaves.svg 7.000"w x 3.455"h green card stock (cut 5)
petals1.svg 7.00"w x 3.420"h red card stock (cut 5)
petals2.svg 7.000"w x 2.395"h red card stock (cut 5)
Poplar Street Tulips SVG Kit (Collage Card)
flag1.svg 3.00"w x 1.00"h kraft card stock


  1. Cut and assemble flower pot.
  2. Add some pebbles (or other type of weight) to bottom of pot to prevent the finished plant from being top heavy.
  3. Wrap foam ball with green burlap and secure with straight pins.
  4. Add some paper shreds to bottom of pot and top with foam ball. Trim foam with knife or sanding block as need to get it to fit.
  5. Cut and assemble flowers. Ink flowers edges with white ink and leaves with green ink. Add a gem to the center of each flower.
  6. Arrange 7 flowers on the surface of the foam ball and hot glue into place.
  7. Use the circle punch to punch 3 layers of chipboard for each of the remaining flowers. Glue the chipboard circles together and use a paper piercer to punch two holes to create a ’button”. Thread a piece of floral wire through the holes and twist the ends of the wire together. Trim as needed. Hot glue chipboard ”button” to the back of the flower.
  8. Arrange the remaining wire mounted flowers around the plant by poking the wire into the foam ball.
  9. Create paper rosette by scoring a 1.5” strip of paper every 1/4”, fan fold and glue ends together. Hot glue a 1” circle on the back to hold rosette flat. Attach flair button to the front.
  10. Cut flag1, stamp sentiment and adhere to back of rosette. Attach to front of pot/saucer.

Design Tips

Corri - SVGCuts Design Team Artist

  • Use a pencil to curl leaves and petals to give the flowers more dimension.
  • Inking the flowers and leaves adds so much to the flowers.

This project was so fun to make. Experiment with different flower types to make this cute plant work for any occasion!

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